I thought we were friends!!!

The ROCOR-MP delegation to take the Kursk Mother of God icon for a triumphal visit to the city of Kursk is preparing itself for the journey. The delegation is headed by Fr. Seraphim Gan, who loves to travel the world at other people’s expense, and a few others. Also coming along is Fr. Victor Potapov, who has been travelling the world at the expense of his parish and others for decades.

It seems they're taking something else along with them; a contract that MP representatives will have to sign guaranteeing that nothing will happen to the icon and that it will be allowed to return to America. What?!! What happened to all those lofty declarations of brotherhood, unity, and trust? They are one church now, the Mother Church, the historical pledges have been fulfilled, no?

No, the craven compacts that these people have signed have little to do with anything spiritual or bright. These are agreements among worldly clerics seeking personal gain, notoriety. They continue to fool their flock with vapid sloganeering, while they break off pieces of relics and squabble over real estate. The ROCOR-MP clerics also continue to fool themselves that they can keep up with the connivers in Moscow. They don’t appreciate how short their string is and how it can be cinched at any time, bringing their prideful posturing to an end.

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Reader Daniel said...

Dear George, Thank you for this article of your's. It hits the spot. It gives me some smiles...and also reminds me of the darker realities.
Yes, trust, was the (supposed) main deciding factor, in making that 'glorious re-union of the two parts of the Russian Church', possible, wasn't it?
Let's hope, as time and events unfold, that...perhaps...some, who so foolishly trusted the KGB front, called 'The Moscow Patriarchy'....might just wake up and flee any further connection to it, whether or not they can leave ROCOR-MP with or without their properties. Maybe, they will even come to realize, that V. Putin is NOT the new ersatz-Czar?
But, time will tell. Thank God (?) that 'Kyrill II', the monk, now has such an excellent wristwatch (his $30,000.00 Breguet), for telling..... his.... time. As, his Archdeacon Kuyaev defended him saying: "But, there is no rule against it!".
So, you see, the KGB-MP folks, do know....'rules', well at least some of them. Of course, so did the Pharisees.
Reader Daniel