Fr. Dcn. Basil Bids Farewell To South America

Subject: Дело униатов по уничтожению РПЦЗ - провалено!!! AXIOS! AXIOS! AXIOS! S PRAZDNIKOM PREOBRAZHENIYA (Transfiguration of our Lord)!!! [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
From: Protodeacon Basil Yakimov
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 08:32:07 +1000
To: All

Dear All,

It has been my great undertaking & privilege to participate in the life of our ROCA diocese in Brazil/Argentina. I take this opportunity to thank all the Fathers and their extended families for their hospitality and friendship. I especially remember all the Fathers, Reader Roman, Zlata, our young Deacon Father John, our Metropolitan and their Graces Bishops Sofronie and Ambrose and many others.

Please convey this message of gratitude to all the Matushki (who like many others, in many other places, are very multi-skilled). Please note his Grace Bishop Gregory was tonsured a monastic and subsequently consecrated a Bishop at his Holy Trinity Church at Villa Alpina where he has been the Rector for many years (here the future Metropolitan Vitaly and his brotherhood began their monastic journey (in Brazil) so many years ago before moving to Canada). Whilst in Brazil I served in four beautiful parish churches and prayed in one beautiful home chapel. In Argentina I served with the beloved Father Vladimir at his St Sergius church, a complex that is very big but sadly it is in need of extensive renovation (perhaps some one reading this will assist Father Vladimir) which can bring many opportunities for the young and elderly of BA. Now I can truly say that the diocese of South America is a hidden ROCA oasis, preserved by GOD, for all to follow the ROYAL PATH in the steps of, our beloved and blessed in memory, metropolitans Anthony, Anastassy, St Philaret and Vitaly; and all the predecessors in the South American dioceses of his Grace Bishop Gregory.

Whilst in Brazil the V Rev. Archimandrite & I spoke on the phone and I now believe, GOD WILLING, he will commemorate, sooner rather then later, Bishop Gregory as his Bishop. It is -3° in Canberra, Australia - while we share the winter and the recent jubilee celebrations of St Nicholas Cathedral, what I did not expect from my spiritual sojourn in Brazil was the consecration of a Bishop, worthy to succeed his many wonderful - and loyal to ROCA - predecessors.

Those that have left the historical ROCA for "greener pastures", of the KGB administered post soviet MP, have commented to me that they are nostalgic for the old historical ROCA and it is my hope that they will return to the mother church, which is our ROCA, ASAP and GOD WILLING..

Asking for your prayers and blessing,

unworthy protodeacon Basil from Canberra

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

We need to pray for our faithful 0rthodox brothers and sisters stuck in World 0rthodoxy or who have found themselves railroaded into World 0rthodoxy via the new MP-R0C0R.

While it is the Royal Path that produces saints, the saints are accessible to all 0rthodox including those in World 0rthodoxy infected with ecumenism and renovationism, and those on the flip-side of that coin infected with the disease of super-correctness.