ROCIE Was Started By Agents

In a recent comment on Vladyka Agafangel's blog I see for the first time confirmation of my suspicion that ROCIE was created by agents. The purpose was to first draw out those who would oppose the union, and then to render them ineffective at persuading others by labeling them as fanatics and schismatics. The Google translation is very rough, but the meaning still comes through. -jh
IEROM. Dionis Alferova suffered ...
2009-06-19 09:53 am UTC (link)

... In order to finally defeat RPTSZ, the KGB conducted an excellent operation in two stages.

The first phase - the creation in 2001, a front Mansovnivilskogo Synod, led by the patients and inadequate Metropolitan. Vitali, where they must go all the opponents of the Moscow Patriarchate. And then they push it in Mansonville lbami that subsequently occurred. It was a step in the neutralization RPTSZ, that opponents of Grizlov between themselves and not to hinder the church ship on reefs, where there was a Soviet «Mother of the Church». Inadequate Metropolitan. Vitali has successfully done for years with the help of appropriate medicines. Then, many with their own eyes could see the sad result of such a mountain of treatment.

The second phase - that is, with the Moscow Patriarchate in 2007.

The third stage, the final will be in 2012, which expire 5 years of IP data. After that it will be a totally different conversation with those who are in zarubezhnikami patriarhiynyh paws. A few parishes in the Russian Federation RPTSZ outlaw and destroy, as it was already in the history of the Soviet Union more than once. ...


Reader Daniel said...


I just viewed, thru google, the newest entry on daily-courier, and it gives more and fresh evidence of the crumbling of ROCiE. It is a letter of reprimand of a fellow ROCiE bishop .... to their Bp. Vladimir (Telescheff), about him .... once again, overstepping his authority, etc. And the main complaint, has to do with Vladimir's unilateral decision of Mansonville, and his date of his choosing, etc. as the place to glorify St. Metropolitam Filaret! ..... (whereas the rest of ROCiE, apparently, wants that event to happen on a different date, and in KIEV, etc.) The plot thickens.


Joanna Higginbotham said...

Try this:

I think both Tselischev with Surzhikom are agents.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

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Unprofitable Servant said...

Disturbing, but not surprising. This seems to be an old KGB technique.* Prior to, and during, the Prague Spring of 1968, for example, the KGB apparently had a number of agents operating in Czechoslovakia as people who appeared sympathetic to the reformers, even in the guise of Westerners.

*At least according to the Mitrokhin archival material published as "The Sword and the Shield" a few years ago.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Another related post is:

This post hints at unOrthodox-minded behaviors in RTOC. Why is RTOC so critical of our catacomb bishops?

I suspect that if we look into the origin of other R-splits, as RTOC, we will find that they might be created by agents, too.

Why are all these R-split "jurisdictions" content to be "independent" and separate and even insist on being officially recognized in their separateness? This is not a normal healthy acceptable state for Orthodox. This is a form of ecumenism. And this is the subject of the latest post on Vadyka Agafangel's blog.

If we look behind the R-splits we find ecumenism as the cause. If we look behind ecumenism we find antichrist as the cause. Communism has always served antichrist. So how would it surprise anyone that agents created these R-splits?

There is only one valid continuation of ROCOR. And that is the one that remained when the ROCORMP left to go to Moscow. Those who abandoned ship prior to that time helped antichrist make this mess of all these separated R-split jurisdictions.

An indication that all the R-splits were created by agents is that none of them are in communion with each other, and that none of them joined themselves to the real ROCOR when it formed under Vladyka Agafangel. A true Orthodox, and not an agent "bishop," would recognize Vladyka Agafangel.

If I as a layman I recognize Vladyka Agafangel, how much more would I expect my bishops to see?