Imaginary Canonical Independence

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Report by Fr. Victor Dobroff

In the V Vsezarubezhnogo Cathedral:
On the imaginary kanonichnosti otkolkov RPTSZ,
About bezblagodatnosti Sacraments in the division after Vsezarubezhnogo V Cathedral and
The need for dialogue with Orthodox stray.
Priest Victor Dobroff.
Imaginary canonical independence, proclaimed by the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church, like many other otkolkov Church Abroad, is based on the decision of bishops to withdraw from the subordination of foreign Synod by 15 th double of the Council Regulation... Read More ...

Imaginary Canonical Independence

In the V Vsezarubezhnogo Cathedral:
On the imaginary kanonichnosti otkolkov RPTSZ,
About bezblagodatnosti Sacraments in the division after Vsezarubezhnogo V Cathedral and
The need for dialogue with Orthodox stray.

Priest Victor Dobroff.

† «You natural svet mira: not mozhet градъ hiding a hill standing:
† below vzhigayut svetilnika and postavlyayut spudom his recovery, but sveschnitse and shines vsem, иже in hramine essence.
† Tako da svet educate vash submit Rights, as a token so vidyat your good deeds and proslavyat your father, иже to nebeseh »
† (Mf.5.14-16)
† † † † † † † † †

Imaginary canonical independence, proclaimed by the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church, like many other otkolkov Church Abroad, is based on the decision of bishops to withdraw from the subordination of foreign Synod by 15 th double of the Council Regulation. This rule actually allows bishops to preserve the purity of faith, to protect themselves from its canonical authority vpavshey Ecumenical Council in condemning the fathers or heresy before the legitimate Соборного the Court, but after separation of these bishops themselves for a possible division of massacres, according to the first part of the 15 th The rules remain in Соборного awaiting trial itself. Canonically This precarious situation obliges them to the appropriate behavior, so naturally it would be, conscious of the dubious legality of any of its acts to save them the utmost restraint. It is difficult not amazed at the sight of exactly the opposite, when the bishops, in flagrant violation of the canons, set up new churches and new, separate from the Mother Church Abroad, synods, even more than one canonical territorrii, and themselves collect cathedrals, creating over other its cathedral court!

Under the provisions of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, «RPTSZ there is an inextricable part of Local Russian Orthodox Church, temporarily self-governing on the basis of Cathedral», ie canonical status is temporary. Itself does not possess autocephaly, RPTSZ, even if they so desire, can not and does not have canonical authority to grant autocephaly someone else or create a new independent Synod. If God is anywhere, and create favorable conditions for convening the Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church, where a temporary RPTSZ canonical status will be canceled, then they will be canceled and all existing canonical structure RPTSZ. This explains the fact that earlier RPTSZ never created a separate himself canonically independent structures. In this regard, all the synods and the episcopate, leading to the origin of RPTSZ, kanonichno can not exist apart from the unity and subordination VTSU RPTSZ.

Given that the canonical uncertainty away from RPTSZ until May 17, 2007 was a very long time, no one will judge the church appeared neoplasm of any temporary improvement and centralization of control of their parishes, and even for the illegal creation of any «dioceses» and «synods» - as a temporary situation, it can be and have been allowed. However, since the phenomenon itself miru aboriginal RPTSZ after its cleaning division 17 May 2007, and further education and VVTSU hirotony for him kanonichnogo episcopate, the temporary autonomous status can no longer continue, because in isolation from the unity and subordinate VVTSU RPTSZ, kanonichno seceded does not exist can. To restore its legitimacy, they need to immediately restore the proper relationship with VVTSU RPTSZ and provide a report on its activities during the period of temporary stay in isolation from the Mother Church, not later than prior to the convening of V Vsezarubezhnogo Cathedral. If, before the time of the Cathedral Vsezarubezhnogo this is not done, then after their stay at the Cathedral of the status of a potential split would be totally illegal and would have to split from RPTSZ, but by their secrets will be null and bezblagodatnymi.

We know that every single Orthodox Church - a keeper grace of God, save it in a vessel of its kanonichnosti, first and foremost this applies to kanonichnosti origin of the synod of jurisdiction, and its origin kanonichnosti episcopate. It is therefore difficult to take seriously the arguments and definitions of the Cathedral bezblagodatnosti and non ekklesiology local churches originating from jurisdictions such as the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church, or the true Russian Orthodox Church, which, being out of unity with RPTSZ before receipt of VVTSU due hirotesy not have not so, nor the other.

With regard to the presence or absence of grace in other jurisdictions, without limiting its clergy and Chad in the freedom of expressing their private opinions, Russian Orthodox Church Abroad has always insisted that does not consider himself, or any other local church, which has the right to take final decision as it is in authority only to duly convened Ecumenical Council. Such a position is always and by all, even the most stringent critics, regarded as orthodox and whose religion is VVTSU RPTSZ.

Many years ago, at the beginning of my spiritual formation, the author of these lines, and himself was a staunch orthodox out-and-outer. Having to bushuyuschem sea apostasiynogo mira precious gem Orthodox Church Abroad, he asked himself whether it is possible that the grace of God has acted outside the boundaries of true Orthodoxy? Is a manifestation of grace in the sacraments in isolation from the eucharistic communication with RPTSZ? How could «spoil» in 1991, all Bishops and Cathedral RPTSZ khirotonisan in bishops, bezblagodatnogo archimandrite MP taken from bezblagodatnogo Ecuménico «world Orthodoxy» and bezblagodatnogo sergianskogo division MP, and therefore did not have to imagine the sacred dignity Valentine Rusantsova? Resolving some of these issues, under the action of grace, he found in personal conversation with Bishop Gregory (Grabbe). Instead, direct response, ubelenny haired bishop gave the following example for thought:

«If a tree derail green leaf, ie tear off a sheet from his mother, feeding his vital energy, and watch what happens, we can see that the first time sheet will retain its healthy green look, and live leaves on the tree. However, gradually the green color will fade in it, some places will be lost and the leaf to turn yellow, gradually changing in color to brown and brown, yet the whole does not lose its original vitality and beauty, and coagulated in a brown tube, finally dies. However, if the list fade in time to put in life-giving water, it can not only restore the freshness of its kind, but even the roots, and being planted, root and grow into flowering plants. It's the length of stay in isolation from the leaves of the tree. And what is strange - and sometimes even green leaves, placed in a glass of water, quickly fade, as it is yellowed and has suddenly recruited from somewhere, and force is taking root: it means not even stay in isolation leaves of the tree is the main factor in T all the will of God! »

Although instructive parable was told by Bishop wise, but we can not find it full pravdatelnogo interpret bishop hirotonii «layman» Valentine Rusantsova: after all, even to restore the life of wood sheets, it must have been at least some, albeit Dying, but previously established and operating in it, vitality. Using the analogy of nature, we must admit that Valentine Rusantsove stayed grace of baptism, and at least some, albeit scant, but all the same - the hierarchical successive Grace Church Sacraments postrizheny, hirotesy and hirotony, which ultimately only and could fill and use it in its entirety after its accession to the living source of the Church Abroad. Otherwise, if Valentin Rusantsov archimandrite was not present, then clerical hirotoniya, done over the layman in the Church RPTSZ could not do this layman Bishop!

It may seem strange, but the fundamental answer to the question about the validity of episcopal hirotonii Archimandrite Valentine Rusantsova found only in conjunction with the parable of Bishop Gregory ekklesiologiey Metropolitan Cyprian, allowing operation of a grace in the sacraments in Orthodoxy misguided, ill, as MP, member of the Church.

In this context, it seems ironic that the Cathedral of bishops under the presidency it Valentine Rusantsova, now Metropolitan RPATS, condemned «zlochestivoe mudrovanie» Metropolitan Cyprian, but dividing it «zloverie», betrayed anathematize RPTSZ. But if so, it turns out that, under pain of anathema to us to recognize the Bishopric of the founder of secular RPATS Anatoly Petrovich Rusantsova invalid! Not much better position to RIPTS: Archbishop Tikhon Pasechnik, who came from the Moscow Patriarchate, Archbishop khirotonisan. Zhurbenko Lazarus, who had himself received the priesthood through the Church of Bishop Benjamin Nowicki.

In his life-saving service, for the cherished unity in Christ, the Church Abroad has sought to reconcile the orthodox confession and canonical rigor to his sister with love and the general Ikonomov - to others. The same principle has always been guided in his ministry and the Greek Orthodox church of the Synod of the opposing IPH, and in general this principle is not new to the Church of Christ.

Who is not aware of the orthodox history of the church, as St.. Basil the Great was the cause of the healing of division and return to the fold of the Church of heretics-makedonian? Then the most orthodox, even sacred, suspected of Basil the Great in the propensity to heresy, broke communion with him! However, God second ecumenical council approved and adopted the position of the Holy. Basil T does not require makedonian confession of the Spirit of God, but require only a condemnation of those who believe the Holy Spirit creature. History has proved the truth of the views of Basil the Great and the Second Ecumenical Council: former makedoniane themselves gradually turn from evil, opted for a blessing. In edification orthodox "extremists" as well as in memory of the love and Ikonomov the church to the lost, still sounds to us Orthodox Faith, in which the direct exercise of the Holy Spirit of God is absent, though the words are understood Symbol believers, as the approval of His Divinity.

As the Philadelphia Church, Russian Church Abroad are always looking for the possibility of applying the maximum Ikonomov with respect to the lost. This principle is particularly important for the performance of its historic mission: to consecrate the light of Orthodoxy inoslavny mir, a God if you want to return the T Fatherland lamp Russian Church. A similar mission - a spiritual rebirth of Greece, took over and her Greek Orthodox church, Sister.
The successful construction of a church Starostilnoy IPH Greek Church Synod of Metropolitan Cyprian proved faithful to its choice of a path. The weighted ekklesiologiya the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad is now almost ninety years allowed it to successfully carry out their missionary service. And we continue to believe that the selected Foreign Church Gold Imperial Way, will be able to bring Russia to its triumphal resurrection!

Orthodox ekklesiologiya, approved by the Cathedral Church Abroad, is to abstain from the final decisions regarding the presence of grace in the sacraments of other jurisdictions. This means that unnecessary extremes, any categorical «yes», or «no» in addressing this issue are unacceptable to the Church Abroad. It follows that the doctrine of Metropolitan Cyprian, admitting to a final court Ecumenical Council, the possibility of the presence of grace in the sacraments of Churches, departing from the practiced their purity of Orthodoxy, is the only existing ekklisiologiey, which does not contradict ekklesiologii RPTSZ. Balance and wisdom of this position allows our church-The sister did not close in a dramatic and intolerance are not cut off dialogue with the misguided, not terminate it before it began, but the opposite - to keep an open mind on this vital matter. Thus, in the bosom of the Church Abroad and the Hellenic sisters maintained a tradition of theological dispute, suschestvovovavshaya in the Church with the Evangelical times.

For us, the Russian people, particularly painfully experienced the division created in 1927 after the publication of Metropolitan. Sergei Stragorodskim Declaration of loyalty to the Church of the Soviet species in the Russian Church is called «sergianstvom». According to the Moscow Patriarch Alexy II of 10 June 1991 «untrue implicated in its Declaration», and now we can say without exaggeration that the wrong of this Declaration, all implicated Moscow Patriarchate.

«Ridges on me» (Mf.8.22) - Christ spoke these words relate to each of us - «Asche who are thirsty, so goes to me, and Piet. These things also reche about Duse »(In.7.37-39):« Az am the Way and the Truth and stomach »(In.14.6)»

John the Evangelist, revealing the great secret of Christians, said: «The grace and truth came by Jesus Christ» (In.1, 17), and Bogomudry Paul warns: «A wrath of God from heaven on all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, the truth of wrong» (Romans 1:18).

Not sergian whether ekumenistov, sbivshihsya in the darkness of his wickedness to the saving of Ways and wrong in their misunderstandings Truth and ongoing with the grace of Christ, was called the wrath of God?

Outside Road, could not be closer to the dynamics of God outside the knowledge of the divinity of Truth Y, Z out of life can not be grace eternity. And before this man lost in the final, according to the word of the Apostle, will the wrath of God before they will open all its unattractive expected to eternity, we must not turn from the dialogue with the lost with these, but to protect the truth, with all diligence and fear , to give them a T suschim in darkness, staying in the Church of Christ Light and the King of glory execute: «Yes to educate your light before men»! (Mf.5.16)
«Look, first the kingdom of God and his righteousness» (Matthew 6, 34) T this is what God has commanded us.

Not scholasticism of grace where God is and whether jointly with the truth, and under what conditions is valid, must be addressed to Christians, as reasonable Creatures of God, indivisible from the Energy and Power Godhead T region Secrets will not fit in the squares, nacherchennye human consciousness, but in the simplicity heart of this commandment, we should first of all seek the truth of God and help others to find this truth. It is found, it a guide in its decision with whom to communicate, on what basis and how they engage in dialogue. Parvdy God, causing pain, we need to go, however, that neither the new calendar, either in sergianstve nor ecumenism, nor in the division no.

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

The R-splits or R-fragments are basically RTOC, ROAC, and all the ROCIE's. I realize there exists more than these, but these are the ones I know most about.

The R-splits are not a normal acceptable state for Orthodoxy. Normal would be for all to be united under one jurisdiction.

Steps towards unity do not include the R-splits all validating each other or being in communion with each other. This actually would confirm their separateness and work against unity, causing a greater disunity. It would make the unacceptable condition legitimate, make the unacceptable acceptable.

Such is the "unity" of the protestants, World Orthodoxy and SCOBA. The Methodists, Congregationalists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Baptists, all recognize each other as valid. The idea of uniting never even occurs to them at this point. The idea of having all the R-splits accept each other as valid or be in communion with each other follows this same pattern.

This is a form of ecumenism.