How Do We Help Newcomers?

Holy Hieromartyr Pancratius
Dear Rocorrefugees,
Occasionally I meet someone who would like to get more involved in the Church, but I'm not sure what to do without any priest in the area. Any ideas?
In Christ,
[Guest 01]


Joanna Higginbotham said...

How about this?:

1. Invite them to a reader service
2. Recommend a pilgrimage to a 'royal path' destination such as Etna.
3. Suggest a long-distance membership in Annunciation parish.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Because of this question of how to help inquirers, Newcomers Page was started. It is something we can give to "inquirers" with a clear conscience that we are not letting a newcomer just drift towards the "slippery slope".

It is only aimed at that period of time between when a person is introduced to 0rthodoxy and when they choose their priest. It is not meant to be a catechism.

For any inquirer who might make it to the point of choosing a priest, hopefully this will help them to choose wisely. [I'm always happy to share my priest, but there may be a royal path priest closer to where they live.]

Lives of saints and the warnings about the "slippery slope", are two essentials necessary from the beginning to the end of our earthly journey. Lives of saints are the milk and the meat. The slippery slope is always an inch away.

I want to eventually have in the SELECTED LIVES list a good sample of each of the different categories of saints: confessors, fools, martyrs, ascetics, theologians, monastics, lay, etc. I realize there is much more that can be done to improve the blog. Please help by your contributions.

-jh 8/9/09 Great Martyr Panteleimon