Fr. Elias Shares A Memory Today

Subject: St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2009 11:05:23 -0700
St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco (+1896-1966)

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus!

May the Blessings of our Lord and the prayers of Saint John be with you!

I write on this day of great importance to us in the Church Abroad to relay a story that had a profound effect on me related to our Father among the Saints, St John.

I was visiting the San Francisco Cathedral as I had many times with the Holy Miraculous Icon of St. Nicholas. On Saturday afternoon they do a Molieben for the living and the reposed. I happen to be there that day and Vladyka, of thrice blessed memory, Anthony was doing the Molieben because the Icon was present.

At the end of the service Vladyka Anthony came up to me and asked in a pleading tone if St. John could venerate the Holy Icon. He barked something in Russian as he was sometimes known to do and sub-deacons, a deacon and two priests appeared, as did the faithful and the choir there gathered around. We went to the reliquary. Vladyka ordered it opened and he removed the cover from St. John’s face. I removed the Holy Icon from the kiot and handed it to Vladyka who then turned the Icon upside down placing it face to face with the Holy Relics, singing the Tropar of St. Nicholas, joined in by all there.

He then took the Holy Icon from the reliquary and handed it to me, it was pouring Holy Myrrh which was streaming everywhere as I hurried to return it to its kiot. Vladyka once again snapped something in Russian and red cloth napkins appeared from behind the Iconostasis and were use to soak up the Holy Myrrh.

Vladyka Anthony then turned to me with those eyes of a child that pierced your heart and said: “Isn’t the Lord Wondrous in His Saints?”

May the prayers of our Holy Father St. John intercede for us with our Gracious Lord!

In Christ Jesus,

V. Rev. Fr. Elias Warnke
Mission of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

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