To The Faithful Of The Church Militant

+Pentecost. Sunday of the Holy Trinity
Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus!

May our Lord share His blessings upon you all!

I write on this great and auspicious Feast as your unworthy brother and the least of priests to share with you in my heart the event that was the spark that set the fire of faith in our hearts and brought true love to the world forever. In these times our faith is brought to the test like no time ever before. We are witness to events and horrific travesties that assail the very core of who we are as Orthodox Christians. Yet there is light and life in our Lord through His All-Holy Spirit, His precious gift to each of us who are need of solace.

We of the Church Militant have endured many spears and arrows and have been brought low before His Holy and Dread Judgment Seat. I say to you as a fellow believer in the Truth of our gracious Lord that we shall never succumb to attacks and the outright malicious destruction of our beloved Church as long as we fervently stand fast in our Orthodox faith. The faith of the Holy Apostles, the faith of the Holy Saints, the faith of the Righteous Martyrs, the faith that must remain unchanged, uncompromised and untainted if it is to remain the beacon of Salvation.

On this same day in 1831 in Vilnya , Belarus , 3,000,000 faithful returned from the heresy of the unia to the true faith. Just as a thousand were converted as the Holy Apostles emerged from their place of hiding and fear filled with the Holy Spirit, so to did these millions and many more throughout the world accept the truth of the Royal Orthodox Faith as the only path to Grace within our Lord, Jesus Christ.

So I, and my family say to you on the day of the Decent of the All-Holy Spirit upon the world let us rejoice no matter what our Earthly circumstances, let us find strength in this most loving gift of our Lord and let us stand fast in our Faith that as brothers and sisters in the One Holy and Apostolic Orthodox Church we may be allowed to share in the uncompromising love of our Lord God and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

May we, through the prayers of the Holy Apostles, find strength and peace on this day and every day for the rest of our lives on this Earth though the gift of the Holy Spirit, the foundation and protection of the Orthodox Faith.

In Christ, Jesus!

+Fr. Elias Warnke and Family
St. Nicholas Mission
Las Vegas

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