Prayer Request From Serbia

From: SIR
Date: June 3, 2009 4:33:48 AM MDT (CA)


Dear in Lord

I hope you are in good health and mercy of God. I'm asking for your holy prayers for me and my family who are struggling to set up home in Serbia , if you can occasionally please serve moleben to Mother of God, St. John of SF and St. Nicholas for us, and to please remember us constantly in your prayers and services, I would be most grateful.

We are expecting 4 child that is due on Feast of Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos.In Serbia situation is just before schism, various ferocious parties of factions are at work from extreme right to extreme left pulling this Church in pieces ,I'm laboring hard -as God permit and guide me ,hoping to establish unified platform in moderate traditional spirit among ressisters to Ecumenist heresy in Serbia, in order to form mindset and spirit that dwels in Rocor and Synods of Greek, Roumanian and Bulgarian Ressisting Churches and hopefully to help establish and connect Serbian part to them as sister Church, I need all prayers and help in my humble struggle.

May Lord His Holy Mother and all Serbian Saints repay you thousandfold for your loving kindness and effort on my behalf.

Greeting in Lord

Marie Agnes~ Elisaveta

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