An Introduction to this 'Confession of Faith Against Ecumenism':

Reader Daniel

Reader Daniel said...
This is indeed an excellent exposition on basic fundamental Orthodoxy and on the many wrongs of ecumenism, etc. Yet, it is both flawed and....also... valuable, because of an omission in it. Being a declaration of important traditionalist-minded members of the New Calendar State Church of Greece, it nevertheless entirely neglects to mention one major sin of ecumenism, -the totally anti-traditional and uncanonical forcible foisting of the 'New Calendar' upon the Greek Church. This blatant and world-infamous crime of the ecumenists, is passed over in total silence. And why? clearly because these signatories...apparently anyway, dare not go 'too far' in their criticisms, as their own local church, their Greek State Church is on that ecumenist-calendar....and they...might loose their positions in that church, or suffer other punishments, etc. if they went so 'far out' as to lampoon that calendar innovation. However, still, looking at this (otherwise) very good exposition against ecumenism, from our traditionalist-Orthodox view, what we see here is but more clear evidence, that MANY clergy and laity, at lower local parish levels and even higher up, within the various New Calendar Orthodox national churches, are far more conservative in their Orthodoxy, than are (too many of) the top leadership of their churches. This is true for all the national Orthodox churches, without exception. It is the highest clergy who are most often the ecumenist-apostates. See what Rd. Joseph Suaiden says about this (on St. Euphrosynus Cafe site), he makes some pertinent points along this line.
Just my thoughts.....
But, this confession is certainly most interesting and worthy to read, in my opinion.
Reader Daniel

A Confession of Faith Against Ecumenism. From the Convention of Orthodox Clergymen and Monks, April 2009 (Euphroysynos Cafe)

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