One World Government


St. John Maximovitch tells us that Antichrist will be from the tribe of Dan, and that he will establish one world government and one world church.

Fr. Seraphim Rose noticed that true transmitters of the genuine Holy Tradition (such as Archbishop Averky) expound the eschatological and apocalyptic aspects of Orthodoxy. While academic "theologians" (such as Fr. Alexander Schmemann) dismiss it and will even ridicule any interest in it. (*Not Of This World, page 472)

This report is written by a secular. There is no mention of Antichrist. Orthodox Christians from the "old school," where eschatology is not a forbidden subject, will note the antichrist force working behind the scenes.


4/2/11  Update

Post has been deleted.  I, Joanna, repent ever suggesting this as reading material suitable for Orthodox Christians.

The report by Fagan has been deleted.  It is most likely a false conspiracy theory.  The enemy throws out all these false conspiracy theories to intrigue us and distract us from the one thing needful and from the true conspiracy that Christ warns us about:  the Mystery of Iniquity which doth work.  We don't need this Illuminati garbage in our Church. 

One characteristic of the old ROCOR was that it was always eschatologically oriented - assessing the signs of the times apocalyptically.  That was lost with the Laurus synod, where suddenly relating events to end times ceased and antichrist became an inappropriate subject, even a forbidden subject, just like in world Orthodoxy.

The study of end times needs to be exclusively from the Church and the foundation of the Church.  Not Mr. Fagan.

A difference Fr. Seraphim noticed between the true transmitters of genuine Holy Tradition and the academic "theologions:" the former is concerned with saving individual souls, the latter criticizes that and promotes saving the world.

St. Ignatius Brianchaninov tells us:

"The wave of evil roaring out of a dark sea upon mankind is beyond human power to stop. The best Christians can hope for is avoidance. So not attempt to stop it with your weak hand. Avoid it, protect yourself from it, and that is enough for you. Get to know the spirit of the times, study it so that you can avoid its influence whenever possible."

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

The criticism is that we are "navel gazers" and ignore the needs of others, and don't do any good for mankind or the planet.