Strength in numbers?

Strength in numbers? The larger part is right, while the smaller part is wrong? Maybe in the old days, when people were strong in the faith and stood on principles. Not anymore. Now, in this age of narcissism, the serpent whispers sweet nothings into the ears of people and leads them and societies to their destruction; “You’re so smart, so enlightened, so modern, so progressive. You know better.” He plays on their pride and they believe themselves more knowledgeable than all the saints, ascetics, and thinkers that came before them. He also plays on their sense of Christian charity; “How can you judge others?!! That’s not Christian.” People pride themselves on their tolerance and how they can see all sides of an issue, but they end up blind to the truth.

People in the diaspora have tunnel vision and only focus on events in their church. Many don’t read newspapers, magazines and don’t know what is happening elsewhere. They don’t see that this phenomenon of a larger part turning its back on tradition is occurring in other churches and throughout societies. Many in the Episcopalian and Anglican churches, who support female priests and homosexual bishops, are aghast that a small part of their flock doesn’t agree with them and calls them schismatics. The Catholic Church battles with its members, who seek excuses for abortion and other failings of the modern age. The Greek church has embraced many modernist principles and considers those who disagree to be throwbacks to a bygone era. Societies also pride themselves on being evolved, more modern and are becoming more secular all the time.

Those in ROCOR-MP who turned their back on traditions take comfort in that there are so many of them, but their clerics don’t have the spiritual discernment of their predecessors and don’t realize they have strayed from the path and are in danger of losing their way. Compromise after compromise takes them further away from the teachings of the fathers of the church. Flush with pride at how tolerant and accommodating they have become to the MP and other religious organizations that bear only a superficial resemblance to Orthodoxy, they grow more and more blind to their deviations. Meanwhile, the hoopla surrounding their union with the MP is dying down, and with the new Patriarch in power, they will remain in existence as long as it suits their new masters. After that, they will be snuffed out.

For now they take comfort in being part of an even larger body, the MP, but what does the MP stand for? About the only position you could call traditional is their opposition to homosexuality, but it’s not based on religious teachings, but the raging homophobia that marked the Soviet Union and continues today. Soviet society was always very chauvinistic and had no respect for women or the weaker members of its society. Other than that, anything goes. Their opposition to abortion is very faint, because abortions are a fact of life in the Soviet Union\Russia. Many women of all social levels have had abortions and the MP even created an icon for those who had one, to pray to.

With their puffed-up pride, the ROCOR-MP clerics thought they could change the MP through their spiritual strength, but after they surrendered all their principles, they lost that strength. As a result, instead of changing them, the MP has changed ROCOR-MP, which has become a pale imitation of its new host. ROCOR-MP has been silenced, just like the MP remained silent during the Soviet era and now under Putin. For now, they busy themselves with services, celebrations, anniversaries, various events, but it rings hollow. It’s like the orchestra playing while the Titanic sank.


mmcxristidis said...

Luke 12:32-37

Cease being afraid, little flock, for your Father is well pleased to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions, and give alms. Make for yourselves purses which do not become old, an unfailing treasure in the heavens, where no thief draweth near nor moth destroyeth; For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
‘Let your loins be girded about and the lamps be kept burning;and be ye like to men waiting for their own lord-whenever he should depart from the wedding festivities-that when he cometh and knocketh, straightway, they might open to him.Happy are those slaves whom the Lord, after he cometh, shall find watching. Verily, I say to you that He shall gird himself about and shall have them recline at table, and will come forth and minister to them.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

As Fr. Gregory said a few posts back, one man and the Truth makes a majority.

Actually, I feel ROCA(A) Agafangel has the majority, if we count our saints in the Heavenly Church. And I do count them, they do count.

One person told me privately that after the Signing of the Act they felt that St. John of Shanghai had left the cathedral where his relics are. Another told me it seemed to them that St. John's icon in their parish church was empty. I had similar feelings in my ROCOR(MP) parish during those early months after 5/17/07.

We might by small now - but we are so strong that I almost do not want us to grow. This is a special time, we have everything to be grateful for.