A story you won't see on the ROCOR-MP website...

News from the Christ the Savior Monastery, a western-rite church in Hamilton, Ontario, accepted into ROCOR-MP:

On Sunday, 1 March/16 February 2009, notice was received from Metropolitan Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, that the monastery and mission of Christminster and Our Lady of Glastonbury Orthodox Church, in Hamilton, Ontario, would henceforth be directly under the archpastoral oversight of the Metropolitan himself, assisted by his Vicar Bishop Jerome, Bishop of Manhattan. Bishop Gabriel, the ruling Bishop of Canada, had requested this change in light of his own lack of familiarity with the Orthodox western rite and its usages.

Bishop Jerome, the former Father John Shaw, is a long-time friend of Christminster and a scholar deeply learned in western liturgics.

We are grateful to each of these hierarchs for their pastoral concern for the well-being of our mission and work.


Joanna Higginbotham said...

What is not widely known is that this monastery has been in ROCOR since 1993.

ROCOR has kept it rather quiet. I find one little mention of it in the back of an old directory (1999) on the clergy list it has
Hieromonk James Deschene
Rhode Island
"Svcs: E, Latin"

I heard that Christminster uses is a Western Rite that is an approved modification of the Roman Rite. And not the original preschism Western Rite.

I heard that they have been and are still trying to absorb the Milan Synod by creating some kind of "Milan vicarate" under John Shaw and the KGB. They have managed to take some priests away from the Milan Synod.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Time to do some adding. Put two and two together.

√ A ROCOR priest I have not asked if I can quote here, told me that "Vladika Vitaly saw the change of view in many of the newer clergy and in some of the Bishops. it troubled him greatly. ... different ... 'feel' from the newer English clergy who where coming into our ranks at the time. He felt that a 'parallel administration' was being set up around him and he felt increasingly cut off and betrayed."


√ Fr. Gregory writes in his statement posted early this month, "It has now become apparent that at least as early as the early 90s there was a 'worm within' engineering what finally revealed itself as the determination to submit to the MP, totally abandoning ROCOR's historic tradition."


Bishop Jerome (John Shaw, I don't know his code name), part of the Lebedev/Whiteford/Shaw team, has had this hushed project for some years. Do I see a "worm"?

Anonymous said...

This monastery has been in ROCOR since 1993?

Splitting hairs as usual.  Try to curry favor with the Vatican-leaning MP, while not aggravating your own members.

Ari said...

Nothing new. Christminster grew out of ROCOR's Western rite monastery Mount Royal which was there from 1975 on. I don't think much of it is connected or attributable to Bishop Jerome (Shaw). It is something the Russian Church has been doing since the 19th c., considering since the early 18th c.

Reader daniel said...

This is a great exaggeration! What was actual historical fact, was that the (Protestant) Church of England for a long period of time, in the 1700's and 1800's, was trying to get ANY Orthodox official approval/validation for their questionable 'apostolic succession', i.e. their 'Western Rite' (as they were shaky and in doubt about it), and thus they fraternized with the Orthodox, especially Russia, (which was not under Ottoman control) utilizing the fact that the C. of E. was the English State Church, ....and the Russian Church was, also, the Russian State Church ....i.e. they played the secular political card, to get their way.

But, in the end, very little came from all that, as the Russian Church could not come to make any final 'approval' or acceptance - AS EQUALS, of the Protestant Church of England. (Either of their doctrines or their worship rituals or of their checkered church history since Henry the Eighth) ...which is what the English were angling for (excuse the pun). Nobody in Russia, even in theory, was interested in a 'Western Rite' either inside of Russia ...or outside either, ....except of course ...the extremely negative but short-lived inroads make by the Latin-Rite Jesuits ....who wanted to grab Russians, in the Russian Empire, and put them under their Pope ...for which, they got thrown out of Russia in the end, (the stunning/shocking public conversion of Count Alexander Golitzin to the Roman Catholic religion, was the main cause of this, as it broke the official Russian Imperial toleration & concordate, for the Jesuits' presence in Russia, which was, to spiritually minister ONLY to Roman Catholic foreigners, and NOT proselytize any Orthodox Russians!). Remember too, the meddlesome Jesuits had been thrown out of almost every Catholic kingdom in Europe. Only tolerant and trusting Orthodox Russia took them in!

But, yes, in the much later post-revolution Russian emigration, as in traditionally Catholic France, only one Russian bishop gave his tacit & narrowly defined approval for the use of the Gallican-Rite (Archbishop John Maximovitch), as in theory, such could be. Then, later on, the KGB-controlled Moscow Patriarchy (as I witnessed in 1962 in New York City), had their own version of this exotic un-Orthodox bird, obviously for foreign espionage purposes,'for missionary purposes', etc. to influence and grab to their Kremlin communist side, as many naive westerners as they could hoodwink. At that time, 1962, and afterwards, they were aiming mainly at Puerto Ricans in New York, with which they later had some small temporary success. But, we simply do not have any record of what was on Archbishop John's mind. I suspect that he, may, have wanted to gradually 'Orthodoxize' the French, (a 'reverse uniatism'?) leading them to an eventual use of the Normal Orthodox Worship. Clearly though, he could not have intended that all non-Russian converts in the west, should use this exotic and revivified, long DEAD Western Rite! As a convert myself, I have never had any use for Western Rites, of any sort. To me, in today's apostasy climate, such a strange animal is but another sneaky ecumenist inroad and attack upon our church. It and the new calendar go together.

Of course, this entire subject is very deep, especially the historical reasons for some westerners to desire such a 'rite' novelty, when once they encountered the great doctrinal and spiritual treasures of Orthodoxy. Especially in France and in other traditionally Catholic nations, when they got unhappy with Rome, they still tended to want to keep their familiar worship rituals, hense: the various 'National Catholic' churches,& related movements. etc. But, allowing them to do so, has not helped them to truly integrate themselves into the Orthodox Church, quite to the contrary I believe.

Just my thoughts however....

Reader Daniel

Reader Daniel said...

Just an added point, to Ari and all: Well, to my memory, 99% of ROCOR rank and file members, in America, knew ZERO all those past years, that ANY 'Western Rite' was in our Synod. Only a very few, were aware of...something...on the East Coast (perhaps, it was Rhode Island?)about a 'Fr. Cuthbert', if that was his name, 'who when he entered ROCOR, was PRIVATELY allowed to keep the ritual he had been used to, before.' But, if it had become general knowledge, many would have been upset with that. And even up till recently, that fact of this semi-secretly previously blessed Western Rite, was NOT considered a precedent for OTHER such experiments in ROCOR. I know for a fact, that even before the 'union', pro-Roman Catholic/Jesuit and St. Vlads Seminary trained, Archb. Kyrill -Dmitireff...tried to get the other bishop's approval for this, for use in his western diocese, and he was solidly SHOT down, and mainly by Archb. Alipy and Met. Laurus....and others.
Only now, has this strange experiment come fully above ground.
Reader Daniel

Joanna said...

Ari is the MP goon from that short-lived "ROCOR United" blog that opened right after the ROCOR-MP union. He used many names – Artyom for one, from Australia. What a jerk. I don't miss him one bit.