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√ The Minutes of the May 8/21 Meeting of ROCA(A) Bishops in Voronezh is available in English. I expect it will be on Vladyka Andronik's website soon.

One question addressed in the Minutes was who we should and should not commemorate. The answer was that we should consider whether that person wants to be commemorated or not. What else of the discussion is not included in the minutes. This is something I'd like to hear more about. For myself I follow that rule, since I definitely DO NOT want any of my ROCOR(MP) friends commemorating me in their New Church or any World Orthodox church. So far none of my World Orthodox friends have asked me not to commemorate them, some have even specified they DO want me to commemorate them. What about children who can not reason for themselves? Or for the (ROCOR-MP) dead who may feel differently now than they did when they were blinded on earth? -jh

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