Holy Trinity in Astoria invites us to see their photo album.
Arxiereiskiy Sobor May 10 2009
May 10, 2009

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Reader Daniel said...

So far, all that we know about this
"Archpastoral visit of Metropolitan Agafangel to America, from May 1-May 10th." simply that, and no more. These colourful photos of him serving the Liturgy in our Holy Trinity Church in Astoria, New York, are of course of interest, and we certainly welcome our beloved Primate to America. Yet, one awaits more information as to some more specific purposes that brought him here. From the "Inquiring Minds, Want to Know Dept." I have heard some of his related-to-me remarks, when he first arrived here, the previous weekend ago, spoken to our Northern Virginian Holy Ascension Parish, when after their Sunday Liturgy, he answered some brief questions: Question: "Vladyka, what is happening between our ROCA and the other 'fragment' churches, as far as any changes or progress in our relations, etc.?" Answer: "Though I have done everything I could do, repeatedly, to reach out to them, even recently offering....intercommunion....with them (with those that we CAN have such canonical communion with, of course), rather than demanding a closer/fuller organizational-unity, and they have spurned even that friendly offer, so what more can we do?, thus it is up to them."
Reader Daniel

Joanna Higginbotham said...

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