ROCOR(MP) In Communion With Jerusalem


On this day we remember St. James son of Zebedee, brother of St. John the Theologion, the Enlightener of Spain. Later he returned to Jersusalem and was killed there with a sword. St. James (Santiago in Spanish) is a great western saint who is much neglected in the eastern church.


Here is an excerpt from a recent ROCOR(MP) report:

...In his report, Archbishop Mark, Overseer of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, thanked the Synod of Bishops for appointing Archimandrite Joasaph (MacLellan) as the Head of the Mission in Jerusalem, stating that full ecclesiastical communion has been reestablished with the Jerusalem Patriarchate. On May 5 of this year, this fact was solidified by a concelebration at the Life-bearing Tomb of the Lord by His Eminence Metropolitan Aristarchos, Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Jerusalem Patriarchate and His Grace Bishop Agapit of Stuttgart, Vicar of the German Diocese.

It was also decided to form a commission to study the relationship with the Orthodox Church in America and to hold joint meetings to discuss the sources of the division between the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and the American Metropoliate. Included in this commission are Bishop George, President; Archimandrite Luke (Murianka); Protopriest Alexander Lebedeff, Secretary; Protopriest David Moser and Priest Peter Jackson. The commission is to study and present findings on the reasons for the division and to evaluate the mutual accusations, and propose methods of healing the separation...


Unprofitable Servant said...

Let's see. Isn't Father David Moser the paragon of integrity who insisted a few years ago that Metropolitan Vitaly (Ustinov) had not been forceably abducted by ROCOR-Laurus thugs in Canada? Unfortunately for Father David's reputation, the forced abduction was captured on film and posted on the internet for the whole world to see. Then there is Father Alexander Lebedev, the man of God who issued a legal injunction to evict the aging nuns of our Lady of Vladimir from their convent during Orthodox Holy Week...This should be a brilliant MP report on the OCA schism, worthy of Beria! They should avoid mentioning St. John's History of the ROCOR, though; it would be too difficult and awkward to whitewash his view on the subject, or that of St. Philaret the New Confessor...

Mara said...

I guess nobody around here - or anywhere for that matter in our circles - would be able to hazard a guess what makes that Fr David Moser tick?
Is it ego, like "I'm cool, I'm a commissar on the blabla Commission, everybody take note"?
Is it the fun of being a schemer ?
Is it the enjoyment of lying to the people?
Is it heavy prelest?
I don't think he was bribed at all - but he did come from the OCA so perhaps his "liberal attitudes" toward the M.P. were too firmly planted to be eradicated by years in Rocor?
He's very snappy about putting anybody who utters a word of protest about the union. Way too snappy to be in the realm of ordinary psychology!
Any ideas, any of you?

Joanna Higginbotham said...

When I told Fr. David that I was not in the union with both feet, he yelled at me.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Also in this report are two sentences about the Kursk Root icon visiting Russia. Maybe it is just that the translation is poor, but I can not tell whether it is going there to say, or if it will be returned.

Reader Daniel said...

I believe that the ambiguous wording here, about the plans for the Kursk-Root icon, is a deliberate smokescreen. From other sources, it appears that ROCOR-MP does indeed plan on gifting it('returning to it's origin'....i.e. Kursk, Russia) to their KGB-MP masters. In Russia, they do seem to think that that is what is about to happen. It will be but another item/looted treasure of the spoils of war, a war that the Kremlin has won. Will this heinous act, cause uproar amongst the ROCOR-MP flock? Perhaps, with a few timid voices, but then, who cares about a vocal-minority? These apostate traitors have already demonstrated that they only respect big power and big money. Anyway, it seems that they would give even all of AMERICA, the country which has sheltered them all, these many years, but which they have often disparaged (I have heard anti-American comments from many Russian immigrants, over many years now!, especially from ROCOR clergy!) to their KGB-Kremlin masters, for their profound devotion to, mythical/no longer existing, but now KGB-enslaved 'Mother Holy Russia', so why not one little holy-icon too? These Judas rascals have betrayed Orthodoxy, betrayed America to her foreign enemies in Moscow, and where is the end of their evil deeds? But then, we must remember: these fellows speak, for God!....they 'have grace'! (???)
Just my thoughts.....
Reader Daniel