After they escaped getting killed by the Reds, many of the Whites came to America and a large number of them went to work for the US government. In those days the government was more careful about who worked for them, so most of the Whites ended up in compartmentalized departments, away from the main offices and all the big secrets. Later on, after they proved themselves, and the US became more politically correct, they were able to move up in the ranks and be trusted.

Before that, you should have heard the screams from these émigrés; “How dare they question our loyalty?!! Our fathers and grandfathers fought the communists, we narrowly escaped getting killed by them ourselves, we are 110% opposed to them! Our loyalties are with our new homeland and we will fight the Soviet threat with all our might!” Now, sad to say, those US officials were right. Many of these same people quietly stand in the churches of ROCOR-MP, first commemorating Pat. Alexy (KGB file name – Drozdov), now Pat. Kirill (KGB file name – Mikahylov), and welcoming other senior MP metropolitans and bishops, who also have various codenames from their years of collaborating with the KGB and the Soviet government.

They hide behind fig leafs that Russia and the Church are free now, meanwhile not a single one of these MP clerics has ever asked for forgiveness for their work for the KGB. Instead, who knows what they’re really up to. Instead, ROCOR-MP members dream up fiction like the kind one priest offered, “The Patriarch prays in his private chapel every single day. That way he atones for all his past actions.” So now, the ROCOR-MP clerics can even see into the soul of the MP bishops!

To be fair, there are many that refuse to attend ROCOR-MP churches, because they realize the Putin government and its intelligence services cannot be trusted and because the changes in the MP are only superficial and that the MP remains a tool of the Russian government. They also stay away, because they have a true patriotic duty and gratitude to the country that took them or their parents in, with only a suitcase or two. Took them in and allowed them to create a wonderful, comfortable life for themselves and their children, with some of them even becoming quite prosperous.

Shame on the others!

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