Good Friends Get Together!

On May 5, 2009, in Russia, the official organ of the MP, '' conducted an interview with the newly elected OCA Metropolitan, Jonah (Paffhausen) upon his cordial visit with his dear friend, MP-Pat. Kyrill (KGB special agent, Michael-Gundaev). One can read this....interesting...interview in Russian or in English: In Russian:
Why should we anti-MP traditionalist Orthodox care at all, about the entire OCA or it's new head and his, very cozy attitudes towards his 'sister church,' or whatever he calls it currently, his MP?
Well, for many reasons, not the least, to see....what happens when one calls the KGB-MP one's 'friend'. This OCA, in it's historic origins in the once-part-of-THE Russian Church's North American Metropolia (before the revolution), later on, when it was a full canonical part of the canonical jurisdiction of The Russian Church Abroad, went into schism from that church, lead by schismatic, 'Met. Platon (Rozdesvensky)'. Then, later on, in 1970, under much behind the scenes deceitfulness, their leadership, unknown to the average lay people, abruptly announced as an accomplished done-deal, before any could protest!'s foolishly submitting to the Stalin-created MP, and to it's supposide 'authority' as it's 'mother church', and they, 'accepted autocephaly' from that KGB department., thereby de facto, recognizing the MP as the Official Russian Church!....a great propaganda victory for the communists. (But, how can those who serve Satan, give any ...blessings?) Over these ensuing years since 1970, if one examines OCA life and actions carefully, one can see a steady errosion and infiltration of Moscow...into the internal affairs and attitudes of the OCA., plus the growing modernism and poisons of ecumenism in it's ranks, from the top to the bottom of it's church-life. Read this interview, seated when you do, as some of the idiotic
things which Jonah Paffhausen says, will floor you! For one surprise, he wishes for... a bishop from the MP "to sit with our bishops!" ( help the OCA rule itself?). Gadzukes!!!
Is this not the same course that the newly betrayed ROCOR-MP is also on?
It fits the old Russian saying, which describes any difficult task: ..."It can be accomplished.....little by little (malo-po-malo)". And we already know how very patient are the KGB/FSB and their gang.
"Autocephaly" means, 'Independence", for what any word's dictionary meaning, has to do with communist machinations? They are the masters of deceit and of false-promises. SURPRISE! Folks...Wake up, before you cannot even escape at all. Leave your ROCOR-MP and come to the canonical & lawful real ROCA, the continued-ROCOR, under Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel (Pashkovsky).. ROCOR-MP's 'act of union' says, 'Autonomous'...which we can clearly see, means simply, in hard reality! that our former clergy and fellow laymen are, truly, subservient to the MP, an inferior/slavish PART of the MP. Years ago, when the MP's exarch in America, bull-in-the-china-shop chubby, Bp. Mercury, a big mouth loose-cannon type, said, upon first setting foot in New York: 'I can't stand America, I'd rather be back in Russia!'....and...."We are not happy with the OCA, they are not Russian enough, they are not adequately ministering to Russian immigrants,....and our tomos of Autocephaly granting them autocephaly, is 'ONLY A PIECE OF PAPER, WHICH WE...CAN TEAR UP AT ANY TIME!...Whenever WE want to!"
Oh well, isn't it wonderful to have friends!? We too, in ROCA could have these same KGB-MP 'friends' if we too, like the OCA and ROCOR-MP submitted to it's authority!
Beware! our former ROCOR brothers and sisters who have so foolishly given your trust to the KGB. You are now in their tender clutches, whether you yet can see it with your eyes, or not.
Just my thoughts.......
Reader Daniel in USA


Unprofitable Servant said...

I am not too surprised to hear about OCA Metropolitan Jonah's call for an MP hierarch to sit in the OCA Synod. Last October Father Thomas Hopko, the Dean of St. Vladimir's Seminary, actually nominated MP Archbishop Hilarion (of Vienna) for the position of Metropolitan and First Hierarch of the OCA.

The priest of the OCA parish in my city told me two years ago that he was very pleased about the signing of the Act of Canonical Communion. Among other things, the Act indirectly appeared to validate the uncanonical schism of the Metropolia/OCA from the lawful Synod of the old ROCOR. According to the OCA logic of St. Vladimir's Seminary and the neo-Parisian school, two wrongs can apparently make a "right," and "might is right" as well....

Joanna Higginbotham said...

This interview confirms what we have been suspecting all along that Met. Jonah is owned by the MP.
Hook, line and sinker. Lock, stock and barrel.

And, woe. ROCOR(MP) truly is on the same path. If the historical pattern repeats again, then we can forget about ROCOR(MP) as a jurisdiciton changing its course. But individuals here and there may escape.

Mara said...

I am so shocked about that blundering request made by Met Jonah [do we really have to call him that title?!!]. I could understand why they asked for Bp Hilarion Alfeyev much more. He must've said "sorry, you OCA guys are too little fish in the pond. I have better things to do with my time". He was shrewd: sure enough now he's Bp of Volokolamsk and de facto number 2 in the MP hierarchy. I wonder why he's sometimes called Archbishop in official publications - but seems not to have been elevated yet. Anyone clear this up?
Also another question is the post mentioned Bp Mercury just how I would imagine him. What I'm wondering is, was he a failure in the US and so is essentially being demoted? They are so vague about his transfer out. Wonder who will be the next exarch.
One may think I am wasting time assessing intra-MP political maneuvers- but as is clearly and well stated above, one has to stay very sharp observing their actions to be ready for whatever could be next.
As for Met Jonah, it's easy to see a bumbling energy about him when he speaks, which could by sharp eyes be translated into a cloud of little demons. Thus he's their mouthpiece.
I did not fail to note either that Jonah did not leave "home" - Moscow - without serving the protocol - perhaps genuinely wished in his case? - pannihida at the "tomb" of his mentor, former patriarch Alexey. I cannot imagine a more spectacular site for "close encounters" with the dark kind!

Not only is he a "dud" as Metropolitan, but he's full of various afflictions. Delicately put, these are indications of a losing battle in the spiritual warfare arena. Mark my words, there will more appalling ideas like this popping out of him, inspired by guess which type of force?!