Bandits In Cassocks

News from Vologda. Bandits in cassocks.

In connection with filing a lawsuit against all involved in a smear campaign against PRKTS (independent of the ROCOR), increased pressure from some MPs and the public services the town of Kirillov and its district. 
So the author of the article "Catacombs, or a split?" The priest of the monastery of Vologda diocese Goritsky MP Alex Mokievsky threatened our parishioner, a resident of the village Ferapontov Xenia Nazarova, that if she would participate in the trial, her husband and will be deprived of parental rights, and children taken away. The day after the night threatening phone calls (about 15.00) appeared to them a commission of the department of custody of the Kirillov headed boss of Galina, which did not show earlier (within 6 years of age, and so much Xenia and her family live in Ferapontovo!) any interest in, and now no longer inquired about the material condition of the family, and on issues of religion! Not every bandit, not to mention the priest takes up such a dastardly thing.


Joanna Higginbotham said...

It is not easy to tell what is going on here. I guess we just know that MP is harrassing ROCA(A) in Belgorod. Remember them in our prayers.

Reader Daniel said...

The gist of this article is: this lady and her family are being threatened by civil authorities/instigated by this MP monastery priest, the very priest who himself has published slanderous attacks on our church, with the punishment of the possible seizure of their children, unless...they cease participating in a legal proceeding (some sort of anti-defamation lawsuit against this MP priest) which is defending our ROCA-A . The flimsy excuse being concocted and thrown at the parents is, that 'they are not financially able to properly care for their children', etc. Thus, we see but another clear proof, of the oft-collusion of the MP with local civil authorities, to put down or punish or silence anyone that goes against their evil designs. Both this MP priest and the civil authorities this MP monastery priest are influencing, truly care (?) about the welfare of these children!...??? That is doubtful, of course.
Reader Daniel

Mara said...

No, no! It's Bishop George of Belgorod - in the South - conveying this news from the Russian North.
Vologda, with its famous monastery of St Dimitry Priluki, is the provincial center, the jumping off point for the exquisite jewels of the Ferapontov and Kirillov Monasteries.
This area is not the boondocks, but really important and much visited by pilgrims and foreigners.
A lot of Western tourists take stereotypical Volga cruises which stop at the Goritsky Monastery, but that's really not much interesting. Try the real "palomnik" way, as I did! Go overland to the other two monasteries which are about 10 miles apart. It's worth it. There are two great Saints venerated there, and I was fortunate to be able to be present for the 600th anniversary of St Cyril of the White Lake's Monastery. St Ferapont is the other. The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin at the monastery founded by the latter is full of unrivaled frescoes by the master painter, Dionisiy; and they are extremely well preserved. Ferapontov is now a UNESCO World Heritage site due to these. I still recall the special St Nicholas over a doorway.

So though the two towns are small, the historical spiritual sites which dominate them are unbelievably grand. Kirillov Monastery was for several centuries the number one Monastery in Russia: even more learned and wealthy than Sergiev Posad.
This background is to spark interest so that we can all pray to the local Saints there, along with St Martinian, whose relics are there at Ferapontov.
One last word before everyone drops off to sleep in boredom:
I also was thrilled to be permitted into a special section of the Ferapontov Church where the vestments of St John of Kronstadt are still preserved from when he served at that historic Church in the late 1800s. He was quite interested in the resurrection of Ferapontov and worked to get a Convent to start there. There were some New Martyrs in fact from either that Convent and/or the area who are little known today outside the region. Perhaps those hear of this sorry incident can pray to any of these venerable Saints mentioned to let this family & all others throughout the country, and Ukraine too, off the hook quickly and permanently, i.e., no recurrences of the pressure or intimidation.