Putin’s Courts Throttle the Internet

Paul Goble reports truly shocking, repugnant news that the Kremlin is already in the process of the final clampdown on the Internet; last week LaRussophobe reported on the Kremlin’s efforts to control major portals like Yandex, and now Russian courts are legitimizing the shutdown of any site that carries objectionable comments from readers. It’s a stunning and fatal blow to Internet freedom unheard of in the civilized world. Welcome back to the USSR, Russians:

According to a Moscow court, Russian officials can close down an internet portal if visitors to the site leave comments that the authorities deem to be extremist, a ruling that could force Russian sites to moderate all comments before they are posted or to stop allowing such comments, thereby ending one of the most lively forums in the Russian media...

To read more go to LaRussophobe April 25, 2009. (Link in side bar)

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