Money woes for ROCOR-MP?

The Act of Union was signed on May 17, 2007, the big celebrations were a hoot, the bishops and priests went to Russia for great photo ops, with everyone smiling and embracing their newfound brothers, but eventually that died down. The ROCOR-MP website hasn't mentioned any trips to Russia in a while, except for the "election" of the Patriarch, but now some of the recent articles mention gathering money, trying to get more donations. Looks like the party was a bash, but ROCOR-MP got stuck with the bill. Not that anyone thought the MP was going to start sharing their money (hopefully nobody thought that), but if they were going to be in with the big boys, surely some of that wealth would start rubbing off. Sadly, not.

How do you explain it? It's easy, they thought they were dealing with a Russian church, people of their own kind, kinfolk. They should have done like John McCain and looked a little closer and they would have seen 3 big letters: K-G-B. They're dealing with a KGB front. The MP is part of the government and works together with all the other departments with Soviets making believe they're Russians, while they fill their Swiss accounts. The KGB does a great job of getting what they want for cheap. Look up what all the American traitors like Aldrich Ames, Robert Hansen, etc. earned for their betrayals. The KGB got secrets worth millions! And paid chicken feed for them. The KGB are pros at taking advantage of people's weaknesses to get what they want.

How hard do you think it was for them to dangle God, country, and piroshki in front of all these people and fool them into thinking Russia was back? Take a close look, it cost them practically nothing. And you're surprised? You think Patriarch Kirill is worth an estimated 4 billion with a "b", because he's a nice guy who shares his money? He's a brilliant business guy, who even made the Forbes list of rich "Russians". They got exactly want they wanted and ROCOR-MP has little to show for it on their end. The MP's big thing now is property. They're about to be one of the biggest landowners in Russia and so they also like to add overseas properties to their real estate portfolio. No less than Putin himself (!) sealed the deal with the Italians for the Bari church. You think he did that because he is a devout believer and wanted it for the church? No, because the MP and the government are one and the same and they work together to get what they want.

So ROCOR-MP is trapped and are at the mercy of whatever Moscow wants to do with them. When they are no longer useful to the MP, the church may be dissolved and whoever plays nice will be absorbed into the bigger structure or else get retired. To understand how the MP thinks, it's important to think like a government department with its agenda-driven bureaucrats, or a multi-national corportion with its corporate raiders, or an intelligence agency with agents who work from inside to get control, or even like a organized crime syndicate with bullies getting what they want, or any way you want. Just don't think the MP is a church and thinks like one.


Joanna Higginbotham said...

Prior to the union one of the arguments/reasons for the union was that ROCOR was dying financially. We only had so many dues paying members left. Our (financial) survival depended on our submitting to the union.

This was not an advertised argument for the union, it was sort of a "behind closed doors" factor given in a private discussion with my ROCOR-MP parish priest.

God forgive me, I fell for it (temporarily). It is nothing but sergianism - to think that "we" have to "save" the Church. I should have known God would provide for His Church. I repent! It is scary how easy it is to lose the pearl.

Mara said...

This is a terrific post.
I'm feeling sorry for the poor bedraggled Rocor Hilarionites who must be gnashing their teeth in private if they learned they would not be reimbursed for all the expenses of trips to Moscow, etc. That's nasty behavior on the part of the MP but par for the course as they say. No wonder Metrop Hilarion looks so downcast and discouraged. Compare current photos with ones just at the time of the repose of his predecessor, Puppet Laurus [no offense!]
Could it be that the MP is using a tight financial rein on its wholly-owned Rocor subsidiary for two purposes?
One: to avoid forking over a thing to that still-resented and downright disliked former enemy.
Two: to force Rocor into receivership so that the MP can make a dash even more aggressively to snap up Rocor's remaining jewels: properties and other historic assets; and then wind down and phase out the Synod's administrative structure as redundant.