Met. Hilarion Goes Off The Deep End

NEW YORK: April 17, 2009
RIA Novosti Interviews the Primate of the Russia Church Abroad (ROCORMP)

excerpt from the interview:
INTERVIEWER: The internal unity of the Russian Church Abroad after the signing of the Act of Canonical Communion remains an acute problem. Is it true that there is a schism in the Russian Church Abroad?

MET. HILARION: "There has indeed been a schism. People who have been duped by the words of the suspended Bishop Agathangel (Pashkovsky) and his close aides have followed him, thinking that they are thereby “saving the Church from heresy.” In fact, in separating from us, they have done that which they accuse Patriarch Sergius of, who tried to normalize relations with the Soviet authorities in order to “save” the Church. But they are not “saving” the Church from heresy and sin, but from the will of God, which has brought the Russian Orthodox Church to the fullness of brotherly communion. If a person is concerned by problems in the Church, he must find a way to resolve them within the Church, not outside of her..."

How could he have it more backwards? Certainly these are the days when they will say good is evil and evil is good. If we take Met. Hilarion at his word, then we have to assume he believes what he is saying here. But it is just so absurd. How can you compare Vladyka Met. Agafangel to Met. Sergius except to show they are complete opposites?

To WHAT GOVERNMENT did Vladyka Met. Agafangel submit thereby compromising WHAT PRECEPTS to protect WHAT EXTERNALS of the Church?

And how did Met. Hilarion determine God's will? Certainly not by the incorrupt relics of St. Philaret that Met. Laurus tried to cover-up.

As we near the anniversary of the terrible signing of the act (5/17/07) it seems natural to look back over the year. One of the things that can be noticed is a "progression" that many unionites seem to be making, becoming more and more robotic in repeating the unionite partyline propaganda, going deeper into denial. Met. Hilarion is an example of one who just a few years ago still had some idea that the union was wrong. Another thing we see is ROCA's existence becoming more and more a discomfort to ROCORMP. When the interviewer raised the subject of schism, notice the single metropolitan mentioned by Met. Hilarion. You'd think with ROCA being so small in numbers that ROCORMP would consider us of no consequence and just leave us alone, but our validity and sisterhood are a dismay to ROCORMP. Another thing we see is the MP becoming an ever-growing threat to us. They want our properties (what little we have), and they send agents to infiltrate us. Nothing called Russian Orthodox will be allowed to co-exist outside of their control. But, like a child who runs to hide behind mama's skirt, we run to God and remember His promise about the gates.


Anonymous said...

A rather tasteless disparagement of ROCA and all TOC's has appeared online by Rocor-HILARION's Fr John Whiteford, from a small parish in Texas :

"Is Holy Trinity Cathedral in Buenos Aires part of ROCOR/MP, or have they split off?"
innocently asks Stephanos, Hispanic vacationer who wishes to attend a Liturgy in Argentina but is not sure which cathedral to go to.

Immediate reprimand appears from Grand Inquisitor Fr John Whiteford. He has not seen fit to comment on this site since April 3, despite hot topics like Met jonah's unusual speech and debates concerning Rocor- OCA interrelations.
But Fr J.W. intervenes here like lightening. He scolds the poor parishioner: "We should not use "ROCOR-MP". We are ROCOR. The other groups are phony baloney, plastic bananas."

Fr Vladimir Boikov, apparently trying to inject humor into the situation, shoots back cornily to the priest: "Which ones are the plastic bananas, and which the phony baloney? Please be specific!"

Fr Whiteford's glibly attempts to sound either up with the times or else mocking "new age" with his lame reply: "They are both. One refers to their essence, and the other to their energies."

Shortly after, a layperson self-righteously snaps that ROCA are "schismatics" - as though that should take care of them for once and for all.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Creepy is that I sometimes hear World Orthodoxy now starting to talk about "uncreated energies" and "uncreated light." I first heard it with a Platina book, (2007?) an autobiography where a modern elder convert tells about his experience of God through His uncreated energies. It struck me as really unsober.

Certainly these are not terms to use for a joke. Like you said, "tasteless."

Joanna said...


Subject: Essence and energies
Date: Tue, April 28, 2009

Hello Joanna,

I saw that on your blog you took umbrage at my using the terms essence and energies in reference to something other than to God. This comes from a lack of understanding of the significance of the terms. See:

You and I both have an essence. You and I both have energies. So does any living being.

In theology, the distinction between the two is especially important, but the two terms are not limited to God.

In general, I would also encourage you to try to be fair with those you disagree with. You very often present the views of those you disagree with in ways that they would not own, and are simply disingenuous. God loves truth. We should have nothing to fear from the truth. Be truthful in describing the beliefs of others.

Fr. John Whiteford
St. Jonah Orthodox Church
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Tuesday April 28

Dear Father John, I try to take people at their word. Too many times I've heard people say utterly ridiculous things and think to myself, "Oh, they can't possibly believe that." But, then later I find out they really do believe it or mean it. So I try to take people at their word. Of course, when people are joking, it is harder to tell.

I saw where once Met. Vitaly said something like: (People) will say one thing, but watch what they do. --When they say one thing and then do another, it gets hard to take them at their word. But I still try. Your name has become (your name along with Shaw, Lebedev, and some others on the "team") symbolic of a pro-union mindset. So, often when your name is mentioned, especially in my circle, it is not directed personally at you, but at that pro-union mindset. I'm truly sorry this is the case. None of us have anything against you personally.
Truly He Is Risen!
Joanna Higginbotham
Tuesday April 28

Hello Joanna,

Until proven otherwise, I assume people are sincere in their beliefs, even when I believe them to be sincerely wrong. I assume you are sincere. I would hope that you would assume the same of me.

I have seen enough of the Old Calendarists up close to believe that to be antithetical to what it means to be Orthodox. Given time, I think many of you who have separated yourselves from ROCOR and joined yourselves to such groups will begin to see it too.
In Christ,

Fr. John WhiteforD


Joanna said...


Tuesday April 28

So, then, I can only conclude that you either a). have lost the meaning of what it means to be Orthodox, or b). never really had it in the first place.

I do not see people as convinced as either you or I waking up or beginning to see anything different. I only see people as you or I becoming only more confirmed in our paths. But there are many people I know of who are undecided, confused, tortured in conscience, and afraid. I suspect I've only seen the tip of the ice berg of those who suffer in silence and in secret. -jh

Tuesday April 28


I would say the same of you, though I suspect it is the latter, in your case.

I think you have a false (mostly limited) notion of Church history, and have been fed a diet of extremism that has blinded you to what the Church really is... however, I have seen people in your situation who eventually come to their senses after they have a good long dose of what it is like being outside the Church.

We shall see.

Fr. John Whiteford

Wednesday April 29

Dear Father,
I remember well what it is like to be outside the Church. And soon after 5/17/07 I found myself again back in World Orthodoxy which I previously left on purpose and which is not the Orthodoxy I know and love. And that, Father, was enough of a taste for me - I do not need a full dose. You maybe shall see, but I have already seen. I could never be happy in World Orthodoxy. And anyone who can be happy in World Orthodoxy does not know the Orthodoxy I know and love. However, I do not judge them. I have many dear friends in World Orthodoxy (one in your parish) and I have not given a one of them up. (Although many do not feel the same towards me.)