Fr. Augustine Sends Friendly Greetings

March 4/17, 2009
Glory to Jesus Christ!

Mrs. Higginbotham,

Wonderful work you are doing! Keep it up!

It is the sincere wish of Archbishop John (LoBoue), and all the Milan Synod clergy and faith, that Met. Agafangel have many more years and continue the grace-bearing struggle of the sacred Orthodox faith in opposition to the spirit of Antichrist that is now pervading the world.

It was a pleasure for Vl. John, and many of our people to attend, as purely observers, the glorification of St. Philaret. Vl. John had the pleasure of meeting St. Philaret (in the 70's) during a visit he had with the ever-memorable Fr. (later Bishop) George (Grabbe). It was truly a wonderful experience.

Know that we all support Met. Agafangel, and pray that, if possible, the uniate faction will come back to their senses.

Although the ROCOR (A) may not recognize us, or have any relations with us, that is irrelevant. Know we still pray for Met. Agafangel, and all of you, and hope that upcoming events will prove advantageous in the Holy Ghost for the propagation of the Genuine and Sacred Orthodox witness that your holy Church so devoutly bears in the midst of great crisis and unwarranted criticism.

Also, thank anyone you know, for the help they gave to our reader, Joseph, and his whole family. Thanks to an anonymous and devout Greek man who visited our worthless monastery, they were able to be saved from eviction. Christ God is truly great!

In Christ,

Fr. Augustine
worthless monk
Orthodox Abbey of the Holy Name ('Milan' Synod)
‘If it were possible for me to find a leper,’ said one of the Desert Fathers, ‘and to give him my body and to take his, I would gladly do it. For this is perfect love’

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