Straight From The Hip

by Seraphim Larin


In view of the fact that the ROCA (MP) adherents are forever using Vladika’s name (St. John of Shanghai & San Francisco -jh) (as well as other holy objects, icons etc..) in their attempts to “homogenize” the MP, and justify their frightening betrayal by implying that this great Saint didn’t condemn Sergius and his Soviet apparatus, I would like to reveal the following:

As history has it, after the end of WW11, in their rabid attempts to entice the overseas Russian émigré under the guise that the “Motherland awaits them with open arms”, there was an outpouring of propagandist “nationalistic” fervour from the MP. Tens of thousands succumbed to the KGB inspired initiative (including the head of the Russian Orthodox Mission in China – Archbp.Victor) and headed “home” to a grim future. Saint Vladika John rejected the overtures, warning his flock of the dire consequences. In their attempts to change Vladika’s attitude, they sent a delegation of two “archbishops” to talk to him. While waiting in Vladika’s office, one of the “archbishops” reached into his trouser pocket to retrieve a large envelope. This required him to lift up his cassock, as apparently the bulky object wouldn’t pass through the opening in it. As he did this, a number of other people present that were waiting to see Vladika, saw a Makarov pistol strapped to his waist!!! This became the talk of the town for days to come!

Needless to say, Vladika sent his secretary to usher these two “servants of God” off the premises because he had no intention of even seeing them!

So much for Vladika’s passive acceptance of the vile MP and their “apparatchiks”.

One cannot help but wonder what type of regulation weaponry is carried by the current MP hierarchs? Surely not the Bible??


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