ROCOR(MP) Swallowed By MP

 " ... Rather than the much vaunted “two parts” coming together, the former ROCA has been swallowed by the Moscow Patriarchate. Except for a slight administrative independency, which will probably also slip away, ROCA(MP) has lost her identity, her freedom, her confession."
-quote from a book review in The Shepherd, March 2009 of Konstantin Preobrazhensky's,  KGB/FSB's New Trojan Horse

• Here is an account of a dream I had during those months of angst and confusion before the union. This is how I told it to Fr. Gregory in an email dated 2/13/07:

...As I was coming out of sleep this morning I had a dream.  I saw the sweetness of Orthodoxy as a sugar cube that ROCOR has guarded for dear life all these years. And I saw the sugar cube being dropped into a cup of tea. A couple minutes later I saw the last few grains of sugar on the bottom of the cup. I wanted to get a spoon and fish them out, but it was too late. Moving the water with a spoon would cause them to finish dissolving before I could retrieve them. And I thought, "ROCOR as we knew it has ceased to exist." Your words in your open letter, but a different tense. I didn't know if this was good or bad, if the sugar had been wasted or not. I had no feeling either of joy or sorrow. I wasn't really awake yet, but then I started to wake up more and started thinking about the torch...

I remember this dream well. The cup was an old fashioned china type on a saucer. The saucer was eye level to me. The dream had sound, but everything was quiet. I remember seeing the sugar cube suspended above the cup, then being dropped in. I could see the steam coming from the cup. I did not see the cube hit the water, but I heard it plop in. A minute or so later I thought to look into the cup, I had to raise myself up a bit to look in, since the saucer was at my eye level.

Back then, in February of 2007, I misinterpreted that dream to mean we (ROCOR) were meant to "sweeten the tea" of the MP.

Well, we sweetened the tea alright. The MP Zealot hecklers are cheering, jeering, dancing and toasting each other like drunks in a bar.

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