Newly Departed Valentina

Matushka Valentina (Petrenko) died during the evening service Saturday March 14, 2009. Please remember her in your prayers.
-Thank you, Fr. Wsewolod and Matushka Irina

Memory Eternal! and may she rest with the saints!, to newly reposed Matushka Valentina Petrenko of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the wife of our ROCA Archpriest George Petrenko, our ROCA Administrator for South America. Matushka Valentina went to be with the Lord, during the evening service on Saturday, March 14-n.s., 2009, and her funeral is today!, March 15. She lost her battle with cancer. Our Fr. Vsevolod Dutikow and his Matushka Irene, of Astoria, New York (reportedly) are in Brazil for her funeral. In South America, our ROCA has many faithful, who staunchly refused that foul 'union' with the apostatic-MP and it's stooges. Down there, they seem to have been much more informed and more determined and very anti-MP, than we here in America. Also, down there, in most cases, they own their own parish properties, unlike the more complicated parish-property situation here in the US. MEMORY ETERNAL! VECHNAYA PAMYAT! to our dearly newly departed Matushka Valentina!

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

May we all be united with the Handmaid of God, Matushka Valentina, in the Heavenly Church in the Day of Our Lord.

My deep sympathy for those closest to her who will miss her the most.

Podemos todos ser unidos con el Sierva de Dios, Matushka Valentina, en la Iglesia Divina en el día de nuestro Señor.

Mi condolencia profunda para ésos más cercanos a ella que la faltará más.