The New Soviet Man

This is the 3rd post in a little group of posts that point to the occult as a deeper cause of the union and God's Providence in allowing it. One thing we are certain to notice when we bring up ontology or eschatology, is that the enemy quickly dismisses the subject or even ridicules it. This is because we come a little too close to exposing him. Archbishop Averky would interrupt himself to teach these subjects, so let his blessed memory be an encouragement to us. -jh

Archimandrite Alexis forwards this from Matias, who emailed him this article prefacing:
You may have already received this, but I am forwarding it to you just in case. It's the most illuminating piece yet on the Moscow Patriarchate and Patriarch Kirill. Unusually, it is also soberly written and fully referenced. Well worth forwarding to those who cling desperately to the notion that Soviet Union miraculously became Russia again in the year 1991.

-Sinful Matias


What do Sinclair Lewis, Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, Lillian Hellman, Dashiell Hammett, Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Harold Laski, George Bernard Shaw, Pablo Picasso, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt all have in common? One thing was their belief that the "Soviet Experiment" offered a great hope for the better future of mankind. They believed, naively, or otherwise, that human nature could be changed by this "experiment," and a "new man" could be created, and therefore in various ways they aided and promoted Communism as it developed in Soviet Russia. While today (1996 - jh) we hear less about Communism as such, the belief that some new system of government can create a new kind of human being is far from dead. It still undergirds much political thinking (from both the right and left) in the United States and the democracies of Western Europe. In fact, many people today, although they may not openly admit it, think that Christianity has failed, so they turn to various forms of political systems to create a new person and to overcome the selfishness and egoism of fallen humanity... (MORE)

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