Kursk Mother of God Icon

Attention ROCOR-MP members!

If the Kursk Mother of God icon is important to you, try to see it as often as you can. You never know how much longer it'll be in America. Just a little while ago, a delegation of priests from the city of Kursk arrived in New York to visit the icon. They covered that up by going to a few other churches, Jordanville, etc. Then the ROCOR-MP website announced the icon was going on a visit soon to Moscow and Kursk. Then the ROCOR-MP site also showed the priests in Kursk blessing the cupolas on a brand new church in the Kursk compound. Is the MP going to spend all that money on a new church just to show you a copy of the icon? I don't think so. It'll come back from this trip, but my guess is one day it'll be announced with great hoopla that it is being presented as a gift to the God-fearing people of Kursk as a symbol of the love between Russians worldwide and the homeland, blah-blah, etc, etc.

Remember, during several visits of Met. Laurus in Moscow, the website listed the Bishop of Kursk as one of the clergy serving that day. Why him and not the Bishop of Vladimir or Kazan or some other city? Oh yeah, because they have their original Mother of God icons! Don't think the fact that it is the most important icon of the Church Abroad is going to stop anyone. The MP has grabbed everything else of value, why not this. After all, as they see it, it was stolen from the homeland by a bunch of traitors anyway. They stayed and fought the Germans and dealed with the Soviet government, while the weak ones ran away to other countries.

Also, all the things grabbed by the MP from ROCOR is for business reasons anyway. They put on a good show about the religious significance, but it's for making money. It's all about people coming to Kursk to see the origional icon, or Bari, or anywhere else. It's about building hotels for these people, selling icons, oils, what have you. When the country of Jordan gave a chunk of land on the Jordan River to Putin as a gift, the first thing out of his mouth was building a hotel. It's all about the money.


Unprofitable Servant said...

We brought nothing into this world, and we will surely take nothing out of it. For myself, I am simply grateful to God that my home was twice blessed by the Kursk Icon in years past, and I am not even an ethnic Russian! If the icon is returned permanently to the city of Kursk, may God's will be done in that blessed city, through the prayers of our most holy Theotokos and her wonder-working Kursk Icon.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

I love this icon, too.
On the east coast this icon was always brought to every conference and gathering.
How hard it is to imagine if the icon visited my home. I think I would forever marvel.
A print copy of this icon is in the center of the main icon corner in my house. I associate it with ROCOR, and I love ROCOR because I first love Truth.
It is sad to see MP swallow what is left of the MP-ROCOR. Watching our icon go is very sad, but also full of hope in Eternity.
May She be venerated by the unnoticed true faithful in Kursk.
Let all those who kiss Her icon deceitfully, either be transformed or die the death.

Even if MP-ROCOR gets to keep the icon, George's "prediction" is %100 in keeping with MP characteristics and MP slow tactics.