The Purification Of ROCA

"...Let the supporters of unification leave. This is the way to eliminate tares..."

G. Rakitin (2006)

A great deal has already been said about the tragic developments in the Church Abroad.  It is a fact that most of the authors of articles are using a lot of words to prove in detail why it is impossible to unite with Moscow Patriarchy and are begging not to lead the faithful of the Church Abroad into this sin and not to force the objectors into a schism or into seeking refuge in other local churches.

However, the Church is a living organism and as such it is subject to contamination.  But that which is taking place right now should not drive us into despair.  For it is God’s will that a process of purification is taking place within the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

It is useless to waste time on looking for culprits.  In fact we are all guilty, both laity and clergy, because we closed our eyes to a progressive inoculation of factors leading to moral and spiritual decline.

We belong to that part of the local Russian Church which did not compromise with the devil, lie, did not bow to the theomachist regime, unlike the Moscow Patriarchy which is a human institution created by Stalin during World War II for the purpose of awakening patriotism.

No danger threatens us if we acknowledge our guilt in what has taken place and repent, and with God’s help would heal the body of our Church.

Let the supporters of unification leave.  This is the way to eliminate tares.  There is no doubt that the supporters cannot renounce their attempt to reach the contemplated goal, be it of one’s own free will or under pressure.

Let us not judge them, but it is our duty (especially to those who are under pressure of blackmail) to turn to them with an appeal to come to their senses and to repent, which is the only way to avoid life-long dependence on experienced blackmailers.

It is not the first time that there is fermentation in the bosom of the Church, and the majority would not always remain on the side of the truth.  However, in the final result, without exceptions truth would triumph.  For God is not in might, but in right.

Therefore all those who wish to stand firmly for truth should get together and wait for the day when the Russian Church Abroad – dioceses and parishes both in Diaspora and in Russia – will, without risk, be able to join the ranks of the Church already sanctified by repentance in the native land.

And it is not necessary to be concerned about which bishop’s authority is to be recognized if our arch pastor departs; this will be shown to us by the Creator of our Church Himself.

Everything said above does not mean that we should remain inactive while waiting for the events to take place.  On the contrary: it is necessary to be active.  A great deal depends on us.  It is desirable that throughout the world voices of the laity would resound demanding:

a) A reply from the Synod of Metropolitan Laurus and from all the Bishops to the letters that were sent to them;

b) A postponement of the “All-Diaspora Council”.

G. Rakitin


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