The Spiritual Implications Of The Bolshevik Revolution

“Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair”
The Spiritual Implications of the Bolshevik Revolution
S. E. (2005)

The Bolshevik Revolution

Discussions regarding the proposed union between the Moscow Patriarchate and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia rarely, if ever, touch on the historical circumstances surrounding the Bolshevik revolution and its stated mission. While a great deal is said pertaining to what Sergius did or did not do, almost nothing is said regarding the forces behind the revolution, its financiers, and the eschatological implications of it. Despite a large body of writings warning of the apocalyptic nature of the putsch, few leading ROCOR hierarchs question whether rapprochement with the Moscow Patriarchate is simply the next phase in an anti-Christian occult agenda... (MORE)

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joanna said...

I'm guessing the author, S.E., is Seraphim Engelhardt. He was a contributor to Vernost. His June 2007 explanation for why he can not go along with the union is posted September 27, 2008 on this blog. Today he is a subdeacon at Holy Ascension in D.C.

There is much information out there about the illuminati (which finances the KGB) and illuminism being the occult force behind globalization. Orthodox recognize globalization as the New World Order preparing for the one world government and one world church of Antichrist.

I do not recommend studying the details of the Mystery of Iniquity as it doth work today, especially things written by non-Orthodox authors. It is enough to know the basics of what is happening.

AT THE SAME TIME IT IS IMPERATIVE TO KNOW THE BASICS OF WHAT IS HAPPENING. And our Holy Fathers instructed us to always know this and to watch and pray accordingly.

Orthodox have the whole picture. Or, at least all of the picture that God has revealed through His Holy Prophets in each generation. We discern the "signs of the times" without fear, as Christ taught us. Our proper response is to draw closer to Him.

Some say the pyramid with the "eye" is a Masonic symbol, some say it is not. I believe it is. But even if it isn't, I have no doubt that Satan and his devils leave their signature on their works and also on what they claim as their property.

These days they have become more open about revealing themselves. Nowadays it is obvious that rock music is demonic, for example.

Sometimes they just leave "clues" at the scenes of their crimes, but other times they purposely leave a signature. This is why I have to moderate the comments on this blog.