Fr. Peter Perekrestov VS. St. John S&SF

Fr. Peter Perekrestov
The infamous Church's Helmsman, disgraceful Question #17:

". . . The best of the emigres at first saw their exile as God's punishment for their sins. After the Second World War, however, we see a different perception. Thanksgiving to God for deliverance from the communist hell changes to a sense of chosen-ness: we were saved because we have a special mission. By the second half of the 1960's and further this caused the leadership of the Russian Church Abroad to decide on a change of direction....

The loss of the spirit of repentance of the first decades led to a loss of clarity in self-assessment. Hence we began to perceive ourselves as not only intercessors for the Church of Russia but as having the right to teach others and meddle in the affairs of other Local Churches and to think that perhaps we even constitute the One Catholic Church: we have everything and have no need of anything from without... we are unique. . . ”


St. John Maximovitch

History Of ROCA published 1971:

". . . Russian emigrants, dispersed through the whole world, finding themselves often in difficult circumstances, await that radiant day when the Homeland will be liberated from the power of the godless ones who tear to pieces the soul and body of their brethren, and when they will be able to unite with the latter. The Russian Church Outside of Russia bears with them the heavy cross of banishment. Without having altered Orthodoxy in any respect, preserving the traditions and customs of the Russian Church and her material possessions which are located abroad, she cares for her flock according to her strength, retains it in Orthodoxy and raises new generations in it and spreads Orthodoxy to the peoples in whose midst she finds herself. In the churches of the Diaspora prayers are constantly raised up for the suffering Homeland, for the persecuted Church, for the tortured and murdered for whom prayer cannot openly be offered there, for the salvation of the Homeland and its deliverance from the cruel regime, for the restoration of right belief and piety. All these prayers are possible only under independence from those who are in the hands of that same cruel regime and submit to it. . . "

And in his Report to the All-Diaspora Sobor, Shanghai 1938, St. John wrote,

" . . . the Lord...shows the Russian people the way to salvation by making it a preacher of Orthodoxy in the whole world. . . "

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1 comment:

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Wow! Talk about "fooling the elect"!

I first noticed it with individuals -as opposed to groups - that Satan tries to make one feel guilty for doing a good thing.

ROCOR had two missions. One was to preserve the pearl. Two was to bring Orthodoxy to others. I'm a beneficiary of this.

St. John says that by fulfilling these two missions, the ROC will offer acceptable repentance for the sins of the country.

See how much Satan can not stand for that. So he makes those striving for humility to feel guilty for even thinking they had a mission in the first place.