Why Did We Fall For It?

What can the present spiritual state of the clergy and laity of ROCOR (L) be compared to?

... It can be compared to being caught in a snake’s mouth; as a snake does not swallow its victim at once, but does so gradually. At first, it waits out its prey, allowing the prey to become accustomed to it being “harmlessly” near by, then it hypnotizes its prey, breaking down the prey’s defenses. Finally, it suffocates the prey and begins to consume it, piece by piece. This analogy to nature may seem curious, but this is exactly the spiritual state all of ROCOR(L) finds itself in, as if under deep hypnosis and “willingly” being swallowed by the “red dragon” and its “temptress church” the Soviet Patriarchy ...

Abp. Tihkon noted this in 2006. I still wonder, why did we (most of us) fall for it? And our teachers and leaders suddenly became strangers to what they knew and taught before? Did Jezebel put a spell on the city? Why was I spared? Or am I next?"-jh
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