Watch MP Reveal True Motives

Typical of MP tactics is when they can no longer hide their true motives, then they promote their motives as being good.

Example: When they could no longer hide that the MP is tied to the KGB, they then promoted the idea that this is good ("symphony"). And that the KGB is nothing more than the Russian version of the CIA.

As usual, the tactic worked, so now they use it again.

No longer can the MP hide the fact that they are annihilating ROCOR(MP) by absorbing it into MP. So now they are saying this is a good thing - good for ROCOR(MP) to come ALL the way home to mother with deeper repentance and shame for our misdeed of the Karlovtsy schism. Only those who would oppose unity would object to this glorious work of making the glorious reunion complete.

Already sprinkled throughout this blog are posts with evidences of the annihilation. But so far there are no posts showing that the propaganda plan is to make the annihilation appear to be a good thing. I do have evidences of this now, but nothing suitable for the blog, yet.

Keep your eye out for this.


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Joanna Higginbotham said...

Remember how around the time of the signing of the Act all we heard was about the "TWO PARTS" of the Russian Church?

In order to go along with the Act, ROCOR(MP) had to be led to believe it would keep its identity.

We're not hearing about "two parts" anymore...

Joanna Higginbotham said...

“The enemies of the Church,” says Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow, in one of his sermons, “will rise up against the Church, but they will not crush Her.  How long?  Undoubtedly, until the end of time.  For, if they were able to overcome Her in some time in the future, then the Lord, the Seer of all time, would not have said so assuredly that they would never overcome.”

-Vernost issue No. 54