Servant Eugene's 40th Day Pannikhida


On The 40th Day of the Passing, of The Servant of God, Eugene L. Magerovsky, a Panihida will be served on Thursday 26th of February (new calendar date), 2009 at 1PM in the St. Sergius of Radonezh Church at the Tolstoy Foundation Center, 104 Lake Road, Valley Cottage, New York. After the panihida, there will be a memorial meal at the main house of the Tolstoy Foundation Center.

This notification is on behalf of: The family, the friends, and by The Association of Russian American Scholars in the U.S.A., and by The Russian Expert Commision Abroad, and by The Administrative Council of the North American District of The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCA).

MEMORY ETERNAL! VECHNAYA PAMYAT! to our dear departed fellow church worker, and brother in Christ, the truly noble and heroic Servant of God, Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky. May you dear brother Eugene, indeed, REST WITH THE SAINTS! Amen.


Heinrich Magerovsky said...

Great pic of Dr M in his youth:

Joanna Higginbotham said...

I saw this photo before it was removed. It was a black&white photo of the young Eugene wearing the same glasses probably. He was in full uniform (swastika) and apparently it was a ceremony where he received an award or recognition.

With my limited understanding it appeared to me that the purpose of showing this photo was to be an answer to those who would accuse our Eugene of being a "Russia hater."

We do not need to answer anything to the enemies. Eugene labored as a servant of Truth. Only those who are offended or threatened by Truth, only those people will object to Dr. Magerovsky. Only those people will accuse him of being a Russia hater or complain that he lacked tact. These accusations and criticisms are designed to silence him and to cause listeners to deafen their ears. And guess why? Satan wants the Truth silenced and suppressed.

Christ Himself was first crucified for tactlessness. Let's face it. If He had just said the Truth in the right way, then the Jews would not have been offended and would not have killed Him.

Dear Ones who love Eugene, do not be afraid of what the enemy might say. The enemy is going to say anything to heckle and harass. But what the enemy says is just cobweb. Christ told us that if the world hates us it is because it hated Him first.

Heckling from the enemy is actually a sign that we are doing the right thing. If Dr. Magerovsky were just another jerk loud-mouth, he would be ignored. But the fact that he has so many vehement enemies is an indication to us that he bore a true cross.

Reminder to Readers:
No enemy comments will be posted on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Regarding any 'photo' of Dr. Magerovsky, purporting to show him in some Nazi uniform, etc....i.e. suggesting that he was ever part of a Nazi military organization, simply: 1) not physically possible he was born in 1934 in Prague and was at the end of the war, 1945 ...ELEVEN years old!, and 2) THOUGH approximately 3 million anti-bolshevik Russians, DID indeed league themselves with Hitler to try and crush the murderous bolsheviks and free their homeland from the red scourge, Dr. Magerovsky and his family were not/COULD not have been with them. Hense, this doctored-slanderous 'photo' sent by a fictious 'Heinrich Magerovsky'(there is no such Magerovsky family member!) is a pure KGB propaganda piece, ---of which they are famous for producing. A life-long close friend and contemporary of Dr. Magerovsky, who today related this to me, KNOWS! that Dr. Magerovsky was NEVER any-sort of 'Nazi'! But, yes, he DID hate communism, and fought, all his long life, to free his beloved Russia from it. But, he also was no sympathizer with Nazism either! This is just more Kremlin-CRAP KGB slander and lies.....the typical false accusations they routinely hurl at ANYONE who is against THEM!

Joanna Higginbotham said...

The photo even looked fake. The swastika patches on the arms were just too flat, like they were all made of a stiff material that did not bend with the fabric like a normal patch would have. Also, every facing arm of everyone in the photo clearly showed a "highlighted" swastika. By "highlighted" I mean just too clean and perfect. The rest of the uniforms had creases and other faults.

That the demonic hecklers hate Servant Eugene so much, that they gleefully devise fake photos about him, that makes me love Servant Eugene all the more. Their heckling is PROOF that Dr. Magerovsky was doing God-pleasing work in speaking out.

Christ also had hateful enemies, even though He Himself was not capable of hate.

Joanna said...

Taken from
and machine translated:

Vechnaya Pamyat! Memory Eternal! to Our Brother Eugene Lvovich Magerovsky!
2009-02-21 10:33 pm UTC (link)
He was a noble spirit and a knight fighting for the truth, against tremendous odds and trying to awaken the sleeping. May his battle continue, and may we yet live to see the Russian land and it's people, and especially it's Orthodox religion ..... pure and faithful only to Christ Our God, and no longer subservient to godless / KGB hangovers, to Sergianism . Eugene tried to alert believers, especially of the 'zarubezhniki' older Russian-emigration in the free-west, to NOT be fooled and to NOT submit their free Russian Church Abroad ... to the still-KGB-enslaved "Moscow Patriarchy". .... but most did not listen to his warningsl, k and considered him to be a fool. And even among those who have rejected that 'union', they also disliked Eugene's message, as he said, 'unpleasant things, too harsh words, he was unkind', etc., Etc., Etc. But, GOD is his judge, as He is for us all.
And may God say now to our departed brother Eugene: "Well done thou good and faithful servant, inherit the kingdom prepared for you!"
Memory Eternal! Vechnaya Pamyat! and May our brother Eugene REST WITH THE SAINTS !...... and may we continue his battle, and not give in, or submit to lies and to the evil powers of this fallen world. Eugene was not a perfect-person in every respect - he made human mistakes, but ... he fought the good fight, (when so many of us, are NOT fighting it!) To the very end of his life. Indeed his dedication to the Church probably shortened his life. May God now reward him. God sees our HEARTS, as other humans cannot. Our brother Eugene's heart was pure as the white snow!
With much respect, and with sadness over our loss of this good man,
Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon USA
We his friends, ask all for their prayers, for the salvation of his soul.