ROCA Directory USA

This is a Directory for English-speaking Americans. If others also find it useful, that is all the better.

We are still making progress in the aftermath of the shipwreck of the most sad Signing of the Act of Uncanonical Union. The first purpose for this Directory is to help refugees make a connection with the Church, for those who have chosen to stay with ROCA, but are just out there "homeless" because there is no established ROCA parish in their neighborhood. These folks are encouraged to study the directory and select a parish to join "long distance" until more suitable circumstances are available, or until better arrangements can be made.

We need a spiritual father, and we need a place to tithe. This is the order Christ has established in His Church for our benefit. Your parish priest (or 'spiritual father' if you prefer to use that term) will then commemorate you at the altar, and you will be officially one of those "absent for honorable reasons."

For those already connected to a parish (or in the process) and doing Reader Services, please let us at least list your city/state in the Directory. It is encouraging to others, and also useful to people who are traveling or thinking of moving.

And then what? Once your "connection" is established, once you have a "home-base," then it is just one step at a time, first things first. With Great Lent upon us, many are now thinking of making Confession and receiving the Holy Mysteries. Maybe some can plan a pilgrimage to a ROCA parish or a Sister Church. Some may eventually gather enough people to form a Mission Parish and even possibly raise up a priest from among themselves. Others in smaller groups may start collecting money to fund the transportation costs of a "traveling priest" which is a real possibility for the future. For some the only workable solution may be to move, but it is really too early to know this yet for sure.

We trust God and look to Him to show us what to do. He has already shown us what NOT to do. Which is NOT to go along with the Laurus schism. We might be small in numbers, but we are crystal clear on that.


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Joanna said...

I received this email 3/1:

Dear Joanna,

I wanted to let you know that the English-language directory is indeed working as I was contacted earlier today by a parishioner from up-north who will be staying Palm Beach over March.

In Christ,