A Letter To Us From A Catacomb Bishop (1948)


Where is the true Church?

. . . The Church is visible only to those who believe and reverently honor all her precepts. Then, too, one must remember the history of the Church.

. . . The third - and more modern - form of attack on the Church is especially important for us to be aware of. Here the enemy, having destroyed the lawful and canonical hierarchy, plants his own false hierarchy to govern the Church, and creates a clergy which is only externally churchly, being wholly obedient to his evil designs. Operating in this way, the enemy fashions the most cunning forgery of the truth; he makes every effort to govern the Church himself, and laughs fiendishly at those souls he deceives.
This method is a current favorite of the enemy.

. . . This letter had but one aim: to point out to you the unrelenting warfare of the devil and his servants against Christ's holy Church, and to say that whoever is attentive to this warfare will always know where to find the true Church. But to know is not enough. We have lost the feeling of "churchliness" because we don't come to the defense of our Mother, the Church; we don't stand up against the enemies of the Church with firm faith and unequivocal love.

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