Letter To A Certain Xenia

To: Xenia
From: Joanna
Subject: Happy Names Day!

St. Xenia of Rome
St. Xenia Fool for Christ of St. Petersburg
Holy Martyr Cadoc
(Bishop Nektary of Seattle 1983)
January 24/February 6

Dear Xenia,

I hope you are well and have time to do something special for your Names Day. Today I also like to remember Bishop Nektary who loved St. Xenia so much and made a special effort to have her canonized.

Well, you and I might be on opposite sides of the union fence, but we have a common enemy. There is an element that has made my acquaintance through the ROCOR Refugees Blog. They are what I'm calling "MP Loyalists," but that description does not narrow it down enough. Their salient characteristic is hatred for ROCOR. And they can not conceal the demonic nature of this hatred, even though some of them try to. They hate all of ROCOR. Both the ROCOR that is in the process of being annihilated by MP (ROCOR-Hilarion) and the ROCOR that got away (ROCOR-Agafangel).

It appears that most of these "MP Loyalists" are found in MP parishes already. But there are some that are in ROCOR-MP parishes and are thoroughly enjoying watching ROCOR-MP getting swallowed by the MP, absorbed into the MP. We, (ROCOR Refugees), suspect that at least some of them are paid mouthpieces for the MP partyline propaganda. And paid to harass anti-unionites and disrupt their gatherings and discussions (on the internet). I have saved samples of their "work" and at this point I could publish a book exposing their tactics they use (a lot of psychological manipulation techniques).

Because of them I have had to moderate comments on the ROCOR Refugees Blog. They know they are not welcomed there, but they do not seem to care. I believe they want me to make the blog be a "private" blog, so that no newcomers can stumble onto it.

Love, Joanna

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