By the Decree №21 (2008) of the North American Diocesan District,

Priest Oleg Mironov has been accepted as clergyman of the above District and appointed to the parish clergy of the Cathedral of the St. Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg in Ottawa, Canada.

By the Decree №22 (2009) of the North American Diocesan District,

Hieromonk Vasiliy (Konstantinovich) and Honorable Sister Evfimia (Orlova) have been, pursuant to their request, accepted as clergy of the above District and assigned to serve at the Holy Ascension Skete in Fallbrook, California.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Archpriest Oleg Mironev, has just been officially transferred from his former ROCA church in Voronezh, Russia, Holy Archangel Michael, to...his new assignment, Blessed Xenia's Cathedral in Kanata, Ontario. Fr. Oleg was an official delegate at our recent ROCA Sobor V in Astoria, New York, and after the sessions there, he traveled with Vl. Andronik and others to visit Blessed Xenia's Cathedral, where he was warmly liked by the people there, and it was the people who convinced him to join their parish. So, in fact he has been in our ROCA already, in Voronezh. He must learn English, however.