Servant Eugene Reposes In The Lord

From: Reader Daniel
Very Sad News: Memory Eternal to Eugene L. Magerovsky!
Died today @ 74 Years of Age
Sunday January 5/18, 2008


Today I received the very sad news that long time churchworker and tireless battler of the machinations of the communists/KGB and their dupes, who made that foul 'union' of our formerly free ROCOR, to the STILL! KGB-enslaved & controlled Moscow Patriarchy, ....has passed from this world at age 74, from heart failure and the complications of his long time diabetes, in a hospital in New Jersey.

Silenced now, is a powerful voice.

Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky was a very remarkable and gifted man, of deep education and wide life's experiences, and a life-long sincere Orthodox Christian.

It was my great pleasure to speak almost daily via phone with him for more than a year, and I got to depend on hearing his voice and his opinions on church matters and also on many varied topics. He was never boring to listen to. He understood life and people, in a way that is unusual for most men.

Eugene Magerovsky was a no-nonsence truth seeker and truth teller, no matter who liked the truth or not. Thus, among his many admirers and friends, he also has had many detractors, and many.....who did not understand his motives, or his choice of the way he related matters. He was not always correct, in everything he pronounced, as he was ....a mere human being (which fact, he was quite aware of, always!) but when he did make an error, he would admit it.

Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky was battling the gradual KGB-engineered takeover of ROCOR....long before anyone else even perceived that such a scheme was underway. His aim was to awaken the sleeping, and to alert us all to the danger of what was happening, so if possible, we might have stopped it.

And for all his efforts, he was often misunderstood and reviled from many quarters, especially from those who didn't want to hear ANY unpleasant things. He upset people by the....terrible truth. He did not create that unpleasant truth, he only reported it, thus he received the age-old punishment for doing such: "To kill the messenger who brings bad news," etc.

Of his many memorable quotes,....when I had asked him: But, why did you become involved with this anti-'union' matter and in fighting the KGB controlled Moscow Patriarchy? His answer:" SIMPLY, BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT TO SEE THE BOLSHEVIKS WIN"

Servant of God, Eugene, wanted our Russian Orthodoxy to be what it is supposed to be, serving GOD alone, and not controlled by God-hating atheists or their dupes, pseudo-'clergy'...who actually serve a civil-government and it's questionable/unspiritual aims and goals (i.e. the Stalin created 'Moscow Patriarchy" -SERGIANISM! that enslaved entity in Moscow, which is STILL a virtual department of the Putin apparatus).

Now his mighty truth-telling voice is silenced, to the joy of his critics and detractors, and to the joy of those who want to see our continued ROCA under Vl. Agafangel.....destroyed and silenced also.

Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky's efforts at raising up and strengthening our Church......he worked at day and night for these past many years. In fact, I know that he hastened his death by caring more about the Church, rather than about his own declining physical condition. There is no one who can replace him, no one.

Dearest Friend and fellow Orthodox Christian, warrior for truth, Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky: May Almighty God forgive you all your sins of your lifetime, and grant you rest now in His Heavenly Mansions where all the saints abide, and may you hear from His mouth: "Well done, thou faithful and good servant, inherit the kingdom and the crown prepared for you!". MEMORY ETERNAL! MEMORY ETERNAL! MEMORY ETERNAL! VECHNAYA PAMYAT my dear friend!
"The memory of the just, is celebrated with hymns of praise!"

With deepest sadness and in much respect for a truly great man who has left us, to our enormous loss.

Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon


Joanna Higginbotham said...

This beautiful tribute pours from the depths of your heart like a musical masterpiece. My deepest sympathy for your personal loss.

Our Church will truly miss him. He has no successor. I'm changing my plans for today to have more time for prayer. What an honor it is to pray for a righteous servant!

To all those who may have been offended by Servant Eugene: Forgive him, so that Our Father in heaven will forgive you.

Anonymous said...

As someone without a drop of the Russian nationalism which fueled the infatuation with Putin's perceived powerful image in recent years, I want to give a different angle as well as those which have been mentioned so well.
I would say that Dr Magerovsky was a great American "patriot" in the sense that he helped the US during the Cold War. Then stood up forthrightly on the evilness of the "union". Dr. M's loud denunciation of that would help to block the arrival of more agents of the new, unrepentant Russia which was boldly flexing its muscles in public. But very cunningly working all the meanwhile to get its agents and informants inside the US by means of its wholly owned subsidiary, the thoroughly submissive Rocor.
May Archangel Michael, Captain of the armies of Angels, help his soul to have a bright place in the domains of heaven, as Dr M, after all, was in the US Army Intelligence Corps, then rallied the Church troops to combat the underhanded takeover of Rocor.