ROCOR-MP Being Absorbed Into MP In Germany

An Interview With ROCOR-MP Archbishop Mark - in Russian

Below is a Google Machine translation of the interview. It looks like ROCOR-MP and MP have started the process of uniting under one diocese. If a better translation becomes available, I'll replace this one below:


Munich, 8 January, 2008

Archbishop of Berlin and Germany and Velikobritansky Mark (RPTSZ) considers the creation in Western Europe Mitropolichego District of the Russian Orthodox Church feasible idea. This архипастырь said in an interview with the correspondent of *Sedmitsy.Ru* Anatoly Holodyukom:

- Your Eminence, how long time you see the process of merging the two branches of the Russian Orthodox Church in Germany?

- Make any predictions in this regard, it is simply impossible. Based on an analysis of pre-unification of the Russian Orthodox Church, you will notice that in the process of restoring the unity of these were questions that dealt with more quickly than we anticipated. But there were those who had to leave the decision up to the time. During the talks, the two commissions, we then determined the five-year term, during which may occur complete reunification of the Church.

Will the same scenario of unification of our two dioceses in one area, it is difficult to say. That we have not so far progovarivali and this is not agreed, because they do not want to break any established tradition. We understand that in the two dioceses are people accustomed to live in a climate in which they lived for decades. And now, a dramatic change in usual circumstances it may be burdensome for them. But in Germany there are now many new priests and parishioners, who will respond very differently to the changes, so they can more quickly be involved in the process of unifying the two dioceses.

- Do you think there really creation in Western Europe Mitropolichego District of the Russian Orthodox Church - under omoforom Moscow?

- I think this is realistic. This is still in time said the late Patriarch Alexy II. And then we have not even in the canonical communion, have agreed to participate in the discussion of this issue. Indeed, at present, the diocese and parishes in Western Europe is very fragmented. Here different diocese partly overlap each other in territorial terms, which creates an anomaly. It would be better if we had one guide, where everything would be concentrated and coordinated with the management of the Cathedral.

At one time we talked with some leaders and believers of the problem, but its general and in-depth discussions have not yet taken place. I think that sooner or later will have to again raise the issue of Russian Mitropolichego creation of districts in Western Europe.

- You have agreed to take the lead in this district, if the post was proposed by the Metropolitan for you?

- I think that in time we will know to whom this position will be offered. It would be premature to choose any candidacy before a thorough discussion of the issue and possible election. First, it is important pronablyudat, as will the idea Mitropolichego district and how it will fit into a single stream of church life. At the moment, it is understandable that I was one of the oldest archbishops on European territory, but it does not mean that you should choose is the oldest . Sometimes the sake of the common cause is even better to choose a young архипастыря that, I think, in this case would have been justified.

- The Russian Orthodox Church is preparing for the forthcoming Local Council of the. What skills and qualities, in your opinion, should have a new Patriarch, which will elect a cathedral?

- In any case, the Patriarch must have all the best qualities. We usually make claims for other people, forgetting their own weakness. But, thank God, there are people gifted by God great gifts. We should expect it to such a candidate. We should also remember that at the Local Council of the elections are taking place with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. And what is more, when the man chosen for the post of Patriarch, the grace of God preumnozhaetsya. Therefore, we must hope that the forthcoming Local Council of the will is not accompanied by any ideological debate and the proposals of various parties, and above all our prayers for the right decision in electing a new patriarch. Patriarchal ministry has the feat, and it must engage all the fullness of the Church.

08 / 01 / 2009

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