Patriarch Kyrill I

From: Archbishop Chrysostomos
Date: 28 January 2009 19:14:34 GMT
To: "H.G., Bishop Auxentios of Photiki":;
Subject: Patriarch Kyrill I

As the Soviet-style propaganda machine of the Moscow Patriarchate sedulously tries to paint the new Patriarch of Moscow as anything but a trader in tobacco and liquor (if not Iraqi oil), even attributing these activities to the failed candidate Kliment, the truth leaks out through the cracks in the lies. Attempts to cover up Kyrill's links to the Vatican and to Nikodim of Leningrad, his mentor and a not-so-secret Roman Catholic KGB agent playing Orthodox prelate, are also weak at best, since Nikodim's links to Rome were exposed by Roman Catholic clergy themselves, and Kyrill's outrageous pro-Catholic views are well-known. (Our own Synod's many videos and scores of publications on the MP's political ecumenism have often featured Kyrill and his unabashed religious syncretism in word and action.)

It seems that Kyrill's attempts to present himself as someone at odds with Putin's Soviet nationalism and, once more, as a religious conservative opposed to links to the Vatican, are also falling on some deaf ears. Putin's last choice (he was, of course, Putin's first choice) for Patriarch and ecumenism's foe (he is in fact an irresponsibly avid ecumenist whose commitment to the Orthodox Church's most basic identity dogmatically, its claim to historical primacy in Christianity, is for sale at the drop of a title) has not escaped the truth in the eyes of Paul Goble, a State Department analyst well-informed in Russian matters.

I think that Paul's ideas about Kyrill's view of Orthodoxy are naive. As a Roman Catholic, he does not understand the complex, intricate game that Kyrill is playing with regard to Russia and Orthodoxy, an issue more closely associated with Russian nationalism than it is with any commitment to Orthodoxy. But he is absolutely on the mark with regard to the new Patriarch's views on civil rights, his authoritarianism, and his closeness to the security agencies (which one would expect of a KGB agent, of course.)

I would only add to the comments below that Kyrill's anti-Americanism is not just incidental; it is disgusting. That too is an element in this picture that should not be ignored. Eastern Europeans were nurtured for decades on anti-American propaganda, much of it designed to foster, not just political doubts about the U.S., but fierce and irrational hatred for America. Kyrill is a confirmed anti-American, dismissive of democracy, and beset by all of the conspiratorial fantasies that reinforced Soviet-anti-Americanism. For this reason alone, we should have doubts about his goals and objectives and his basic decency. + AC

The Archbishop is referring to an article by Paul Goble, Vienna, January 27, 2009 Window on Eurasia: New Patriarch to Push Nationalist Agenda at Home, Ecumenism Abroad CLICK HERE.


Joanna Higginbotham said...

Met. Kyrill is the new MP Patriarch. This is good. It will hasten the Lord's Coming.

Maybe things will deteriorate faster than people can ignore, and then some will wake up.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

LaRussophobe published an article saying Met. Kyrill is the new "Pope:"

"The Sunday Sacrilege: Praying to the KGB
January 30, 2009 ·

"On Tuesday, the Russian Orthodox Church chose Metropolitan Kirill as its new pope. The Times of London reported just before the church was made:

"The Russian Orthodox Church will choose [on January 27th] between three alleged former KGB agents as its next spiritual leader ... "