On The Day Of Servant Eugene's Funeral

What Is Public Information On The Life & Ideas of Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky
From: Reader Daniel

Just A Few More Facts About Newly-Reposed Servant ('Agent') of God, Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky, A True Orthodox Hero:

First of all, to know from Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky himself, his and his father's biographies see (in Russian):
Eugene's biography http://zarubezhje.narod.ru/mp/m_255.htm
Leo Florinovich Magerovsky http://zarubezhje.narod.ru/mp/M_533.htm
To read these biographies in English, use the Google translator (scroll down left side bar to "Machine Translators" under the Links List -jh).

Father and son, were their whole lives, committed and genuine:
1) sincere Orthodox Christians,
2) loyal sons of Russia,
3) active anti-communists,
4) intellectual giants.

Both, had careers in military activities, in addition to their many-faceted scholarly academic pursuits, aimed at freeing their Russian homeland from the satanic grip of the foul enemies of mankind, the cursed-bolsheviks and their successors, the KGB/FSB current criminal gang in Moscow under ganster-Putin. Wonderful, God-blessed-America gave them a home, jobs, freedom, security, and to GOOD!-America....both of them (as with many other 'white-Russian' refugees,) owed a deep debt of gratiitude and loyalty.

Dr. E. L. Magerovsky had a long VERY PROUD! career in US military intelligence, though he retired from that work....many long years ago. HIS SOLE reason to enter the more recent battle against the behind-the-scenes betrayal/takeover of ROCOR by the KGB/FSB gansters, via their MP pseudo-church, was because he was a sincere Orthodox Christian and also a true son of Russia, and nothing more!!! When I asked him a few years ago, if... our US government was going to do anything to stop that KGB church takeover of ROCOR, he answered me with a chagrined sad resignation: "The US government has as much interest in this matter, as.....'sitting, watching a snowdrift form' " (i.e. none!)

All his efforts at battling that false 'union' were totally from his heart, not in any way.....as his...paid 'job' (for anyone!). And, how absurd to insinuate otherwise!

HURRAY for America! HURRAY! for our wonderful CIA!! ...I know that there are noble CIA agents in Heaven, but how could KGB agents ever! be in Heaven!?

For these past few years, through the google translations, I daily read his elmager blog site, with the sundry attacking 'comments' which he allowed to be posted there, and to which he patiently & very politely attempted to respond. Every possible, absurd and vulgar and pathetic attack that the KGB could conjure up or from the distorted minds of other idiots, Dr. Magerovsky gave his answers, including being very humble & open about himself, his life's activities, and so on. And speaking with him on the phone daily, I.....KNEW! his mind and his heart, first hand. He was no phony, no 'agent' for anyone (but, maybe GOD!)

So, still now, even on the day of his funeral, today, Jan. 20, 2009, we read more rubbish against his good name, such as: "...he was just a CIA agent!" etc. YOY!

Memory Eternal! Vechnaya Pamyat! to you, dear good and true brother Eugene L. Magerovsky, a noble son of Russia, and a noble Orthodox Christian, and a noble warrior for truth and for virtue.

Reader Daniel Everiss, friend and fellow conversationalist for these past several years, of a really great man, now lost to us mortals.


Joanna Higginbotham said...

"Blessed are ye when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for My sake."


Joanna Higginbotham said...

Honored and the privileged are we to pray for the blessed repose of a righteous man who suffers persecution, even on the day of his funeral, for Christ's sake.

Daniel said...

...And too, in my many phone conversations with him, he has related other too-crazy comments, which he did delete and not allow to be posted (on his elmager live journal online).

Dr. Magerovsky has been called:

A Jew! (he had no Jewish blood in his veins)......BUT! he also was not a rabid anti-semite. He did not hate all Jews nor blame them for all the ills of the world, (as is all too prevalent an age-old hatred among Russians) Eugene L. Magerovsky, the true Christian, did not hate anyone...because of their race or their nationality or their religion! And, that is why he is slandered by being called, 'Kike' or "Shidey" (Jew...in it's derrogatory Russian connotation). He paid the price for...loving other human beings, for being a tolerant man, who saw good in every person, created in God's image.

A Jew-Mason! (he was never a Mason)

A Polish Jew-Mason! (not)

A Khazarian-Jew! (not, and he never set foot in ancient 'Khazaria')

A CIA agent! (he did work for US military intelligence, many years ago, but he conducted his anti-'union' battle against the KGB/FSB enslavers of Russia and it's MP-'church', solely as a loyal son of Russia, and as a sincere Orthodox Christian. The US government has cared ZERO! about that entire affair, and still does!)

A KGB agent! (impossible!)....what a laugh! ha! ha!

A (get this one!)....CIA/KGB double agent! (who gets regular paychecks , simultaneously, from both organizations!)...my! how confusing for him!

A Gay! (one of the most absurd labels!)

A Russia-hater! (he loved Russia, but hated it's bolshevik enslavers and destroyers, who STILL TODAY have not been ousted). Russia still needs to be freed!

A Protestant! (i.e. as we all are, who won't bow to the Moscow Patriarchy....i.e. as we all are.....thus....'schismatics').i.e. any Orthodox Christians who follow what Jesus Christ and His Church teaches rather than commands from ROCOR-MP apostate-bishops who have sold out to the enemies of our Holy Faith, are the same as the Protestant heretics, i.e. we must listen to and obey Satan and his servants rather than Christ and His teachings (?)...i.e. to be a recognized part of 'World-Orthodoxy' (including the Sergianist MP)....we must all follow lock-step, unquestioning/unthinking the orders of false-bishops....who themselves have broken ALL the canons and teachings of the age-old Holy Orthodox Faith. Such is what Putin's MP demands of us....or else, they will call us....dirty names!

A Nazi! (hardly!)....but this accusation is what the commies label everyone who is against them, and wants Russia to be free/prosperous/non-threatening to the rest of the world.

A Jew-Nazi! (he was neither)

"Doctor Dobrovo-Magerovsky" (i.e. meaning he was Fr. Victor Dobroff AND Doctor Eugene Magerovsky: incorporated into one person, not two)......the two people are indeed TWO seperate individuals!...but both heros against the KGB/FSB and it's enslaved MP 'church'.

An agent of the Israeli Masad! (another KGB joke)

An agent of the Masad...and...the CIA!....and too... the KGB! (wow! he must have really been a rich man!....all those paychecks coming in to him!)

A Zionist! (never)

Herr Magerovsky! (another typical Kremlin inference, trying to label him as an anti-Mother-Russia, 'nazi'.....what a joke!...ha! ha! ha!)

Dr. Magoo! ( he saw the truth of things very-well, unlike the cartoon character 'Magoo'. It is the gang who presently runs enslaved Russia, who are blind, 'magoos', one day, they will be running for their lives, when the Russian people rise against the criminal-rule of their country.) God grant Russia to become finally and truly free!

One who wants to destroy/divide the Russian-diaspora (to please....Moscow?)
.....or....'the Jews' (?)....or.....outer-space-aliens (?) ....(....quite the opposite, no truth whatsoever!)

One who wants to...unite the Russians in diaspora, against....Mother-Russia (and to thus please ......America (?)....and.or...'The Jews"....or........?(utter rubbish!)

He helped the CIA buy and provide those fancy-looking orange jackets for the too-poor-to-buy-their-own, Ukrainians for their anti-Russian "Orange-Revolution"........ (he never had such an amount of money!)

A ____________(fill in the blank, with whatever absurd or evil and derranged or disgusting label, that the sinfull human mind-aided by the devil, can imagine!!!)

Plus many other absurd and filthy labels and utterly mentally derranged accusations, which only the KGB and/or severely unbalanced drug-addicted poor types, could come up with. ( and, don't forget, that alchoholism/drug addiction and gross-mass immorality, are the NORM for Putin's -Russia, the supposed 'morality-lifting spiritual influences of the Moscow Patriarchy', not-withstanding! ...... and most of these derranged comments came from Russians in Russia!)

When honestly critical commentors made straightforward and polite arguments against his various statements, he always allowed those comments and then responded in his logical and civil normal manner. AS MAGEROVSKY RELISHED A GOOD HONEST DEBATE! And, when a critical commentor proved to him that he had indeed made some error, he humbly admitted his mistake.

Contrary to many of his attacking/rude 'commentors', Dr. Magerovsky was calm, cultured, logical,....and he always allowed for others to disagree with him, except when he knew he was correct on certain church or history matters, he did not back down from what he knew was true.

Reader Daniel Everiss ...who is actually PROUD to have known this ........... above (mis)-described fellow, named Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky....Memory Eternal to him!

P.S. Sometimes, our enemies, unintententially tell the truth about us, (& reveal who they are, thereby) when they slander and lie about us. "By their deeds shall ye know them!"

Mara B. said...

It is apparent to any rational observer with clear perception that the reposed Dr Magerovsky had spoken out on this anti-merger project simply from sincere conviction backed up by admirable his track record. The idea that the CIA could even imagine such an idea during these years of its preoccupation with every other area BUT Russia is ludicrous. Had the CIA wanted to thwart the 2007 union, they would have launched sophisticated operations. They would never rely on one lonely spokesman like Dr Magerovsky like a voice crying in the wilderness to warn the ROCOR about the dangers of uniting with Moscow! Let's be reasonable. [There were a few others as well who also brilliantly spoke out, likewise on their OWN initative out of care]

(It's this type of unbalanced or naive and inexperienced mind - anywhere in the world which is fatally prone to see any American with any expertise concerning their country as a CIA agent. Reality is totally different.)

We should, however, realize that the US government and private people should be very grateful for those of the White Russian emigres who volunteered their lives, or at least career lives, to defend the US from the Soviet Union's hostility from 1917 onwards.

This should not have been ever taken for granted by US government officials or the American public.
There should be a special holiday dedicated to them! These people of whom Dr Magerovsky is a prime example, contributed not merely their language fluency, but also a deep understanding of Russian history, culture, character types and various nuances to aid US policy planning and special operations aimed at countering Communist aggression.

This may not seem unusual at first glance. But read the book "Mole" by William Hood about how the Agency had problems debriefing its first Russian "mole" in Soviet intelligence, named Pyotr Popov. As if that wasn't enough help, this CIA-recruited agent brought an important message to his controllers. However, the CIA had to scramble to find a case officer who their new star could even remotely relate to! After two failures, an American was found who Popov felt could understand him. So, even these American analysts who had extensive book learning in Russian and Soviet studies still couldn't relate to a live - and vitally important - Russian right there in front of them! Language was not the problem; it was the dismal lack of emotional connection; the American specialists were simply at sea. As I remember the story, only when another case officer was assigned who proved sympatico with his "soul", then Popov was able to joke around, be himself -- and open up to reveal whatever of value he knew.

Popov was promoted by Soviet intelligence to a important post: running all the Soviet 'illegals' in the US. That was a forerunner of the operation to "net" ROCOR by the MP/KGB, making their illegals much less necessary now one would assume.

[Popov's firm message to the US foreign policy community was unique and unusual: "Don't neglect that key to Russia: appeal to the Russian peasantry". He viewed them as the true source of power, both past and future, which has been left out of analyses. Most all studies of every era of history have been limited to the Russian political elites.

Maybe the TOC and other contingents should take a leaf out of that book and pitch their appeal to the Russian rural peasantry rather the urban middle classes. These more conservative Orthodox people could be encouraged by priests, etc. demand a better system.

Just think if the Russian peasants tomorrow rose up and toppled the political stranglehold of both the KGB potentates and their partners, the Moscow Patriarchate. If successful, one may at some point see the heirs of Metropolitan Philaret, St John, Archbishop Leonty of Chile, and all of the staff of the True ROCOR at their desks in the administrative offices of Chisty Pereolok and populating the monastic cells of the Danilov, just to name a few of the venues!]

We know that one person who would be cheering from above to see such a success would be Dr Magerovsky! About him, we can sum up saying that he bridged the two cultures of Russia and America with ease. This indeed was another unusual feature of the Dr's: to be equally at home as a cosmopolitan intellectual in two strikingly different worlds. Not easy for ANYONE to do!

May Almighty God give his soul nice rest after a lifetime struggling to roll back the boulder of darkness from Russia in the form of Communism and its later offshoots, so that cause of justice and good will reign in the Kremlin and the Russian Church!

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Vadim YARMOLINETS reports on Dr. Eugene Magerovsky's funeral.

In Russian go to:
www.astoriaholytrinity.org (click on News and scroll down to January 20) The article is taken from Portal_Credo.ru which was apparently shut down by the Church-Government at the time.

Machine English Translation below:

An article about the funeral of Eugene L. Magerovskogo was, as I understand it, the latest available at the independent website portal-credo.ru, before it was closed, apparently under pressure from the Kremlin, Moscow Patriarchate guardians. Eugene L. gave the last years of his life of struggle for the independence RPTSZ and largely thanks to his efforts, a significant portion RPTSZ survived. Elimination of the Russian authorities of an independent information source - superfluous confirmation of correctness of those who argued that Russia has still not regained freedom, but MP is a new way to influence the minds of Russians, the elected rulers of the Kremlin since the collapse of communist ideology.

A last one shelter warrior Yevgenia Magerovskogo
- Cemetery Veterans of U.S. Armed Forces

January 20, issued an unusually clear, sunny day. Light flooded the small temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh that the Tolstoy Farm in New York, lay wreaths at the bright spots of fresh flowers on the deceased in the bed who staged a military triangle folded American flag. Nearby stood a blue wreath, white and red flowers -- Russian flag colors. Read the burial warrior Yevgenia RPTSZ three priests - Father Gregory Kotlyarov, Vsevolod Dutikov father and his father Victor Dobrov. Warrior Eugene - in peace, Colonel General Staff and the U.S. Army Strategic Intelligence retired Eugene L. Magerovsky - died in the hospital, which is in connection with complications arising from diabetes. Last year, he moved the operation to transplant a kidney. The operation was so successful, that managed to avoid exhausting dialysis. He continued to work, the last entry in his live journal dated 14 January. Even after several days of it, the sharp deterioration of the hospitalized.

I told him to close Peter Koltypin, at 6 am January 18, Eugene L. have exchanged a joke with a nurse, and when she came in half an hour in the chamber to check the status of the patient, he was dead.

Passed away without the anguish that some uspokivaet bereaved relatives. Magerovsky never complained about his illness, which interrupted his military career - was a question of assigning him to rank of Lieutenant General - and ultimately claimed the life. Widow Catherine Viktorovna tells the husband that diabetes diagnosed in 1972, and she learned about it in 1980, when he was demobilized.

In memory of a man was cheerful, zhiznelyubivogo, insight, many seen in one's lifetime. In our conversations about the internal and external problems faced by RPTSZ, he reacted to bad news to their constant Smeshko, but not without a little sarcasm. Only once during the years of dating, I've heard from him «plenty of cuss» word when he commented on someone's remark in his address that he was Colonel de CIA: «These idiots do not even know that the CIA has no military officers». And in this replica was just a nuisance that had to comment on the statement unworthy of his attention zlopyhatelya.

Sister Galina Lvovna - thin, small growth, and the same as that of his brother, smiling and joyful expectation of a meaningful conversation in the eyes, said that a successful military career Yevgenia Lvovich explained simply: he was smart and paid attention to it. He got into the military service shortly after arrival in the U.S. from Europe after the Second World War, when military service was compulsory. The family is perceived as a pattern.

- My grandfather was cuirassier of His Imperial Majesty, my father was a member of the White movement - remembers Galina Lvovna, which in its 90 has an enviable energy. - How could we apply to military service? The time has come - go strigis!
A distinctive feature of the first and second (respectively, post-and post-war), immigration was the love for the idealized dobolshevistskoy Russia.

This love is inherent in even the children of immigrants born in Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, France, Germany and never saw their homeland. Lack of personal experience of Russian life and explains what antisovetizm was not common for these people. But the specifics Magerovskogo work and study activities of the NKVD for his scientific work, shaped his views on Soviet and post-Soviet Russia. No matter how he loved homeland of their ancestors, how much effort and time may have given the study of its history and culture, he never took his direction of contemporary Russia, its course. At the funeral, I heard Eugene L.: «All his thoughts were about Russia, but he considered himself an American».

At V Vsezarubezhnom RPTSZ Cathedral, where we met and talked to, including what is happening in Russia, Eugene L. with unconcealed bitterness he said: «As we are all waiting for change since 1991! But the 70-odd years, under the Bolsheviks were not in vain. Nothing has changed ».

About the Americans to say that they have never fought on its territory. Two world wars in Europe and the Pacific, then Korea, Vietnam, now Iraq and Afghanistan, confirms this view. But the feeling is that Magerovskogo had his own war and his participation in it was heated understanding that this war is being waged on its territory, ie in the USA. True to the Kremlin to the Moscow Patriarchate invaded the West, including in America, through RPTSZ.

Life Magerovskogo was inextricably linked to RPTSZ. RPTSZ it was Russia. With wife Katya, he met in Long aylendskom summer camp fund Seraphim, which is know one of the brightest representatives of Russian Orthodox Church Abroad - the father of Alexander Kiselev, the one who went with General Vlasov ALIR all its tragic course. Settled in Queens, a young family Magerovskih visited tamoshny parish RPTSZ. Subotnyuyu daughter went to a church school in the family, which owned everything in English, spoken was Russian. But as an active church worker Magerovsky first showed himself as a member of the Russian international commission of experts raised doubts about the authenticity of the remains of members of the imperial family, and discovered with great fanfare reburial in Russia. A professional scout before others can see in this brouhaha started at least a noisy campaign for the subjugation of Moscow, a foreign church. And it has identified its intransigent position of the subsequent process of uniting.

Tribune Magerovskogo Internet became Living magazine, which since its establishment in 2006, the counter recorded more than 100 thousand visits. The selection of magazine Magerovsky living, too, showed himself a professional - he chose a completely free, and anyone neretsenziruemuyu neredaktiuemuyu platform. He became the chief publicist old RPTSZ, defending its interests, while maintaining the full independence of its management. It is, as far as I know, not looking nichego blessing on its work, guided by only their own experiences and perceptions of fairness. Today magazine elmager-a, which for four years suschestovaniya itself Magerovsky made a 1072 recording, but the visitors have left comments in 8756, is the most complete from public documents covering the history RPTSZ recent years. The value of this gigantic work done by one man, still just waiting for an adequate assessment.

Following the signing in Moscow of Act of the Russian Orthodox Church to unite and RPTSZ (L) Magerovsky joined the Church of the Interim Board of the North District RPTSZ, took an active part in its work and that of the subsequent V Vsezarubezhnogo Cathedral. Meetings have been hot, views were expressed freely and no Magerovsky times, relying heavily on a cane, to climb to the podium to say a word. He always listened attentively, respecting it, not only the well-known in church circles of the author and voice of the laity who refused to rush in Moscow's arms next to the late Metropolitan Lavrov.

While the results did not satisfy all the cathedral and the margins were heard criticism of the new Metropolitan RPTSZ Agafangela, Magerovsky in our conversation very succinctly and confidently said: «Let say what they want, delivered Agafangel Church». And I once again heard from him since the Cathedral: «Everything is now, our church saved». In this phrase sounded tired and seriously good job man, rather the fruits of their works.
In this long-standing multi-year battle Magerovsky won, even if partial - saving a significant portion of their church. How to mark the territory - America? Russian America? Or that perfect Russia, which he had heard since childhood from parents, and which existed only in their minds? This uniqueness of America - you can live in it, be who you want. This is its most important national treasures, fit into one of the hackneyed and unappreciated part of the word - freedom.

At the cemetery veterans of the U.S. armed forces met the funeral procession of honorary Karula. Veterans, in sending a piercing blue sky rifle, fired three rifle fire, trumpet tune up the sad tone of farewell. Then, two veteran, stood at the edges of the coffin, covered stars-striped flag, turned on the vibrating chilly breeze fabric in tight triangle. The advance of his widow, a veteran of the blue twist with party trademarks Korean War, said in brief: «On behalf of our president and the people accept this flag as a token of gratitude for the service of your husband, the country».

This character for America - in the solemn and dramatic moments to say: this country or our country, not birthplace. Lying on the military cemetery in Hampstead fully reflect the multinational composition of the armed forces of that country, which in turn reflects the composition of its entire population - the English and French, Russian and Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Chinese, Arabs and Jews - all of them - the Americans made a conscious and free choice of their country. And over the huge, covered with dazzling white cloak cemetery field has no crosses or crescents or atheistic plates, but only flickering in the wind blue-red-white flags.

On the day when buried Eugene L., America experienced a euphoria of a presidential inauguration, the arrival of a new government, a thing of the past of another era. Magerovsky wholly owned stories, page by rushing to turn the young president, but the conflict, which has been involved Magerovsky, alas, is far from complete, and one of the parties suffered great loss.

First published January 22, 2009 website Portal-Credo.ru

Copyright © Vadim Yarmolinets