ROCA Has Same Old Policy On MP

I thought I might share part of a letter I wrote to Reader Daniel...

Dear Daniel,

... Some people seem to greatly desire a statement from ROCA about our relationship to the MP.

But, for decades every ROCOR synod has found that difficult to do. How is it all of a sudden going to be any easier for Vl. Agafagnel? Was there such a concern for a statement 10 years ago? Nothing has changed. The MP is still the same. The only difference is that the destruction of the Church is taking place from within instead of from without. ROCA has not changed, except that a large portion of us fell away into the union and World Orthodoxy. Everything else is the same. Whatever our policy was with MP in the decades before the union, it is the same now after the union. This was never such an issue in the past, and it does not need to be now.

Our policy has always been that we are not in communion with the MP.

Our policy also has always been that WE WILL NOT SAY whether the MP has grace or does not have grace.

But with this we have to be extremely careful to clarify. Because if we say, "We do not say that the MP does not have grace" guess what happens then? Then some people make an assumption and interpret that to mean that we say MP does have grace. Now hold on there - we did not say that. We have to be extremely careful to clarify. It is misleading if we say to the right-wing, "We do not say that the MP has grace." That opens the door for them to misinterpret that we admit the MP has no grace. Likewise, it is misleading if we say to the left-wing, "We do not say that the MP does not have grace." That opens the door for them to misinterpret that we admit the MP has grace. I'm certain that is what happened with (our friend) when he heard what Vl. Agafangel said as it was passed on to him after being translated.

So, if any statement needs to be made it needs to be made clear that we do not say one way or the other.

Being human, though, we have our opinions on the matter. And, being human, we do not always keep our opinions to ourselves. And our opinions are not all the same, in fact they are very different. We know that St. Philaret of NY held one opinion and St. John of Shanghai held another. Yet both of them agreed they were of one mind with each other. If the saints do not place so great an importance on their opinions, neither should we consider our opinions so important.

So, here are all the CLUES one needs to solve this MYSTERY of ROCA's stand on the MP. End of story.

Love, Joanna

Another letter written earlier this same day Click Here.

Patriarch Kyrill Really Hates ROCOR

by Vladimir Moss

page 357

Those who love ROCOR as she used to be must hope and pray that God will count them worthy of a sobering-up. In the meantime, they cannot say that they have not been warned – and not only by us anti-uniates. They can do no better than listen to the words of the second hierarch of the Moscow Patriarchate, and probable future patriarch, Metropolitan Cyril (Gundyaev) in his August, 2006 letter to Putin. After calling Metropolitan Laurus a “heresiarch”, and his clergy “false pastors”, he writes:

“No contacts whatsoever are permitted with the schismatic collaborationist Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, which has not repented publicly before us for the great sin of blessing the stooge Fascists by her heresiarch and collaborator, Anastasy.

“We confirm the decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate which excommunicated from our Church the false Metropolitan Anastasy and the schismatics of the ROCA during the years of the holy war [WWII] of the Soviet people under the leadership of our great Orthodox leader, Joseph Stalin, against the fascist enslavers. This verdict against the criminal was pronounced by the State Court.

No assembly whatsoever, much less one of the political character, or pannikhidas for the followers of Vlasov or the Cossacks, who entered into the service of Hitler, can be allowed. We bless all our faithful children to publicly expel the followers of the Karlovchanians from the parishes of the ROC/MP and of the ROCA. Our clergy and laity are permitted to overthrow the monuments of the fascists stooges von Panwitz, Sultan-Girey, Kras nov, Shkuro, and Vlasov on the territory of the Patriarchate's metochion of All Saints at Sokol and of the parishes of the ROCA...

“May the Lord aid you in the God-pleasing labor of eradicating the impious Karlovchanians with their Vlasov-Fascist world-view, headed by their false Metropolitan Laurus...”

August 1, 2006 Fax from Gundyaev to Putin

Russian Orthodox Church
Holy Synod
Department for External Church Relations
Danilovsky Monastery
22 Danilovsky Val, Moscow 11591
Phone: (095) 954-04-54
Fax: (095) 230-26-19

No. 16/72         01-08-2006

To The President of the Russian Federation, Putin, V.V.

Most Highly Esteemed Vladimir Vladimirovich!

In violation of the prohibition of the Holy Patriarch, and of the memorial society "Primirenie", monuments to the White leaders and to the Cossack Atamans, bearing the names of the accomplices of the Fascists have been erected without authorization on the territory of the Patriarchate's metochion of All Saints at Sokol [in Moscow] by the followers of the heresiarch of the Diaspora, Lavr, and his false pastors.

No contacts whatsoever are permitted with the schismatic collaborationist Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, which has not repented publicly before us for the great sin of blessing the stooge of the Fascists by her heresiarch and collaborator of Hitler, Anastasy. 

We confirm the decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate which excommunicated from our Church the false Metropolitan Anastasy and the schismatics of the ROCA during the years of the holy war [WWII] of the Soviet people under the leadership of our great Orthodox leader, Joseph Stalin, against the fascist enslavers. This verdict against the criminal was pronounced by the State Court.   [emphasis in original]

No assembly whatsoever, much less one of the political character, or pannikhidas for the followers of Vlasov or the Cossacks, who entered into the service of Hitler, can be allowed. We bless all our faithful children to publicly expel the followers of the Karlovchanians from the parishes of the ROC/MP and of the ROCA. Our clergy and laity are permitted to overthrow the monuments of the fascists stooges von Panwitz, Sultan-Girey, Krasnov, Shkuro, and Vlasov on the territory of the Patriarchate's metochion of All Saints at Sokol and of the parishes of the ROCA. It is blessed to smash other such structures bearing the manes of the heterodox [one word illegible] and godless [one word illegible] of their false Prophet Mohammed, who, headed by Sultan-Girey, fought against our God-given Soviet state.

May the Lord aid you in the God-pleasing labor of eradicating the impious Karlovchanians with their Vlasov-Fascist world-view, headed by their false Metropolitan Lavr.

Chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate
Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad

Priest Michail Dudko 
Telephone: 95 2 20 27 
[This is the same phone number from which the document was faxed; see above.] 
[Note that Fr. Michael Dudko, son of the famous Fr. Dimitry Dudko, is Secretary for Church-Society Relations of the MP's Dept. for External Church Relations.]

Patriarch Kyrill I

From: Archbishop Chrysostomos
Date: 28 January 2009 19:14:34 GMT
To: "H.G., Bishop Auxentios of Photiki":;
Subject: Patriarch Kyrill I

As the Soviet-style propaganda machine of the Moscow Patriarchate sedulously tries to paint the new Patriarch of Moscow as anything but a trader in tobacco and liquor (if not Iraqi oil), even attributing these activities to the failed candidate Kliment, the truth leaks out through the cracks in the lies. Attempts to cover up Kyrill's links to the Vatican and to Nikodim of Leningrad, his mentor and a not-so-secret Roman Catholic KGB agent playing Orthodox prelate, are also weak at best, since Nikodim's links to Rome were exposed by Roman Catholic clergy themselves, and Kyrill's outrageous pro-Catholic views are well-known. (Our own Synod's many videos and scores of publications on the MP's political ecumenism have often featured Kyrill and his unabashed religious syncretism in word and action.)

It seems that Kyrill's attempts to present himself as someone at odds with Putin's Soviet nationalism and, once more, as a religious conservative opposed to links to the Vatican, are also falling on some deaf ears. Putin's last choice (he was, of course, Putin's first choice) for Patriarch and ecumenism's foe (he is in fact an irresponsibly avid ecumenist whose commitment to the Orthodox Church's most basic identity dogmatically, its claim to historical primacy in Christianity, is for sale at the drop of a title) has not escaped the truth in the eyes of Paul Goble, a State Department analyst well-informed in Russian matters.

I think that Paul's ideas about Kyrill's view of Orthodoxy are naive. As a Roman Catholic, he does not understand the complex, intricate game that Kyrill is playing with regard to Russia and Orthodoxy, an issue more closely associated with Russian nationalism than it is with any commitment to Orthodoxy. But he is absolutely on the mark with regard to the new Patriarch's views on civil rights, his authoritarianism, and his closeness to the security agencies (which one would expect of a KGB agent, of course.)

I would only add to the comments below that Kyrill's anti-Americanism is not just incidental; it is disgusting. That too is an element in this picture that should not be ignored. Eastern Europeans were nurtured for decades on anti-American propaganda, much of it designed to foster, not just political doubts about the U.S., but fierce and irrational hatred for America. Kyrill is a confirmed anti-American, dismissive of democracy, and beset by all of the conspiratorial fantasies that reinforced Soviet-anti-Americanism. For this reason alone, we should have doubts about his goals and objectives and his basic decency. + AC

The Archbishop is referring to an article by Paul Goble, Vienna, January 27, 2009 Window on Eurasia: New Patriarch to Push Nationalist Agenda at Home, Ecumenism Abroad CLICK HERE.

Portal-Credo.Ru Censored

This is one of 4 or 5 independent news sources that are not mouthpieces for the MP that were part of the "shut down."

DOCUMENT: Censorship from the Church and government has blocked "" on the eve of the Council of Bishops and Local Council of the ROC MP
A press release from the editorial board of the independent news-analytical
Internet website on religion "" (
(Temporary website address on Live Journal –
On the evening of January 23, 2009, access to our Portal was blocked by unknown forces.We were unable to restore access after trying for 16 hours after that.It seems to be a massive DOS-attack, which can also lead to the erasure of all the content of the Portal.

The editorial board believes it is connected to the forthcoming Council of Bishops and Local Council of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church, which will take place January 25-30, 2009, and at which a new Patriarch of this church will be elected.On the eve of these Councils, a number of church organizations (including the "Union of Orthodox Citizens," a group dear to the patriarchal locum tenens, Metropolitan Kirill (Gundyaev)) have organized a campaign targeting our Portal, which is one of the more well-known sources of independent information on religious and societal life in Russia.The reason for this targeting has been the regular publication of information and analyses on the Portal about the candidates for patriarch and developments in the election campaign.In publishing such information, the editors maintained strict adherence to professional practices and did not allow any agitation, or the distribution of uncorroborated information, or defamation, and carefully observed all Russian laws.

Even though no official accusations were made against our Portal, the patriarchal locum tenens and representatives of his immediate circle stated on numerous occasions that they would prefer that this mass media outlet be stopped.On the eve of the election of the Patriarch, security agencies of the Russian Federation took it upon themselves to "provide for its security."The Portal learned of discussions between workers of the FSB of the RF with representatives of the clergy and church organizations regarding their preference of one of the candidates for Patriarch.A number of other opposition church Internet sites, including the Russian Autonomous Orthodox Church website and forums in support of Bishop Diomid (Dzyuban) of Chukotsk, have also been shut down.Unprecedented security measures have been taken around the Church of Our Savior, where the Councils will be held.Moscow authorities have announced the formation of a special Headquarters for the Councils "with the participation of all the involved parties," while the Moscow Chief Directorate of Internal Affairs has assigned 12,000 members of the Special Police Force (OMON) and internal units to the church.
This is not the first time that a campaign of targeting and gossip has been undertaken against the Portal, which simply tries to discuss various aspects of church life in our country.Its professionalism and trustworthiness is demonstrated in that not a single accusation against it has ever led to a court case.In this instance, the public figures of the ROC MP and their supporters in the government have shown their fear of truthful information and have turned to coarse bullying instead of an honest and open dialogue.

The editorial board asks other sources of mass media, institutions of secular society, and its readers to demonstrate forcefully against the censorship of the church-government forces and to make all effort to restore the activity of the Portal.

During the time when the Portal will remain blocked, its information can be read in the Live Journal at also expect other similar sites and sources of mass media to distribute our information and analyses.Censorship – is our common enemy.

Chief Editor
Alexander Soldatov
Moscow, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday ROCOR Refugees Blog!

January 10/23
St. Gregory of Nyssa (395)
Blessed Theosebia the Deaconess (385), sister of St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory of Nyssa
St. Theophan the Recluse, bishop of Tambov (1894).
Woman Hieromartyr Arsenia abbes (1939)



Well it has been quite a year for me. Coming out of the ROCOR(MP) has been like pulling my head out of the sand. Like coming out of a trance. I had been one of those obedient (lazy?) types: "stay out of politics" and "trust your hierarchs." But my hierarchs were suddenly saying different things. I really had tried hard to accept the idea of the union; but it is not easy to kick against the pricks.

When I made my decision to leave ROCOR(MP), I felt an instant relief from the confusion I had been suffering. Suddenly I was back with my familiar hierarchs (St. John, St. Philaret, Blessed Averky, Fr. Seraphim of Platina). This was the old ROCOR that I suddenly realized had been drifting away from me since Met. Vitaly "retired." That relief, and coming out from under what has been called "the ever-deadening hand," was quite an awakening in itself, and a powerful confirmation that I had made the right decision to leave the ROCPOR(MP).

Upon leaving ROCOR(MP), I was thrown into a world of unfamiliar jurisdictions. I had always been very solid in knowing about the "official" churches (SCOBA). In fact, one of the unsettling things about the union was that I found myself back in the "official" churches, as if I had been railroaded back into what I had purposely left before for definite reasons. I remembered that ROCOR used to be "friends" with the Sister Churches, but this memory was not so solid. My knowledge of the "True" Churches was limited to some vague memories of what Fr. Seraphim Rose had written about the Greeks in Boston and the Matthewites, he called them "super-correct" and said it was a spiritual disease. I had heard about the Vitaly-group, but I had no idea they had joined the ranks of the Super-Correct. And I had no idea that there is now a number of Russian "True" Churches, following the pattern of the Greek "True" Churches of continued fragmenting.

For me a big part of this past year has been learning about the Super-Correct vs. the Royal Path. On the surface the Super-Correct look like us, being traditional and appearing steadfast. They certainly do not have their heads in the sand. But a closer examination reveals something quite amiss. One of the first things I noticed is that they seem (as a whole) to be obsessed with the subject of who has grace and who does not have grace. Just read through some of the conversations on the Euphrosynos Cafe. And I've seen them (as a whole) become very frustrated when they can't pin you down to a black&white statement, then they dismiss you with disgust.

In learning about the super-correct I learned about myself. It is not my way to take facts and form my impressions from the facts. This seems to be the super-correct method. My method is the opposite, my impressions are what interpret the facts. And my impression of the super-correct is that they are terribly tragically fragmented, and therefore, disqualified to interpret the facts. The impression I have of the Royal Path is such that I can trust their interpretations. The super-correct can argue/debate facts until they are blue in the face, and it won't make a difference to me.

I want to make note that my impression of the Royal Path has absolutely nothing to do with how "nice" the people are - or how tactfully they word things. Somebody who says they are offended by the way something is said, usually is looking for an excuse to reject what is being said. That makes me roll my eyes. My impression of the Royal Path has its root in a deep inner belief (supported by the knowledge) that my Patron Saint was of the Royal Path.

Bishop Agafangel was the only one of the pre-MP ROCOR Synod with the strength to refuse to go along with the union. The unionites tried to dismiss him as a schismatic. But, despite what they called him, he was a witness. Why did Bishop Agafangel not just join up with the Vitaly group or one of the other Russian "True" Churches? If he was simply looking for a haven to "escape" the union, he could have also chosen a safe Greek jurisdiction for his flock. No, instead he, despite much criticism, took the task of continuing the original old ROCOR. This is another witness.

Looking at the Sister Churches, we see they did not hesitate to re-establish their friendship with ROCOR under Vladyka Agafangel. They issued statements recognizing ROCOR(A) as the valid continuation of ROCOR. This is another witness - one which the opposition just despised. For years the Sister Churches had not recognized any of the Russian "True" Churches as the valid continuation of old ROCOR. Yet, ROCOR(A) they recognized immediately. The super-correct do not understand this, and they seem insulted. We can expect to continue being misunderstood by both the "left" and the "right," as St. Philaret Of New York was also misunderstood by both the left (which said he was too strait-jacket strict) and by the right (which said he was ecumenist)

If I may interject here, this past year I have met a few ROCOR Refugees that want to "prove for themselves" that ROCOR(A) is the valid continuation of old ROCOR. So they pick apart facts and compare official historical and current documents. They critically examine every human slight of imperfection not just of Vladyka Agafangel, but also of the Sister Churches and of individual Royal Path laymen. To those refugees, I say: You can not debate your way into heaven, and we don't need any "armchair canon law experts." You might be more comfortable elsewhere.

Another important witness was/is the priests who did not go along with the union. Fr. Gregory Williams being the one with whom I am most familiar. I met Fr. Gregory in 1999 and recognized him as a Lover of Truth. I recall telling this to Bishop Gabriel a year later, assuming Bishop Gabriel already knew it. Fr. Gregory is criticized for being "isolated" and some unionites blame his "isolation" for the fact that he was not able to "keep up with" events leading to the union. They say he is "stuck" back in the old days. That he knows no other way to serve the Truth except to stand up against an enemy of the Truth. This is how they explain that he can not accept that Communism is over.

Well! There is much to say to that!

First of all we are the Church Militant. What? ...the Mystery of Iniquity doth not work anymore? Communism is not over. Proof after proof of that has been revealed. And as many times as it has been shown, that's how many times it gets ignored. So, who is it with their heads in the sand now? And even if Communism were over, the MP is in World Orthodoxy. Since when did ROCOR belong in World Orthodoxy? Only since the union. Second of all is something that Fr. Gregory noticed right away. The people who did not go along with the union are those who have the ability to stand alone. I can not fault anyone who does not have this ability. I believe it is God-given. Those who do not have the ability to stand alone, do have the ability to offer much welcomed support to those who otherwise would be standing alone.

So what is going to happen in 2009? We can expect trouble because we are getting bigger and stronger. That means MP will send us more and more infiltrators. More and more trouble-makers who work to cause internal strife and schisms. (We've already seen some of this.) We need to pray that God not allow any false bishops in our Synod. (By "false" I mean KGB agents.) And to thank God for the Faithful Hierarchs and Clergy He has given us. May we be worthy of them.

We can expect to see more progress in the 5-year MP plan to absorb ROCOR completely. I really grieve for the parishes that might want to leave ROCOR(MP). It is already too late. Their property belongs to MP, now. They would have to start over. We are nearing the end of the times where the wealth of the world will be concentrated in the hands of a few, so says St. Seraphim of Sarov.* We can not expect our American government to side against this trend, since our government plays into the hands of Antichrist. *See Prophecies About Russia


Reconnecting With Real ROCOR
Church Life Under Isolated Circumstances
Between Portland and Eugene

This report is on how I am able to make Church life work in my isolated situation. My example may not be of interest to everyone. It's not a form or an ideal, but it shows a sense of priorities.

Once I knew for sure I was unable to go along with the union, I emailed Fr. Gregory Williams about it.

Next I emailed my old ROCOR(MP) parish priest writing that I had made my final decision. I said that I loved everything about his parish- the fellowship, the icons, the choir. But there was one important thing missing: namely, I need to be able to love and trust my bishops. I said I hoped we could stay on friendly terms.

Then I sent a copy of that email to Fr. Gregory. This way Fr. Gregory would have something concrete. People say this and people say that all the time. I wasn't just thinking aloud, and I wanted to make that clear. Fr. Gregory responded by welcoming me as one of his flock.

I tithe to Fr. Gregory's Annunciation Parish in Tennessee. I am commemorated at the altar there. Weekly I mail in my Commemorations list along with a dollar for a prosphora that I've asked somebody eat on my behalf (rather than try to mail it back to me). Fr. Gregory is my "spiritual father" (ie: my parish priest).

It seems absurd to be living 2,000 miles away from your parish. But this works in lieu of a normal situation. What does not work is dangling out there not connected to anything while waiting for an imagined ideal situation to bloom forth.

The first months after leaving ROCOR(MP) I commuted up to Portland to attend services in a really nice Super-Correct church. I was welcomed as a visitor from ROCOR(A). The services are sweet and have a natural easy flow, which was very refreshing to me. Even though there was that "grace" issue, I felt far more spiritually akin to this particular super-correct parish than my old ROCOR(MP) parish. Also, these people were very kind to me, helping me sort out what had happened. It was quite a drive, though, 5-6 hours roundtrip. Soon I started going up only for Vigils and doing Typicas at home.

Then the gas crunch came around the same time that Vladyka Agafangel scandalized the super-correct world by accepting help from SIR in ordaining bishops. Those two things together caused me to start doing Vigils at home, also. I purchased the series of the Music for the All-Night Vigils in the 8 Tones from SJKP. I think it was about $160, but I figured I was saving on gas.

With the Music Books and the All-Night Vigil Services in the 8 Tones online, I was able to put together Services that really do tap into the otherworldly reality of the Church in heaven. I was surprised and I was not surprised at the same time. Same still today.

The left side bar of the ROCOR Refugees Blog has a Link List, "Help With Reader Services." These links helped me. Someone who does not read music would surely prefer to have audio music links. So, if anyone finds good audio links that will help with reader services, please tell me so I can put them on the blog. My computer does not play audios (because of dial-up) so I have no way of testing them.

As for my receiving the Holy Mysteries, I do not know yet. I've asked Fr. Gregory for a blessing and an introduction to maybe go to the SIR monastery in Etna, California for a day or two during Great Lent. These are not easy times. But pilgrimages have historically been a normal part of an Orthodox life.

Three Announcements

Three announcements:

1. St. Andrew's Parish in St. Petersburg Florida has decided to go back to the MP. We don't know why, at least we don't know the REAL reason. They are giving as reasons all the old party-line arguments.
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See: Russians Without A Church
April 24, 2009 on this blog

2. Joanna has a new email address. The old one still works, but I will be checking it less and less often as time goes on.

3. The MP has transferred all the old ROCOR archives to their Moscow HeadQuarters. It will be easier now for them to rewrite history. See the latest issue of Vernost Magazine Online (scroll down on left side bar to "Magazines"), Issue No. 120, the article by Seraphim Larin titled "Lest We Forget" is the 16th article listed in this issue.

On The Day Of Servant Eugene's Funeral

What Is Public Information On The Life & Ideas of Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky
From: Reader Daniel

Just A Few More Facts About Newly-Reposed Servant ('Agent') of God, Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky, A True Orthodox Hero:

First of all, to know from Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky himself, his and his father's biographies see (in Russian):
Eugene's biography
Leo Florinovich Magerovsky
To read these biographies in English, use the Google translator (scroll down left side bar to "Machine Translators" under the Links List -jh).

Father and son, were their whole lives, committed and genuine:
1) sincere Orthodox Christians,
2) loyal sons of Russia,
3) active anti-communists,
4) intellectual giants.

Both, had careers in military activities, in addition to their many-faceted scholarly academic pursuits, aimed at freeing their Russian homeland from the satanic grip of the foul enemies of mankind, the cursed-bolsheviks and their successors, the KGB/FSB current criminal gang in Moscow under ganster-Putin. Wonderful, God-blessed-America gave them a home, jobs, freedom, security, and to GOOD!-America....both of them (as with many other 'white-Russian' refugees,) owed a deep debt of gratiitude and loyalty.

Dr. E. L. Magerovsky had a long VERY PROUD! career in US military intelligence, though he retired from that work....many long years ago. HIS SOLE reason to enter the more recent battle against the behind-the-scenes betrayal/takeover of ROCOR by the KGB/FSB gansters, via their MP pseudo-church, was because he was a sincere Orthodox Christian and also a true son of Russia, and nothing more!!! When I asked him a few years ago, if... our US government was going to do anything to stop that KGB church takeover of ROCOR, he answered me with a chagrined sad resignation: "The US government has as much interest in this matter, as.....'sitting, watching a snowdrift form' " (i.e. none!)

All his efforts at battling that false 'union' were totally from his heart, not in any his...paid 'job' (for anyone!). And, how absurd to insinuate otherwise!

HURRAY for America! HURRAY! for our wonderful CIA!! ...I know that there are noble CIA agents in Heaven, but how could KGB agents ever! be in Heaven!?

For these past few years, through the google translations, I daily read his elmager blog site, with the sundry attacking 'comments' which he allowed to be posted there, and to which he patiently & very politely attempted to respond. Every possible, absurd and vulgar and pathetic attack that the KGB could conjure up or from the distorted minds of other idiots, Dr. Magerovsky gave his answers, including being very humble & open about himself, his life's activities, and so on. And speaking with him on the phone daily, I.....KNEW! his mind and his heart, first hand. He was no phony, no 'agent' for anyone (but, maybe GOD!)

So, still now, even on the day of his funeral, today, Jan. 20, 2009, we read more rubbish against his good name, such as: "...he was just a CIA agent!" etc. YOY!

Memory Eternal! Vechnaya Pamyat! to you, dear good and true brother Eugene L. Magerovsky, a noble son of Russia, and a noble Orthodox Christian, and a noble warrior for truth and for virtue.

Reader Daniel Everiss, friend and fellow conversationalist for these past several years, of a really great man, now lost to us mortals.

Servant Eugene Reposes In The Lord

From: Reader Daniel
Very Sad News: Memory Eternal to Eugene L. Magerovsky!
Died today @ 74 Years of Age
Sunday January 5/18, 2008


Today I received the very sad news that long time churchworker and tireless battler of the machinations of the communists/KGB and their dupes, who made that foul 'union' of our formerly free ROCOR, to the STILL! KGB-enslaved & controlled Moscow Patriarchy, ....has passed from this world at age 74, from heart failure and the complications of his long time diabetes, in a hospital in New Jersey.

Silenced now, is a powerful voice.

Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky was a very remarkable and gifted man, of deep education and wide life's experiences, and a life-long sincere Orthodox Christian.

It was my great pleasure to speak almost daily via phone with him for more than a year, and I got to depend on hearing his voice and his opinions on church matters and also on many varied topics. He was never boring to listen to. He understood life and people, in a way that is unusual for most men.

Eugene Magerovsky was a no-nonsence truth seeker and truth teller, no matter who liked the truth or not. Thus, among his many admirers and friends, he also has had many detractors, and many.....who did not understand his motives, or his choice of the way he related matters. He was not always correct, in everything he pronounced, as he was ....a mere human being (which fact, he was quite aware of, always!) but when he did make an error, he would admit it.

Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky was battling the gradual KGB-engineered takeover of ROCOR....long before anyone else even perceived that such a scheme was underway. His aim was to awaken the sleeping, and to alert us all to the danger of what was happening, so if possible, we might have stopped it.

And for all his efforts, he was often misunderstood and reviled from many quarters, especially from those who didn't want to hear ANY unpleasant things. He upset people by the....terrible truth. He did not create that unpleasant truth, he only reported it, thus he received the age-old punishment for doing such: "To kill the messenger who brings bad news," etc.

Of his many memorable quotes,....when I had asked him: But, why did you become involved with this anti-'union' matter and in fighting the KGB controlled Moscow Patriarchy? His answer:" SIMPLY, BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT TO SEE THE BOLSHEVIKS WIN"

Servant of God, Eugene, wanted our Russian Orthodoxy to be what it is supposed to be, serving GOD alone, and not controlled by God-hating atheists or their dupes, pseudo-'clergy'...who actually serve a civil-government and it's questionable/unspiritual aims and goals (i.e. the Stalin created 'Moscow Patriarchy" -SERGIANISM! that enslaved entity in Moscow, which is STILL a virtual department of the Putin apparatus).

Now his mighty truth-telling voice is silenced, to the joy of his critics and detractors, and to the joy of those who want to see our continued ROCA under Vl. Agafangel.....destroyed and silenced also.

Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky's efforts at raising up and strengthening our Church......he worked at day and night for these past many years. In fact, I know that he hastened his death by caring more about the Church, rather than about his own declining physical condition. There is no one who can replace him, no one.

Dearest Friend and fellow Orthodox Christian, warrior for truth, Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky: May Almighty God forgive you all your sins of your lifetime, and grant you rest now in His Heavenly Mansions where all the saints abide, and may you hear from His mouth: "Well done, thou faithful and good servant, inherit the kingdom and the crown prepared for you!". MEMORY ETERNAL! MEMORY ETERNAL! MEMORY ETERNAL! VECHNAYA PAMYAT my dear friend!
"The memory of the just, is celebrated with hymns of praise!"

With deepest sadness and in much respect for a truly great man who has left us, to our enormous loss.

Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon

The Receptions Of Our Two Catacomb Bishops

Late last year our ROCA received two catacomb bishops of the TOC, Bishop Ioann and Bishop Afanasiy. Some people decided to make an issue out of it. Now that the dust has settled, we find that things written in defense of the receptions do much to help us understand (and appreciate!) the Royal Path of ROCA.

Memorandum from Bishop Georgiy
on the acceptance into the body of the ROCA 
of the bishops of the Russian Orthodox Catacomb Church (sekachevtsevs)
see below

On the matter of the canonical standing of the catacomb episcopate of the Tikhon-Pozdeev-Sekach branch of the true RTOC.
Fr. Victor Dobroff 
see below

Fr. Victor raises the question of, what were the motives behind those who decided to make an issue about this?  I heard that the behavior of some at the Sobor was disruptive.  Do they truly just not understand?  Or is it that they do not want to understand and would prefer to have something to criticize in Vladyka Agafangel?  I recall reading an interview with Bishop Tihkon Pasechnik (Sbn. Nathanael's Church News, maybe?) where after a meeting with Vladyka Agafangel he said something like this:

(paraphrasing) "I don't understand. He (Vladyka Afagafangel) won't be in communion with us.  But he says he will accept us as is."

Does he really not understand?  Or does he just want his flock to believe there is a contradiction here?  Do we really need to spell it out for him so as not to appear contradictory?  No, we will not go into communion with you as long as you remain uncanonical.  But we are willing and happy regularize your situation and make you canonical "as you are" meaning that the clergy you uncanonically ordained can still be priests, etc. and we will not upset your working structure.  I honestly don't get it how that can be twisted into saying that V. Aga contradicts himself. 

So, when Fr. Victor says that those who object to the TOC bishops' receptions are opposed to unity, we see it is true.  Their behavior at the Sobor also points to their true motives being just to cause schism and maintain schism.


Memorandum From Bishop Georgiy

Memorandum from Bishop Georgiy
on the acceptance into the body of the ROCA of the bishops 
of the Russian Orthodox Catacomb Church (sekachevtsevs)

The ROCA Synod of Bishops during the time of Metropolitan Philaret decided on November 26\December 7, 1977, to accept 14 priests of the Catacomb Church in their existing clergy rank. For the next 14 years, this did not raise any questions for anyone. In 1990, due to the views of ROCA Bishop Lazarus (Zhurbenko) on matters within the Catacomb Church in Russia, the ROCA Sobor of Bishops declared in its Determination on May 2\15, 1990, in Item #6, that: “The Sobor cannot recognize the canonical authenticity of the ordination of these catacomb clergy,” which rescinded the decision of the ROCA Synod of Bishops made on November 26\December 7, 1977. Similarly, the ROCA Synod of Bishops in 1990 decided due to the absence of canonical succession of bishops in this group thatit is not possible, in light of the absence of necessary documentation (which may not have been submitted), to recognize the proof of apostolic succession and the canonical ordination of these underground bishops.” Along with this, “the ROCA Synod of Bishops have decided that these ordained clergy (priests and deacons), who desire to establish relations with the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, must resolve their canonical status by ordination (if they have no canonical obstacles to this action) by a bishop recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad” (Chancery Memo of the ROCA Synod of Bishops numbers 4\77\133 from August 2\15, 1990). It is important to note that while not recognizing the ordination of the catacomb clergy, the Synod of Bishops offered to perform a chirotesia of them. They refused at that time due to the strained relations with B. Lazarus. They have now agreed. In this way, in accepting thesekachevtsevsthrough chirotesia in 2008, we are fulfilling the decision of the Synod of Bishops of 1990 to resolve their status in our Church.

The passing years have shown that when we do not appreciate the special circumstances of the shattered church during that awful time and the brave witness of the catacomb bishops and we employ a theoretical approach not based on the Gospel and stress the letter instead of the spirit of the church canons in this matter, the unity of the Russian Church does not benefit and only worsens the problems within it. Thesekachevtsevslived in the USSR and sought a genuine catacomb bishop and did notrunto the MP to be ordained. They were compelled during the communist reign to do what they had to do and did not have any other choice. Bishop Seraphim (Pozdeev) ordained Bishop Gennady alone, because there was simply not another second catacomb bishop. In approximately 1974-1975 in Tbilisi, B. Gennady met in prison with the Georgian Metropolitan Malhas and other bishops, who were allowed to serve liturgy on Pascha in a separate room. All the bishops decided to elevate B. Gennady to metropolitan. After he was released from prison, even Met. Gennadys close friends thought he agreed to this simply for earthly reasons. One day, immediately after the Eucharist, the Bishop said, “I just took in the Body and Blood of Christ and stand before the altar table with a cross and you still dont believe me? How can I lie in such circumstances?” and he explained that there was no possibility to invite eyewitnesses and there was no way he could provide a certificate of his ordination. Similarly, to prove by way of documents that during a time of horrible persecution and the collapse of the church whether Seraphim Pozdeev was a bishop or not was simply not possible. But their efforts in the USSR deserve our respect and maximum economia. This is in sharp contrast, by the way, to thefollowers of Met. Vitaly.” For example, Segey Kindyakov single-handedly ordained Bishop Varnava (who was later defrocked) with Met. Vitaly present and not participating in the ordination. After Met. Vitaly left and against his will, the two of them then ordained Vladimir Tselishchev. This is an outright violation of the canons. Even so, for the sake of peace and a unified Church, we are prepared to heal this wound on the body of the Church. “We do not seek to vanquish our brothers, but to join with them again, as our separation grieves us.” (St. Gregory the Theologian Word No. 41 “On Holy Pentecost”) Thesekachevtsevsdeserve so much more of our respect. Our church has followed and should further follow the example and inspiration of Met. Philaret and Archbishop John (Maximovitch), who were always open to those who, desiring their salvation, ran to our Church, and not maintain a spirit of animosity and sectarianism, which is so prevalent now among the manytrue jurisdictions.”

The disastrous schism in ROCA, which was building for many years, finally occurred on May 17, 2007, initiated by the former hierarch Metropolitan Lavr and other bishops that followed him. The Provisional Supreme Ecclesiastical Authority under the chairmanship of the Most Reverend Agafangel, Bishop of Taurida and Odessa and ruling bishop for Buenos Aires and South America was formed on June28\July11, 2007, in New York, based on the resolution passed by a meeting of the ROCA parish representatives. It was established as a temporary ROCA church authority in the period between sobors and is governed by theStatus of ROCA,” which was ratified by a decision of the ROCA Sobor of Bishops on June 5\18, 1964. As the Provisional Supreme Ecclesiastical Authority of the ROCA, and consisting of 4 bishops, the ROCA PSEA has all the canonical authority of a Supreme Ecclesiastical Authority (ie. Synod) of ROCA. It is consistent with rule 11 and rule 15 of theStatus of ROCA,” which state that, “In the inter-sobor period, all urgent and important matters that should be decided by a Sobor (ie, a sobor of bishops), are decided by the Synod of Bishops with the participation of all the ROCA bishops.” In line with all of this, since the ROCA PSEA has all the canonical authority of a Supreme Ecclesiastical Authority (ie. Synod) of ROCA, it can, in accordance with rules 26 & 29 of theStatus of ROCA,” make decisions as to how and to what extent economia is used to accept clergy from other jurisdictions. Therefore, having accepted the bishops of the Catacomb Church, thesekachevtsevs,” into the body of ROCA through economia and chirotesia, the ROCA PSEA did not exceed its authority and for the sake of the Church and desiring peace and unity in the Church, it did not violate the letter or spirit of the Holy Canons and previous ROCA decisions.

Bishop Georgiy
November 2008


Fr. Victor Dobroff's Defense

On the matter of the canonical standing
of the catacomb episcopate of the Tikhon-Pozdeev-Sekach branch of the true RTOC.
Fr. Victor Dobroff

The joy of the faithful members of the Church Abroad at the acceptance of the catacomb bishops of the Russian TOC (True Orthodox Church), Bishop Ioann (Zaitsev) and Bishop Afanasiy (Savitsky), into the body of the Council of Russian Eminences under the omofor of the ROCA was overshadowed by those who are opposed to unity in the Church and who fool others, who are not informed of Church matters. These people initiated a broad campaign of innuendo even claiming that the ROCA PSEA and its episcopate has lost its canonicity by entering into union with a “dubious” episcopate that is without apostolic succession.

It must be stated that the PSEA did not enter into a union with a “dubious” episcopate of some minor jurisdiction. ROCA has always and will continue to consider itself a part of the Russian Local Orthodox Church and one with the Catacomb Church. To avoid any temptation, the two genuine bishops of the Russian TOC were accepted through chirotesia and the PSEA clearly accepted under its omofor Orthodox bishops who belong, just like the ROCA episcopate, to the same Russian Local Church of Patriarch-Confessor Tikhon.

The matter of the canonical status of the two bishops was thoroughly examined and their acceptance into communion with the PSEA was not the result of a hasty decision, as it is being portrayed by some. The Most Reverend Soforniy (Musienko), at the behest of the PSEA, researched the canonical status of the Tikhon-Pozdeev-Sekach branch of the Catacomb Church in Russia for almost an entire year before the canonical acceptance of the “Sekachevtsevs” took place.

The possibility of joining with the “Sekachevtsevs” was discussed within the ROCA before and not just once. In point of fact, the fourth ROCA hierarch, Metropolitan Vitaly of Blessed Memory, was prepared in 1990 to enter into Eucharistic communion with the Pozdeev-Sekach branch of the TOC without any preconditions; while at the same time, others, who were under the influence of the unsubstantiated claims of Bishop Lazarus (Zhurbenko), considered it absolutely necessary to remedy the status of the catacomb ordinations through chirotesia.

As regards the ways in which the “Sekachevtsevs” were accepted into union with the ROCA, there are two Decisions – one from a Sobor and one from a Synod.

In May, 1990, the ROCA Sobor of Bishops considered the proposal to enter into communion with the “Sekachev” episcopate in their existing clergy rank (ie. without chirotesia) and Decided that based on the archival information available to the ROCA Synod, they cannot categorically recognize the canonicity of the “Sekachev group.”

This decision at the Sobor was made due to the scant information available in the archives of the Synod and before the archives of the KGB were opened and made possible the determination that the Pozdeev-Sekach branch of the Catacomb Church in Russia can be traced back to Patriarch St. Tikhon. The decision of the Sobor was also influenced by the declaration of Bishop Hilarion (Kapral), the secretary of the ROCA Synod at the time, that he had documents somewhere that proved conclusively that the “Sekachevtsevs” were not canonical. As it turned out later, these “documents” of Bishop Hilarion was a letter he received from “catacomb” Bishop Lazarus (Zhurbenko).

As a result, the lack of official documentation of their ordination, such as an authorized certificate (the existence of such a certificate in the USSR, if found, would have threatened its owner if not with a death sentence, then at least many years in prison; which is why such certificates were not issued in the catacombs), and the anti-Sekachev efforts of Bishop Lazarus (Zhurbenko), halted the natural union of one of the most populated Russian catacomb branches of the TOC with the ROCA, due to doubts of canonicity from the side of the ROCA.

An explanation and clarification of the ROCA Sobor Decision of May, 1990, regarding the way in which the Pozdeev-Sekachevtsevs could be brought into communion was provided for in the Determination of the August session of the ROCA Synod later in 1990, which said:

“…the ROCA Synod of Bishops cannot determine the validity of the apostolic succession and the canonical ordination of these underground bishops in light of the absence of (or not provided by them) legitimate proof (ie. authorized certificates – ed.)…As a result, the ROCA Synod of Bishops declares that…the clerics with the ordination specified above who desire to enter into communion with the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad must establish their canonical status by the laying on of hands from bishops recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.”

It is not by chance that the Synod Determination says:

1. “the clerics with the ordination specified above” – you do not call people clerics and ordained that do not have apostolic succession, but only those who have it, but may yet have to be confirmed completely. Such an instance occurred when a ROCA bishop, Bishop Varnava (Prokofiev), secretly ordained as a bishop in the USSR (without an authorized certificate, I believe) the future founder of the schismatic RTOC, Lazarus (Zhurbenko). His ordination was not proper from a canonical standpoint, and to complete it, a chirotesia needed to be performed, which was done to Lazarus much later, in the Synod Cathedral in New York during his first visit in the US.

2. “establish their canonical status” – in the cases of self-ordained episcopates, that is where apostolic succession is not present, the ordained individuals do not possess a sort of canonical status. To establish it, that is to correct the canonical status, is possible only when it exists and needs to be completed through chirotesia. Therefore, the ROCA Synod Determination of 1990 does not deny the presence of a certain canonical status in the bishops of the Pozdeev-Sekachev TOC. It then becomes apparent that the ROCA Synod Determination of 1990 requires that the “sekachevtsevs” need to be accepted through chirotesia. That how this ROCA Synod Determination was understood at the September session of the ROCA PSEA.

Therefore, the acceptance into the body of the Council of Russian Eminences of the ROCA jurisdiction of the “sekachev” bishops Ioann (Zaitsev) and Afansiy (Savitsky) enacted by the PSEA in September, 2008, through a conciliar chirotesia performed by the entire ROCA episcopate adheres strictly to the letter and spirit of the Sobor and Synod Determinations of ROCA from May and July of 1990.

Many years have passed since the ROCA Synod Determination of 1990 and certain important facts regarding the origins of the “sekachev” episcopate which were not known earlier in ROCA or were cast in doubt by the adherents of the lazarus schism have now become known. We can now say without a shadow of a doubt that the “sekachevtsevs” trace their apostolic succession and origins through Bishop Seraphim (Pozdeev) back to Holy Patriarch of All Russia Tikhon.

Interesting facts about how Bishop Seraphim (Pozdeev) became the lawful head of the Russian TOC after his release from the Solovetsky camps, and the bishop ordination by him of Gennady Sekachev, even though it was done by him alone due to the circumstances, was performed with the agreement of other catacomb bishops, and that Metropolitan Gennady Sekach had close contact with the ROCA episcopate when he was ordained a priest by a future bishop of the ROCA, Bishop Leonty (Filipov), and other matters of interest may be gleaned from the short biographies provided below of Schema-bishop Seraphim (Pozdeev) and Metropolitan Gennady (Sekach).