Request For Help

From: kn. Irina Bagration

You may have read the eviction notice sent to residents of the Kursk Hermitage at Mahopac NY signed by Metropolitan Hilarion, due to take effect on December 15. This eviction notice affects a seventy nine year old Russian Orthodox nun who had found shelter there a couple of years ago. Mother Maria Nau is a true Orthodox nun, as can be vouched by Fr Vladimir Alejandro of the Orthodox Church in America in whose house she has stayed . Both Fr. Vladimir and his Matoushka can vouch for M. Maria. I can also vouch that M. Maria is totally without means of subsistence and that all she needs or wants is a room where she can lead a totally monastic life, praying night and day. She found such a shelter at the Kursk Hermitage thanks to the intervention of Bishop Gabriel. Now she is threatened with eviction. She has no place to go and no money .

In signing the general eviction notice, Metropolitan Hilarion may not have realized that he was evicting a 79th year old nun without making any provision for her removal to another location. If you feel concerned, please e-mail an appeal on behalf of M. Maria to His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion.

kn. Irina Bagration

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