Mother Maria Taken By Police

Update news of Mother Maria's eviction:

... Someone from ROCOR-MP sent the police to take Mother Maria away by force. The police refused to show her a warrant for her arrest and took her away not even giving her time to put on shoes or warm clothes. The police took her to the Putnam County Hospital for "evaluation". The hospital's evaluation is that Mother Maria is not crazy, nor violent and she does not require any medical treatment.
... There is no reason to keep her in the hospital and they will be discharging her next Monday. Father Vladimir Aleandro (OCA) Father Basil Grisel (ROCOR-MP) both in Connecticut , Mother Agapia (Stephanopoulos) and Irina Bagration have all been looking for a place for her not too distantly away . So far they have found nothing.
She insists on an eremetical life for herself... She lives strictly according to the Ustav, she eats very little and she only needs a quiet, isolated life. ... She is a hardy, self sufficient person. She speaks perfect English, and French. She is very well educated.

If anyone can offer even a temporary cell, or help in other ways, please contact Cn. Irina Bagration

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

ROCOR-MP did something similar to Metropolitan Vital.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is very similar to the behavior of the KGB- controlled ROCOR-Laurus hierarchs toward the late Metropolitan Vitaly, when the Metropolitan was forcibly taken from a vigil service to a hospital in Quebec for psychiatric evaluation (and found to be entirely sane and competent by the Canadian psychiatrist there.) The Soviet government and KGB have used psychiatric hospitals for decades to confine and control political dissenters.