Monk Reports On Glorification

An unnamed monk from St. Edward's tells about the glorification of St. Philaret. This is his concluding paragraph:

"I have mentioned the two short addresses of Metropolitan Agafangel because they were in such contrast to the “gospel” latterly promulgated in ROCA (ROCOR-MP -jh): one of blind obedience, order, strict hierarchy and follow-the-leader. Here we heard words of love, humility, condescension to the weaknesses of others, and not judging, - yet all well-founded on steadfastness of faith. Such words were fitting for the celebration of the glorification of St Philaret the New Confessor. Such words were those that we heard in the Church Abroad of his day. Indeed one overriding, - and I must admit it is a subjective one, - impression left with me was that the spirit of ROCA of twenty or thirty years ago, before the deadening hand fell ever heavier and heavier upon her, had been rediscovered. And glory be to our God!"

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The Shepherd Magazine, December 2008

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

I think I know what he means by the ever-heavier "deadening hand."
This concluding paragraph of the unnamed St. Edward's monk parellels the concluding paragraph Fr. Gregory wrote in his informal report of the first ROCOR-PSCA Conference 7/11/07 in Astoria:

"...The most interesting of all, and by far the hardest to communicate, came over me as we approached the end of liturgy for the Apostles. Some dozen priests remained to concelebrate (many returned to their parishes), and quite a number more to commune. When I became aware of it, I knew the sense had been growing throughout, intensifying throughout vigil, and then hit me hard. I knew I was in the presence of an indefinable "something" that I had known when I served with (or was merely around) Met. Philaret and Fr. Vladimir of Jordanville, and which I had not felt since. The closest I can come to it is something very much what Motovilov describes in his 'Conversation with St. Seraphim'. A warmth, a glow, an other-worldly _presence_. Thanks be to God!"