Interview With Vladimir Bukovsky

From "Dziennik," Poland, December 8, 2008.
Reporter Artur Ciechanowicz interviewed the Russian writer and dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, who is currently living in London.

Artur Ciechanowicz - What will be the consequences in Russia after the death of Aleksy II?

Vladimir Bukovsky - Why should the death of a government functionary lead to some consequences?

A.C. - Perhaps because this "functionary", as you call him, led one of the more important forces in the country, the Orthodox Church.

V.B. - You're kidding. It was clear that Aleksy II's boss was Vladimir Putin. The Russian Orthodox Church is one of many government institutions. Stalin, after all, transformed it into a department of the KGB. And nothing has changed since then.

The real Orthodox Church was destroyed in the 1920's of the last century. When World War II broke out, Stalin realized that Russians will not give their lives for him or the criminal system of the GULAG. They will die without any doubts for their homeland and to protect their faith. Notice that Stalin was not a cosmopolitan communist during the war, but a fervent patriot. Do you know what he called the citizens during his radio appearences? "Brothers and sisters." Not "comrades." That is why he needed the church. That is the whole point of it.

A.C. - The war ended, but the church continued to exist.

V.B. - It was a great tool for keeping track of the people. Who could people trust more than a priest? Only the majority of these priests were KGB agents. Just as Aleksy II was. Secondly, it was an effective means to poison the souls of the believers with communist propaganda.

A.C. - What role does the Church have in contemporary Russia?

V.B. - The KGB men, who rule Russia today, decided to make the Orthodoxy one of the props for their government ideology. You see priests at every celebration, at every meeting, and all the politicians talk about God every chance they get. That's a little strange. Orthodoxy is a soft and liberal religion. It's not suited for ideology. Besides, seeing Putin and his gang cross themselves in churches disgusts me. People who look like unrepentant murderers should not go to church. It's unseemly.

Артур Чеханович (Artur Ciechanowicz)
"Dziennik", Польша, 8 декабря 2008 г.


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Joanna Higginbotham said...

I agree with Vladimir Bukovsky that it is disgusting to see Mr. Putin posing in Church. He says that unrepentant sinners should not be allowed in Church. Back in the old days they weren't - they had to stay on the porch.

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Archbishop Chrysostomos lends his support to Vladimir Bukovsky in this email that is being passed around:

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Evlogeite. Astonishing! I hope that he is immune to radioactive substances. I personally agree with his assessment, even if my position is simply a personal opinion that some may consider wrong. Mr. Bukovsky certainly makes his case without equivocation.

Least Among Your Brothers,

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