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Many years to our newly enthroned Metropolitan Agafangel!

Vladyka Metropolitan was enthroned ("in very humble circumstances!") and presided over the holy liturgy, wearing the mitre (given him by Bishop Gregory many years ago) which our blessed Metropolitan Philaret had worn at his own enthronement. And which our Vladyka Metropolitan will wear at the canonization services of blessed Metropolitan Philaret.

We magnify thee, O Holy Hierarch Philaret, and we honor thy holy memory, for thou dost pray for us to Christ our God!

(source: taken from an email sent out by Fr. Gregory Williams)

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Joanna said...

"Whoever does not choose and desire with all his love and in all humility to unite with the most recent of all saints, and is mistrustful of him, he will never achieve union with the previous saints and he will not find his place among them, although it may seem to him that he has full faith and love for God and all His saints."
--St. Symeon the New Theologian †