Patriarch Alexis' 2002 Vision

From THE ORTHODOX CHURCH IN THE 20th CENTURY (Part V) by Vladimir Moss:

          In October, 2002 “Patriarch” Alexis had a vision which indicated both the nature of his own church, and the abyss to which the ROCOR (L) was heading: St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves appeared to him and said:
“You have fallen away from God – you and many of your brothers – and have prostrated yourself before the devil. And the rulers of Russia are not real rulers, but crooks [there is a pun here: “ne praviteli, a kriviteli”]. And the church is pandering to them. And you will not stand at the right hand of Christ. And there await you the torments of gehenna, the gnashing of teeth, endless sufferings, if you accursed ones do not come to your senses. The mercy of our Lord is boundless, but your path to salvation through the redemption of your countless sins is too long for you, the hour of reckoning is near.”
Then he disappeared. The patriarch was in shock, he had never experienced anything of the sort before, and always responded with scepticism to such miracles. Shortly after this he felt ill. Those who gave him the first help affirm that the sick man was whispering, scarcely audibly: “It can’t be, it can’t be!”[134]

footnote: [134] “Agentsvo Russkoj Informatsii”,



Reader Daniel said...

Several years ago, speaking on the phone to an OCA priest, in Seattle at that time, Fr. M. D., that I had known from the 1960's, he related to me, what was being said in his OCA circles about the vision of 'Pat.' Alexius II: When he was near death, with a bad heart, he had a visit from heavenly beings, who stearnly warned him, 'YOU! are responsible for the division between the two parts of the Russian Church, and unless YOU heal that division before you die, YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!' So, (we are supposed to believe!) it was this heavenly visitation to 'Patriarch' Alexius II, which was the beginning of the MP's starting to work for 're-approachment' with the Russian Church Abroad....and that that entire process had ZERO to do with Mr. Vladimir Putin's or his fellow KGB gang's doing or their sinister/political motivations!!! We are thus, supposed to believe the UNBELIEVABLE, is the doing of God Himself and of His Saints, that that foul false 're-union' was started and finished. To anyone who actually swallows that malarky, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I will sell them, real cheap! Wake up pro-union dupes, wake up!!!
Reader Daniel

Reader Daniel said...

About the author/Orthodox writer, Vladimir Moss: I personally have no doubt that much (but not all) of his views on Orthodoxy and related subjects, are of great interest/great value, and they merit our study, if nothing else. I agree with a lot of his perspectives, especially on past Orthodox Church history. But, his personal-views on EVERY current Orthodox-related subject, which are sometimes biased/slanted to those whom he 'prefers', I do not whole-heartily agree with, especially with his truncated/imperfect understanding of his favoured Russian-fragment group...that lead by Mr. Tikhon Pasechnik, the main rival group to my Vladyka Agafangel's canonical continuation of ROCA. On that subject, Mr. Moss is quite off the mark, basing his opinions upon his faulty knowledge of Russian Orthodox church history/the canons/actual FACTS of recent events. But, as to his correct & negative views against the MP, I whole-heartily agree with him. Finally, it must be said of the man: he is mortal and he is not without flaw.....but isn't that the truth about us all, as individuals? Otherwise, I still (largely) admire him. And, God Bless our heroic Vladyka Agafangel and his ROCA, which is the SOLE lawful/canonical continuation of the old pre-union, ROCOR! Besides Vl. Agafangel's church, there is NO other!
Reader Daniel

Anonymous said...

Regarding the supposed visitations from Above to persuade influential hierarchs to go for or go against the union, let us call to mind an unassailable occurrence.

This was the BLOOD which streamed from the eyes of both Our Lady and Her Mother, St Anna, in the otherwise myrrh-streaming Pennsylvania icon. It streamed blood only once that is known. That was: when Rocor met laurus was serving at that Church!
When shown or told about the dreadful sign from Heaven, met laurus reportedly became nervous and confused, ordering the icon locked away for awhile. As well as all those present were forbidden to take photos or tell anyone.

Thank God, a picture got out and was not ever really circulated the way it should have been as the RED flag it was against met laurus' plans, who knows, perhaps himself personally for his treacherous deeds and personal problems...

Too bad that political blogs at the time refused to even carry it, though it was suggested to them [by myself!]. I'm sure this one, should it have been already started back then, would courageously have made a powerful point about the Bleeding Icon's statement of warning to ROCOR!

Anonymous said...

Though I don't know about this priest, I found a fascinating tale regarding a FALSE MP miracleworking icon on a Q and A from a self-described "independent" Russian Church in Canada - whether they are OK I can't say, but at least the priest, a Fr Oleg, seems to have gotten the number of the Moscow Patriarchate even before the negotiations between ROCOR and MP gathered steam. He must have told the questioner from the RF clearly a very interesting interpretation of the event she describes:

***Nov 22, 2003*** Ludmila, Ioshkar Ola, Russia wrote

Greetings to you, dear papa [their priest Fr Oleg]!
We beg your forgiveness for disturbing you and ask to forgive us our perplexity.
The fact is that about a month ago, people in our city, as all over Russia, were honoring the icon from Diveyevo of the reverend Father Seraphim of Sarov with an element of his hallows. It was said today by the "Mayak" radio station that the icon is being transported to Turkey. Olimpiada, my spiritual sister, went to honor that icon. In the evening, having entered the empty temple, she kneeled before her favorite Pleaser of God and stood there a little longer than usual while fervently praying to him. In spite of her declining years, making low obeisances was easy to her. But there at the icon, she could not get up by herself for some reason. Having come home with great difficulty, she found out that one leg was almost inoperative, because there had occurred a nerve cramping and the doctors said that it was a spandiplaesus and she could no longer walk without a cane. How may she be comforted? Thank you in advance.

[The same questioner returns with a PS:]

***Dec 04, 2003*** Ludmila, Ioshkar Ola, Russia

Our spiritual sister Olympiada who unknowingly bowed down to a "wonder-working" icon of Father Seraphim with a piece of "his relics" and was punished for having done so (her left leg refused to work with a sharp pain), has wholeheartedly repented of it and has firmly promised God to no longer enter the apostate temples of the Moscow Patriarchate and not to bow down before their modern "relics". Having done this, she has been delivered from the infirmity by the mercy of God and your holy prayers and is now trying to walk without any aid!"

We who oppose the ROCOR/MP merger should try to find a few more telling stories like this which would neutralize all the pro unionites' talk of bells ringing for Met Laurus, Hawaiian icons streaming myrrh which they interpret - a long shot - as validating the merger!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the source of this story about the vision of Patriarch Alexey II? The Patriarch must have told someone, who then told others, etc. How, for example, did it come to the attention of V. Moss?

Anonymous said...

As to where this telling of the purported 'vision of Pat. Alexius II' came from- I seem to recall that it was from some official publication or web-site of the MP itself, during the time frame of the re-union process, certainly before the signing of the Act. But in all the confused & convoluted dis-information at that time, I believe that not many people paid much attention to it, and anti-MP folks, disbelieved it, at face value. Within OCA circles, however (as they very much wanted ROCOR to also accept 'their-patriarch', as they had done way back in 1070), this story was widely and eagerly reported, as some sort of 'proof' that the MP was indeed, legitimate and that it's union with ROCOR, was ....God-ordained, and ...holy. Hense, the whole re-union...COULD NOT be some KGB plot, etc. as those confused/ill-willed dissenters claimed.
However, if someone can locate the exact source of this story, we would like to know it, if it can be found. I do know, that it WAS reported, as the truth.
And, I also know, that it occured, when Alexius II was indeed hospitalized and...nearly did die, from major heart surgery, in a Russian hospital. I have no problem in accepting that God and his saints, may indeed have threatened him, when he almost did die, and commanded him to repent, etc. However! to then...use such a vision (assuming for the sake of argument that it MAY have actually happened) for lying propaganda purposes to attempt to suggest that God (also) blessed/wanted the 're-union' of the enslaved KGB-MP with the then free ROCOR church, ...that is just too much to swallow!
But, since when has the KGB or it's captive-MP been fearful to fake miracles, to use the faith of the simple religious masses, to manipulate them to, in the end, serve the purposes that THEY have in mind. After all, since when have those athiests ever...truly...feared God?
Such, is Sergianism, pure and simple!

Anonymous said...

OOPS! sorry. The former Metropolia, in 1970! accepted 'Autocephaly' from Moscow, thus reconizing the validity of the Stalin-created pseudo-church, the "Moscow Patriarchy", itself, concocted by Stalin in 1943. So, in 1970, this farce, which was engineered behind the backs of 99% of the members of that Metropolia -which church entity had inherited the North American "Consistory" of THE Russian Church, pre-revolution, ...but then which under their schismatic Met. Platon (Roshdyesvensky) split with the Synod In Exile.
This 1970 "Autocephaly' was announced to their flock, as a 'done-deal', and only small numbers fled it & went to ROCOR.
Thus, bit-by-bit, the Kremlin was able, since they first took power in Russia, to whittle-away at it's biggest enemies in the world, the Russian diaspora and it's traditional anti-communist unity. This 're-union' of ROCOR UNDER Moscow, is but the recent further destruction of the former-unity of this diaspora. Comrade Blackbird, 'the patriarch', rules them now.
God save us from Black Birds!