Fr. Alexander Lebedeff Flip-Flop

A couple days ago I emailed a flyer promoting Preobrazhensky's KGB-FSB book to different groups and individuals. The discussion that ensued from one group reveals that Fr. Alexander Lebedeff also did a flip-flop:

FR. AMBROSE (of New Zealand - jh)
Dear Comrades,

the Amerikanets imperialists have discovered our ecclesiastical spy ring! Qvickly, dismantle the nuclear anthrax terror bombs!     

This is so old already. He needs to move on to a new subject because no one is listening anymore. Its all speculation, ramblings and the devil's work. If Preobrazhensky wants to do some real, truthful, investigative work why doesn't he focus his efforts on "our" governments meddling into the affairs of Ukraine or Georgia.      
At least the book is a backup source of fuel on a cold winter night.......    

--Agent Silouan of SMERSH

Dear Komrades and "no good nics",

Before there was Preobrazhensky we had Fr. Alexander Lebedeff who wrote the book "Evil Fruit, the Origins and Essense of the Moscow Patriarchate".   Here is Fr. Alexander explaining it all in short form back in '96!
Subject:  KGB Code Names
From: "Fr. Alexander Lebedeff"
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Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 11:37:05 -0700
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Just a quick note re: KGB code names and Steve's question.
Unfortunately, what I've seen published regarding the KGB code names of the senior hierarchy of the Moscow Patriarchate would indicate that these were not merely code names given by the KGB to refer to prominent clergymen in the way that the Secret Service uses code names for prominent political figures.

The recently disclosed documents (internal KGB status reports) read something like this: "Agent Adamant sent to the conference of the WCC in Aukland with instructions to influence the appointment of an assistant secretary general who would be supportive of our views."

That is, they are operative code names for active agents fulfilling specific assignments.     

Sad, but true.     

Fr. Alexander

Of course Fr Alexander Lebedeff is referring back to the days of the old Soviet Union.  Preobrazhensky is referring to 2008.

Fr. Alexander wrote that well after the fall of communism, and he wrote even stronger statements in 2002.   He clearly had a problem with the KGB positions well after the fall of communism!
For example, he reposted a statement from the late 90's in 2002 as a reaffirmation of his position concerning the MP. He said  
"I believe that the current senior hierarchy, and especially Patriarch Alexei II were handpicked by the organs of the Soviet State and willingly participated in activities that were detrimental to the Church that were dictated by the KGB."
He also said in the same statement,
"I believe that the senior hierarchy of the Moscow Patriarchate are Sergianists through and through, who lie all the time, because their very essence is lying. As Fr. George Edelstein, a Moscow Patriarchate priest stated so succinctly: Sergianists lie, they lie constantly, and not because someone is holding a gun to their heads--they do it because it is their nature--it is as natural for them as breathing."

 So, Fr. Ambrose, the idea that the KGB/FSB is still involved in the Russian Church is nothing new.   I don't see anything "shocking" about the claims made in the new book.

Rather than irritate all the people whom Mrs. Higginbotham has included in her posting why don't you take it up directly with Fr. Alexander Lebedeff on such as the [orthodox-tradition] list where you are both members.

Dear Father Ambrose,

Father Alexander replies only when he pleases to do so.

It is more important however to expose his contradictions than to obtain one more unconvincing explanation from a person who has lost any credibility anyhow and considers deceit as a good and legitimate pastoral approach.

In Christ,


Joanna Higginbotham said...


Immediately following Vladimir's email, Fr. Ambrose - still being pinned down - made a second escape attempt using the change-the-subject tactic by asking about where Preobrazhensky "claims" to go to Church.

Do we notice the first change-the-subject tactic which Vladimir diffused? And do we notice the familiar ridicule tactic in Fr. Ambrose's first email, designed to dismiss the book as laughable, tiresome, unimportant? (And then he suggests something truly important like Georgia and the Ukraine...)

The next day, the answer from Lebedeff did come forth in the exact fashion Vladimir had predicted.

We now have 3 documented flip-flops on this blog. The Abp. Kyrill Flip-Flop, the Perekrestov Flip-Flop, and this Lebedeff Flip-Flop.

I think it is witchcraft.

Anonymous said...

It is not private or secret information, and this has been reported a few years ago: Fr. Alexander Lebedeff's son, was arrested and imprisioned in Russia, for drug charges, receiving a heavy sentence.
Many believe, that a prime encouragement that Fr. Alexander has had in his surprising 'change-of-heart' in supporting the KGB-foisted 'union' has to do with that sticky situation, what KGB lingo refers to as: 'compromat' -compromise, as a tool for gaining the co-operation of it's victims. But, here we have a PRIEST betraying the Church to it's enemies, no matter what his excuse. Surely, Fr. Alexander Lebedeff knows what is the truth. He cannot NOT know. And one wonders, how many others of the pro-union ROCOR-MP clergy have also 'gone along' because of 'compromat'. It is known, that the KGB operatives in this country, have for many years, been compiling their individual-studies of all the faults/secret sins, of EVERY ROCOR clergy. Such is the standard KGB operating methodology, and it hasn't changed, today. Surely, Laurus Skurla was one, who forged the 'holy-re-union' by threats of exposing of his faults, surely! But, in his case, there was also the promise of big MONEY, to his ROCOR....and for himself and his blood-family. And for that, we are supposed to refer to that traitor, as a 'saintly bishop'...???

Anonymous said...

No matter to whom, any oath is given, if that oath commits the giver of it to a course of action which is contrary to Almighty God and His commandments, and the mind of the Church (which is the deposit of ALL that our Holy Orthodox Faith consists of, ...not merely any earthly current temporal bishop's commands & what they say about anything!)...such an oath is, on it's own merits, null and void and of non effect.In fact, we are commanded to flee from such apostates, not obey them! How absurd for Fr. A. Lebedeff to suggest otherwise. Only athiests can say such nonsence and lies. Who thus, is the 'oath-breaker'? Come on, get real! You unionists are in 'obedience' to Satan, not the All-Good, All-True God. God cannot possibly bless the blood-soaked hands of the KGB or it's surrogate, the foul MP. That MP founded by Joseph Stalin in 1943, is NOT the continuation of the Holy Patriarch Tikhon's authentic Russian Orthodox Church. The MP is bogus and utterly without grace. It is a department of the KGB secret police who run Russia NOW, TODAY! The old 'soviet union' may have.....remade itself into a new morphed form, but the SAME KGB criminals who used to be part of communist-Russia, are now in FULL control of everything in Russia, including it's captive & totally OBEDIENT MP. The evidences are overwhealming, from many many quarters.
Tired of the Lies!

Anonymous said...

Were the drug charges real or trumped up as a bait for Lebedeff?
What were the blackmails against Laurus, then? I've heard a few possiblities, but wonder what are the most likely of these which caused Laurus's ready capitulation? Perhaps he favored the union but not necessarily so fast?
We need to take a look at WHY there was such unseemly pressure on the entire ROCOR by the top echelon to move fast, with no delay. I still wonder about that angle of the lightning speed with which it took place, and with SO little vocal opposition! Like nothing but a few whispers emerged, so draconian was the implementation of the union.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

The emails continued...


The emails include Fr. Alexanders Lebedeff's own explanation for his flip-flop.