St. Anna Icon Cover-Up

Dear Readers, I call attention to this comment made on the recent post: "Patriarch Alexis 2002 Vision":

anonymous said...
Regarding the supposed visitations from Above to persuade influential hierarchs to go for or go against the union, let us call to mind an unassailable occurrence.

This was the BLOOD which streamed from the eyes of both Our Lady and Her Mother, St Anna, in the otherwise myrrh-streaming Pennsylvania icon. It streamed blood only once that is known. That was: when Rocor Met. Laurus was serving at that Church!

When shown or told about the dreadful sign from Heaven, Met. Laurus reportedly became nervous and confused, ordering the icon locked away for awhile. As well as all those present were forbidden to take photos or tell anyone.

Thank God, a picture got out and was not ever really circulated the way it should have been as the RED flag it was against Met. Laurus' plans, who knows, perhaps himself personally for his treacherous deeds and personal problems...

Too bad that political blogs at the time refused to even carry it, though it was suggested to them [by myself!]. I'm sure this one, should it have been already started back then, would courageously have made a powerful point about the Bleeding Icon's statement of warning to ROCOR!

November 9, 2008 2:40 PM


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a copy of this photo of the icon, on-line or elsewhere? I would like to see it, not because I doubt what has been written about it, but rather because I am interested in these phenomena, and in the attempts to conceal them from the American Orthodox public.


Anonymous said...

It's not online at all - though I tried my best!
I have a print taken from the original print sent specially by the Matushka of the spiritual father of one person there at the actual occurrence who was by God's grace, able to snap a photo before it was taken away.
I never let it be far from me; until just now, I was carrying everywhere next to an original print of Metropolitan Philaret the searing picture to remind me of the unbelievable tragedy which God deigned to try to wake people up before it was too late.
Now I have it in a place of honour in my kitchen so I can look at it all the time.
I appreciate Joanna's forthright approach in highlighting this dramatic spiritual event, where other anti-unionists mysteriously showed not a whit of interest.

Whether due to some distortion in these persons exploited by the devil--- or a suspicious lack of faith in the miraculous--- silence reigned, even when they were sent a scanned copy of it, which shows beyond a doubt the shocking blood streaming from the eyes of both wonderful St Anna and Her Daughter, the Heavenly Queen.
For example, I sent it to the most prominent anti-union authority at the time, by his request.

Whereas when he first heard about it, he expressed [apparent] enthusiasm, mentioning that he would use the story in his writing, but - again - he just ignored it -- why? Was he afraid of being ridiculed by "professionals"? That wouldn't make sense for he took bold positions fearlessly about other aspects -- and just went on as usual with our email correspondence as though such a devastating statement about the prime union figure of Metropolitan Laurus had never been shown him!
I was nonplussed, for it's not a rumour or a fairy tale - there's a backup evidence for it, the photo.

If anyone wants to be sent a copy, put whatever address you prefer, postal or email, in this section here, and I will be more than happy to send whatever sort of copy\
Assuming that their wish is to use it in a spirit of piety to enhance their devotion to St Anna and devotional reverence for the very sobering miracle.

Frankly I could hardly believe this remarkable manifestation was so thoroughly hushed up -- which tells us that apparently demons were working on even the best anti-unionist analysts and campaigners!

Not to criticize so much as to alert all of us who are staunchly against the union that perhaps the dark worked overtime on weak spots in those anti-unionists, and that each one of the sincere group of us must ask for Archangel Michael and the Heavenly Queen to remain with us at all times. Any little crack in one's armour and the devil gets through - here, by diverting attention or instilling disbelief.
It's shocking how the no doubt bogus 'miracle of the bells' was immediately believed by "everyone"! - picked up by numerous blogs without missing a beat and slavishly, reported as TRUTH!

Whereas the real Truth never even was payed attention to even by those who could have capitalized on the story, which would have enhanced their reputations for digging out fascinating information which cast doubt on the union's chief "player" - not human doubt, but God's indictment!
Rocor WAS a Church, after all, so one would imagine God's opinion might sway laity and clergy.
But the blase reaction to this special gift from Heaven tells us that nearly everyone involved on both sides of the bitter controversery operates due to political & economic factors [with a big dose of social peer pressure] than anything spiritual!
Just my opinion trying to shed light on these murky, often very incomprehensible aspects of the debacle.....

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Yes, thank you, I would very much like to have a print. My computer does not handle photos, so please send the old inconvenient way:

Joanna Higginbotham
21555 Kerber Rd.
Monmouth, OR 97361

Neither do I understand the reason why this sign has been hushed. When we do not understand something, especially something important that causes us to grieve, then we try to guess the reasons why. We speculate in an attempt to make sense out of something that makes no sense. Often our speculations are considered outrageous by those who have not given careful thought to the same subject. For some reason, this sign was only revealed to a few, and one of those few is no longer here to tell us about it.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Dear Anonymous offering copies of the holy icon,

I have received an email request for a copy of the holy icon from another Anonymous. Please email a copy to me and I will try to forward it to him by email. If it does not work, then I will ask for another snail mail copy, but I want to try the email first since my computer will often let me forward something already in an email. Thank you so much.

And, I will be happy to do this for others too, for reason of privacy.

Anonymous said...

Fine. I had been meaning to write a PS to that effect, since I realized most everyone would not wish to have their home or even email addresses publicly on display. I was thinking to mention that people could let Joanna know and then she can tell me how many copies.
First I need to dig out the prints - if I can't find them easily, I guess I will photoXerox the one I have.
A further PS was that as soon as I had written that earlier comment about St Anne, I went to the mailbox and the top envelope was from a religious organization devoted to St Anne, which included some St Anne's Holy Oil - the healthy side of the Blood/Myrrh streaming phenomenon!
I will try to get the pictures out as soon as I can.
Recipients may note how authentic they are: they are not professionally taken, ie, the flash shows. But for me at least, that makes these recordings of that revealing sign from Heaven all the more genuine.

Anonymous said...

This lack of response to the miraculous icon of St. Anne calls to mind the reaction of Pharoah to the Nile turning blood red in the time of the holy prophet Moses. Some of the Fathers attributed this lack of compunction and repentance by Pharoah to a "hardening of heart," despite a clear sign from on high. The holy relics of blessed Metropolitan Philaret (Vosnesensky)are another sign from heaven for those who have struggled with the destruction of the ROCOR by the false Soviet church and the false post-2001 ROCOR Synod of Metropolitan Laurus.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Today James has been able to post a photo of Vladyka Agafangel on this blog. Maybe he can also post the photo of the holy St. Anna icon. If it pleases St. Anna and Theotokos, let it be so.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

I have several other requests for a print/email of the Holy icon that seem to me to be sincere. The "lack of response" could be mostly that this blog has few readers. Many readers are not able to reveal themselves due to various reasons.

Anonymous said...

The "lack of response" referred to in general, at the time of its occurrence, and the strange lack of interest even by anti-unionists to pursue this Heavenly Seal of Approval on the anti-union stance, from all practical purposes.

Regarding this blog's readership, I think it will eventually be much more widely read, but probably many who would relish it just have not heard about it: YET!

Besides the entire ROCOR-A, there must be many among rocor-H etc who would be willing to give the points of view presented here some credence -- at least -- if not support the stance. No matter who they are and from which "party", it's understandable that most readers need to keep a low profile and, like myself, prefer to use the Anonymous Posting feature!